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அன்பான அரவனைப்பு
ஆழமான நேசம்
இனிமையான காதல்
ஈதல் குணம்
உண்மை பாசம்
ஊமையாக்கும் உன் சுவாசம்
எனக்கே எனக்காக
ஏன் என்று கேட்டிடாமல்
ஐ என்று சொல்லி
ஒவ்வொரு நொடியும்
ஓடிடுமே இந்த இதயம்…


All is fair in love and war

All is fair in love and war, Who said so? Is it true? Do you agree with this?

I was thinking about the above phrase and was saying to myself that whatever she has done is right up to her in her own way.

What is the inner content of this? The above statement has a great meaning in it, which is “There is no limits when it comes to love and war”.

Everything is fair in Love and War – in short words, there is no morality or ethics in love and war.

The concept behind this phrase is that some areas of life are so important and irresistible that you cannot blame someone for acting in their own best interest. When I started analyzing this phrase, I started to feel that I have to heal myself that it was a fair deal by someone who tried to play with me.

When it is wars, normally the most affected people are the civilians who endure the torture, lying, backstabbing bombing civilians, etc., Also it is fair in making deals with enemies, this implies that spies, wounding instead of killing, and so on are not offensive or under scanner.

The point of adding love to the list is likely to compare it to war is the idea that you can cause all the havoc you want during the pursuit of true love. This includes damaging the third side in a love triangle or using deceit and trickery to pursue the object of your affection including hiding past lovers from them.

The second is the viewpoint that ongoing love between two people is similar to a battle that results in a dominant winner. The stereotypical gender wars are similar to this. A man and wife are in love, but certain unease comes with the territory, and pulling one over on your spouse is fair game because, in the end, all is fair in love and war.

Most of the cases, it is considered as an excuse for their actions and not the original meaning.

Love is something that everyone needs to survive in this world, as no one can live as an island and journey through life alone. Where ever there are people, there is love.

Love is something unconditional, probably inevitable, and maybe intangible. Love is the most powerful and critical emotion to experience and control. Most of the people would have done amazing things to express their love to another. However love has transcended its past definitions, today love is commonly used as a lie or seen to be false or for some other material benefits. It is also considered as one of the materialistic things and not considering it as an emotional feeling.

Ideally those who are in the battlefield and in love doesn’t required to follow any rules. Especially in love there is no rule also to follow. You can follow any crooked way or cunningest in love and war.

The only two areas of life in which you can be forgiven for doing anything are love and war. In someone’s eye “all is fair in love and war” in other words, in a war between love and hate, anything is acceptable or fair.

For example, if someone kills one of their relatives on the battlefield, it is more acceptable than killing them for personal reason is called as murder usually.

Similarly, stealing a friend’s lover seems as more acceptable if you love them, instead of saying, just wanting them for money. Love and war are completely two different things. Similarly love for a married women will not be considered as acceptable as there is a person who has dedicated his life for her and living with her.

One can say that these are two poles of the world, north and south, meaning two opposite directions. But when it comes to make a result or reach a desired destination they both can be linked up. It is being seen in the past that people did whatever they could for achieving their desired outcome. However this statement has also some other meaning which everyone forgets or neglect which is called “Moral and Ethics”.

Love is a gentle and caring part of our lives, but it can be a very disheartening part of our existence as well. It is not so easy to love someone or get love from someone. There are many ways a man can win the love of a lady  who is very much special to you, but the most common way was through words. So a man can lie and boast about himself, which he is not to attract the women to love him. Here you can see that the man is telling lie to a lady, which is very unfair thing for the ladies. But the moment when she gets to know about it may affect in the relationship.

If the love is true from the man, the unfair deeds are unimportant, this is because of the power of true love. That’s why we say, “Love is Blind”. Here we can see that the unfairness is not existing when it come to love. War is a very heartless attitude towards a person. This is a totally opposite thing in terms of love.  Overall what it means is there are no punishments when you do something for the sake of love and war.

You are allowed to be deceitful to get what you want.

This is for the purpose of getting someone’s as your love, but not to ditch someone in the name of love

Give Up and Never Give Up

Never Underestimate what you can achieve when you believe in yourself.

I believe in me but I believe more in you that’s why I am ready to give up my love.

It is really a tough decision to give up and not to give up on any activities. Especially when we are in deep love and the person whom you love does not required to adore you but if the person whom you love does not understands the other person feeling, it is not the mistake of the other person, it is the mistake of the you for selecting the wrong person to love and thank that person for giving the opportunity to love and know the value of your love for the right person.

If someone is not interested in you it is very good. Don’t feel dejected and the person whom you love only should feel that they miss you. Think positively that in your best interest to find someone who does love and adore you for who you are. Know that you are worth it, and there are plenty of people who will love you. Never ever settle for someone who is not treating you and respecting you the way you deserve. 

It is not east to find what might be in their head or heart. It takes two people to be in a relationship and even though you feel the way that you do, maybe it was not meant to be in the way the other person wants it. Save your love for someone who feels the same way about you!

You can’t go in deep to the other’s heart wherein you don’t have any place, if you are in some heart you will never feel to give up. It is not an easy for us to give up on the one whom we love, but it is for the benefit of ourselves, we have to give up. There is a saying never give up, I will say give up because those who deserve the love will not let the other person even to give a thought of giving up the relation.

I know I deserve better and I don’t deserve any pain, I tell to myself that I don’t deserve this pain in most of the cases and I will give up the other for the benefit of myself.  I will say that you are not worth of my love, you are too young to realize what you are doing to me or to understand what is love and I guess that’s it and I have to give an end for this.

