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Thank you All (2014)

We are almost in the last few days to end the year 2014 and eagerly waiting to welcome the year 2015.

It’s time for me to say “Thanks” for the wonderful people who crossed my life, whether a stranger who said thanks from his bottom of his heart for just giving him a change for 100 Dhms, or the security who has seen me while going for walking to say thank you for giving the confidence and smiles whom I have not seen before or after that conversation.

I have to say thanks to God for giving me the pleasure to touch someone’s life with my smiles. Whether I am tensed or fed up with life or frustrated with a friend or with my family, I try to get rid off my pain with music and with my smiles. sometimes yes with tears also, but those tears doesn’t take away the pain but it ignites more fire in me and it makes me to do the weirdest things.

I have to thank Face book because with a stupid status message my pain or the stress is getting relieved, irrespective of whether the concerned person sees it or not.

I have to thank Face book friends who are a great supporters, even though I have few who gives pain in FB, but I take it as a sweet pain and I have given the rights for you to do that with me :-).

I have to thank for the wonderful friends(entire team) that I got with the working environment who were feeling more than me for the humiliation or for the personal pains. Thank you guys for being there for me for the most important time of my life.

I have very good friends from Pakistan, who are there in my life even before coming to UAE. We are from two rivalry countries, but we never had any sort of rivalry kind of communications and both the teams felt that they so nice and sweet people and we know that we are being used as a force of threat for the political benefits.

From the working environment, I used to keep hi and hello relationship only, but I realized that what kind of support that I have got from you guys during my exit only. The way you all said that journey with you all is not an end, but a beginning. I really enjoyed, enjoying and will cherish those small tiny moments what we have shared in and out of the clients place. Thank you for the support and the Gully Tea times, I will cherish these moments forever.


Life is beautiful, nevertheless to say thanks to you, because you are going to be there to say this each and everyday irrespective of where you are or where I am or what I do. I have that much confidence in you that this will never break till we are alive.

I have to say special thanks to you for being with me at the worst time of my day and made me to feel relaxed, smile when I was not able to control my emotions. I have to thank you for those special words “Love you loads of dear daughter and I want to be always there for you whenever you need” which was like a rebirth for me on that particular moment. Those words were like an angel coming with handful of water while wandering in a desert. If I would have got a hug from you, you would have seen the emotional and sensitive side of me. I sincerely Thank GOD for introducing such a lovely and caring mother in Dubai.

Thank you my dear friend for being with me as always during the entire tenure of my working experience is really awesome and thanks for being dare enough to question your boss or to say that they did something wrong thing. When the entire team used to say that I have a special bond with you, I used to deny it and say that she is one like you only, but now it’s time for me to say “YES” it is.

I have to thank you for the sweet little innocent girl who doesn’t know what is happening or who cant even understand the pain what I was going through in the recent time,  was consoling me by asking me to go back to India or shall I arrange a visa for you in a different country…

I love it and want to say that this is the height of you innocence and want to say that I have the ability to stand on my own leg and to keep up my words as promised to you.

I love you sweet heart for the way you are the way we maintain our relationship so strongly but without any communications, I know that I miss you every now and then, but you don’t because you are always with me :). Thank you for not leaving me and for being with me.

This Special Thanks to the one whom I adore as my Dronacharya in all the aspect of my life (Professional and Personal), dedicating the year 2015 to Drive as per the aspirations what you feel that I could do in my life. Thank you for that Motivational words, ” I know you are good Rider, but I want you to DRIVE”, Only you have the privilege to say this and I will take it as Guidance for the changes what I am foreseeing in 2015. Thank you for being there for more than 9 years. Dronacharya – I am learning it.

I have not mentioned names of anyone here but I know for sure that you all know that whom I am referring to, that is the bondage what I have with you all.

Wishing you all a very Happy NEW YEAR 2015.

Tons of Love,

Tons of Happiness,

Tons of Joy,

Tons of Care

Tons of Health to enjoy the above all be with you.

Will continue the thanks for the year 2015 with new set of people, but you all will be there as part of my life forever.


Truth is bound to win over falsehood.

