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Dowry – Dowry – Dowry – Dowry

No to Dowry

No to DowryDowry

While I was talking to a friend a spark ignited in my mind with this topic ” Dowry system”. The curse of the dowry system comes into the mind of the father as soon as he hears that it is a girl baby. It is a curse to be born as a female in the India. This system is found in both rich and poor community.

We call the country as Bharat mata, all the river named as females but when a girl baby is born, we are feeling so scared to bring her up. The moment which a father needs to cherish, becomes a volcano, oh god, I have to save for her from now onwards to get her married. The parents of the new born are under pressure as they have to think about bringing up their little baby to brides are put to inhuman pressure by this so called society.

Dowry system – are these men selling themselves? Are we doing any barter system, barter is a system of exchange of goods or services for the goods or services. Even if it is a barter system, then the girl is going to the guy’s house with all the required household items.

I really wonder how a father do this cruelty to the daughters by giving them the dowry, jewels, car, household things?  Are these girls getting married or even we can’t say that they are buying the bride groom as these girls leave their parents and go to a stranger’s house. If these are the demands, then the groom has to come to the girl’s house, unfortunately the girls goes to the guy’s house to do the slavery, an additional servant maid in the name of daughter-in-law.

Are these girls being given justice? Do we women feel for this cruelty? Not really, we tend to take as much as we could and enter in to the new house. Till the time the women society wakes up and gives a warning to the community that they prefer to be single rather than marrying someone by giving dowry, only then we can see the changes.

Demanding cash, car, jewellery and costly home appliances and other valuables do exists in almost all the religions and communities.  Where the sacredness of the marriage lies when they do it like a business?

A marriage life that starts with such a business deal can never by happy. All the noble virtues of human beings like love, affection, sense of equality, gentleness, sympathy, kindness etc. are burnt like rotten corpses.

When you talk about marriage, talk about the capacity of the girl and guy to handle the life together not in terms of money, but interms of love, care, affection, understanding and compromises. How does the girl will get the trust of a man when he is getting handful (no suitcase full of money/no house full of money) from the girls family?

I am not articulating this in favor of women; I am speaking about this as innumerable women being affected. I am expressing this for the fathers who suffer to get rid of their daughters. I put into words to say that women are not burdens. I speak about this to bring up that the brides have feelings and they are also human and trying to motivate them by recalling their hopes & dreams.

Teach my women not to give up your hopes & dreams by giving up dowry. Is it not a great humiliation for the woman who has to serve all her time with the in-laws and husband for the sake of the family life to give dowry?

Are these fathers not feeling shame to get rid of their daughters by giving dowry? What kind of parents are you? Aren’t you doing disgrace for the womanhood?

Marriage is not taking dowry to make my daughter as your wife, it is give your love and care and make my princess as your queen, at least don’t send her as a servant.

If our guys don’t have the back bone, is it good to be with him and share or start your life with a guy who demands dowry and other stuffs to prove his capacity in the society. My dear young ladies, prove your capacity that you can live without these men.

Women are not saleable commodity and if at all also, we don’t need to pay dowry and it needs to be done by the men to prove that they are capable of making these women happy after they enter into the wedlock. I really don’t understand why should we do this crap marriage by giving dowry?

I am shattered by the way our fellow females are suffering because of these dowry system, what if even after fulfilling all the demands, if the girl has some problem or if the guy is not expected or if the guy tries to torture the girl for more money or for some reason, if the marriage breaks, who is there to support the female as the father has got rid of his responsibility, father wanted to throw his burden to other guy and he paid off his debt by giving her married to a worthless guy? Let the guy be a good person and if the guy dies in an accident then who is there to help the girl?  What will my daughter do to survive her next 35-40 years of life?

Father doesn’t have the ability to support her because he has done everything to her to get her married. Even the woman cannot tell that she is suffering because of the money what the parents have spent for the sake of her happiness. How are we going to handle the tragedies of the life faced by the women after marriage?

When the women themselves rise against the humiliation of dowry, the society would be forced to change its attitude to them. Women must be trained since girlhood that their life is not hopeless without marriage. They should be encouraged to have higher education. When the women themselves rise against the ignominy of dowry, the society would be forced to change its attitude to them

What you sow is what you reap, but if you try to say no to dowry today, it will save you and your daughter tomorrow. Give respect to the feelings of others, don’t crush the flower and try to smell it.


Women’s Day -2013

My Dear Brothers,

We don’t need your wishes, we don’t need flowers, we don’t need chocolates, we don’t need your love, we don’t need your care and we don’t need your protection.

I am really ashamed to wish happy women’s day because “Seven out of ten women sexually harassed”. Where is the happiness to celebrate the womanhood? If you all have become Robin Hood to give protection and secured feeling to the women, then there is a meaning to celebrate the women’s day.

What we need from you?

We are human and not an animal or a thing to be used and thrown out of your life. What kind of society in which we are living?

One of my friends was telling me that blood is always thicker than water. I don’t understand the meaning of it. I am really feeling so sick when something happens to some female through a father/brother/husband. If a father/brother/husband can do these kinds of activities, then all the harassment’s against women will never stop.

A father is not behaving like a father and a brother does not know the meaning of blood relationship.  Every family feels that the husband is like the savior for a female and a father has the role of lovable mother, a brother needs to know that his sister is his own blood and equal to a mother.

How cheaply a female is being ruined. What is happening to the society? I am not blaming all my brothers are wrong or all my friends are bad people. 

Here and there we used to hear couple of news in a year, but now the revolution is happening against women. Now it is happening not here and there but every now and then. Where are we leading to? Rape of 3 years old? 7 years old, 11 years old? Are they human? How can they do it to a small child? Even to have the pleasure of sex, don’t they need someone who is up to that level?

Why is it happening?

Lot of freedom to women is the cynical answer from the male chauvinist guys. What kind of freedom? Who asked this freedom? Who are you to give freedom to me? As like you we are also born in 10 months.

When some evil things comes in your mind, please tell your mind that there is a sister, mother and wife at home, what if someone like you thinks about them in the same way as your evil mind thinks?

This women’s day wishes I am dedicating it to the all the men who tried to help me to recover me from my all the pains and struggles of my life in the last 5-6 months. I have to say thanks to those who were supporting me all through my life. Almost all the time most of my friends (including females) were behind me and supported me in all the struggles.

Most of the women in the society speak to you in a fear only, don’t give that fear to them and let them know that there some near and dear one’s to protect her, care her and to provide the dignity what she deserves.

I am taking this women’s day as special and thanking all the men who gave the honor and made me to feel proud of myself by giving me the required respect, love, care and concern.

There are some nasty guys, let them also know that women are not for pleasure or for the sexual need of a man. Please know the difference between LOVE and lust.


When you give the honor, you get the honor. When you give the love, you will get the love, when you protect women, faith and trust are born. You are also protected by god.

When a female feels that she is safe with her friend without saying that you are like my brother or father then that is the real freedom. Please give us the freedom to live our life as you are living without any fear of life.

Ideally from this women’s day I wish to salute all the men who lead the way for the women empowerment, women education, women employment, women entrepreneur and etc.,. I thank those who stand with women and saying to the world that “with women we are growing stronger and we are not becoming weaker”.