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Badminton RIO Olympics

Gold Medalist : Carolina Marin (Spain)

Silver Medalist : PV Sindu (INDIAN)

Bronze Medalist: Nozomi Okuhara (Japan)

It was a tough fight and a great spirit shown by Sindhu and the champion gold medal winner neverthless to say that she was very aggressive. Even though she was agreessive, we could see that she was not confident but outplayed Sindhu.

Any game, we can have only one winner and today it is for the Spainsh women. Indian PV SIndhu forced to settle for the SILVER.


A proud moment for every Indian fan, and possibly the start of a series of great moments in the 21-year-old Sindhu’s career. Hats off to the young lady…
A kiss to the medal from the Indian, and now she flashes that brilliant smile is on her face

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