It’s not that I am feeling to get over a person, it’s about the feeling of good about ourselves. It’s about knowing that I am the most important and I need to be happy, if I am not happy, I can’t make others smile. If the other person doesn’t feel the same way, it doesn’t really matter. Love yourself more so as you can love others.

To give up or not to give up is always an unfortunate situation to have in anyone’s life. But it is quite common in everyone’s life. It is ideal for 2 people to love each other and it is not ideal for 2 people to love each other at the same pace, but life is never ideal. To get this kind of relationship to work, we need patience! We have to weigh either waiting for her or moving on as options. If our feelings are real, and we choose to hang in there, we will be taken for granted and anyone will take us for a ride. Still we must not scare her away with our feelings!

To be in great love, you should be great friends. If we let our feelings reach steadiness, we’ll find it becomes easier sometimes just to ignore your strong feelings for her and just kick-back and chill with her. It may give a hope to know that she can see you in the same light, just not so quickly or if you get the feeling that it will never then it is better to give up than to hold on to it.

It is strange when you are hurting from rejection, to hear someone say move on things will be fine. No matter how much you love her, she never loves you back. For all those wondering what went wrong. Stop wondering and say to yourself that you have not got the right person for you. She is not the right person to love. Only when you stop chasing someone who doesn’t love you, you will open the door for that perfect person who will love you back with the same passion that you will love her.

Best way is not to try to be in contact because it’s almost like an addiction. You think that one little text will do no harm but the pain when she doesn’t reply will just make things worse. It is very good to keep the distance and to avoid as much as possible so as we can avoid the self-hurt.

It is quite common in all of us that at times we feel very weak and feel we need to talk to that other person inspite of knowing that they will hurt you again. We don’t know why we want to talk to them, we just do it because of addiction.

I decided not to call or text message just because I have been doing it so far and I think I will be able to get out of these and I can make sure to the other person not to feel me as weak. If at all if it becomes difficult, the I will write down all my feelings and all my feelings and thoughts will come out, it might not be so pleasant as I do with her, but it actually helps.

Being in love with someone who does not feel the same way as you do is really a tough situation. It’s not a problem at all and we can fix those. It is better to walk off when someone doesn’t feel your love as the way you do.

Don’t even give them the privilege of friendship because you’ll pull yourself back into the misconception. Do things for yourself, keep busy, bury yourself in work and keep searching for what you really want and need. Don’t do the same mistakes over again and again.

If you believe in fate then we know that things happen when they are meant to be and we can’t avoid it. but we can be little careful not to get hurt. Many come and many go out of our life and they are part for some reasons beyond human understandings. But the reality remains if you are meant to love each other and be with each other, it will happen. That’s the power of fate. Love always wins. Love is important and only it counts. If I win your love, then it is your destiny and , if I lose, then it is my destiny to find a new love for me.

Firstly, love is a peculiar thing. If you truly loved someone, then you’d be able to realize that it’s OK if they don’t love you back, which shows your love. When we truly love someone, we don’t expect the same kind of love from them, but it really hurts that the other person doesn’t even understands it.

Don’t tell that they will change tomorrow, next week, next month maybe someday, who knows they will never change. True love accepts the person for who they are, even when they are evil and they don’t love you. That is what means accepting reality.  I love and accepted reality and at the same time, I am forced to move on.

It is not easy to deal with reality and move on without love, I take the bitterness with me and leave the sweet of my love for you. When I love without dealing with reality, I hurt myself. I still love the other person, and trying to accept the reality and pray to God for the wisdom and strength you’ll need to do that continuously until it becomes a problem.

If we know for a fact there is no hope for a mutual love, then why torture ourselves. Move on. Treat it like a divorce. It will always be painful for one party if it is not a mutual divorce. It is a forceful divorce  to live and keep meeting people. You say to self that you have to be available for the right person who comes along your way.

Love is like a railway station, there’s always going to be another opportunity for the train to stop again — if we are ready for it at the station. Just stop being around that person if at all possible. If you can’t, then think in your mind about how wonderful it would be to actually find someone special that returns your love. Tell yourself that you deserve it.

It is not easy for anyone to control their love no matter how hard we try, we will fail and our love will always make us to fail. It’s just one of those things, but we can choose to love again. Write your thoughts on paper, sometimes it helps to get your thoughts out of you, in writing. It’s like a release or venting. Then tear it into pieces and flush it or scrap it so it can’t be found to possibly humiliate you later.

True love gives and expects nothing in return, a true unanswered love. Let me move on from my imperfect to perfect level.

I can only pray to God that you forgive them for not being able to love me. We have to deal with reality only…. In Reality god will only can guide you to come out of this love and not to make it as a a problem for anyone.

Give me the strength to realize that I can move on.

Give me the courage to try something different.

Give me the wisdom and sense for me to respect myself.

If you truly loved them, it doesn’t matter if they feel the same way, your love conquers all.

When you love someone you must know when it is time to let go. This sounds hard but that is the strength, courage and knowledge is gathered from a broken heart.

No one promised that love would last forever.

Never let bad feelings or experience change the person you are.

No one wants a wounded bird, so understand that you need time to heal internally. There is no set time on when this will happen, but just let it take it’s own time. When the time is right, and you will feel like you are ready to love again, don’t look for the love, let love find you

Life is short and a chance given by god to love others. So enjoy and taste your breath. Your battle is not lost, you are just about to begin a new chapter in love and start living your moment.

Love yourself, pray, not only for you, but for that person as well and to keep you strong.