Hey Dear All,

I am not blogging this as a part of learning some religion or to follow some religion. I am sharing this because if you want to follow your own religion follow it from the heart. If something mentioned here is wrong, please take it as an opportunity to correct my wisdom on the given contents from any religions.

Don’t ever pretend or take the do-able content from your religion and don’t do or show off something  to give an impression to others that you are clear and clean by heart as the other feels that you are following your religion from heart.

Friendship is something which is very green and pleasant to everyone. Here and there some will come and do little harm, insult, but the best of all relationship is friendship, because it doesn’t have blood relationship. It is very usual for people to have friendships with others whom they interact with . Friendships can be formed through growing up in the same neighborhood, meeting at school, college, university, social gatherings , working environment, gym, pub, restaurant and via a number of other activities.

Friendship is something common among people, however there are different conceptions of it. Some common conceptions include the following: friends will always stick by your side, you can always rely on a friend, you can speak freely to your friend and tell them your problems, friends like you for who you are, etc. When people have personal problems such as disputes with their family members or if they need advice they usually turn to their friends.

Do you know why god has not gifted the art of reading others mind, because he wants us to have the privilege of trusting, understanding and have faith in others.

When you start telling lies to your friend, do you know how it hurts the other person? Even before telling lies, I told you I will be saying a part of my life story to you as a lie. I will not be true in one scenario. I didn’t tell any lies to you. That is called as Sincerity. I tried to give trust by all means but you failed to keep up the trust in any means.

When you hurt someone, I believe you should face her in a remorseful way to show that you never meant to hurt her. If I was in her shoes I would want to know everything that goes around me, and if I discover that my friend exposed something and I found that out from someone else I would really get aggravated and I would feel that my friend isn’t worth trusting. “ONCE A LIAR IS ALWAYS A LIAR”

Don’t lie to your friend: 
One thing it is HARAM, second she is trusting you so don’t betray that trust if you let her know now you have a better chance of being trusted again than you would if you keep lying.


I do regret because of trusting you in-spite of knowing that you are lying to me. Over again and again I trusted you. All my pain is because of the trust what I had in you and I have to suffer for trusting you to this level. Yes I deserve punishment from god. You made me not to trust anyone in my life.

Truth is bound to win over falsehood.

In Today’s fast world most common problem in human is cheating others easily or to make fun of someone true feelings. If you are not serious for anything then don’t such things. Cheating/Betrayal is very painful for everyone. After hell of pain and agony, I am saying the below to the fellow people.

I am neither a follower of Islam nor Christianity and I am true to my religion. Even we don’t need to follow any religion, but we should not do harm to anyone by any means. Harm – unknowingly we do hurt others, but knowingly hurting others and giving them pain is sin in all the religions. There is no compulsion in any religion. Right has become distinct from wrong. So whoever rejects evil and puts faith in God has grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks.

I believe that God is hearing, knowing, and loving us. We don’t need to depend on others, but very few will make us to depend on them in the name of love for fun and they will ruin others life. This is to make someone understand that what their religion says about lying.

During a course of chat conversation, she said, I didn’t lie anything to you to harm you. I agree with her, may be her assumption is right, but there is a trust created in me. It is getting killed by your false statement which you were not aware of it or what?

After reading the below also, if you feel that you are not a liar, I am ready to change my assumption of saying tahat you are liar/cheater for your sake, I will say to the world she is not a liar, she talks only truth, when I will say that, I will not be true to myself. But I am ready to accept that you are not a liar or a cheater.


cheat-us-islamLying is among the sins of the heart. It is to utter false information while knowing that what one is saying is not the truth. It is sinful (haram) whether done seriously or jokingly.

The Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said:

La yasluhul-kadhibu fi jiddiw wala fi hazl.  Which means: “Lying is not good, whether in seriousness or joking.” (Related by al-Bayhaqiyy.)

The Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, also said:   Iyyaka wal-kadhib, fa’innal-kadhiba yahdi ilal-fujur. Wa innal-fujura yahdi ilan-nar. Wala yazalul-^abdu yakdhibu wa yataharral-khadhiba hatta yuktaba ^indallahi kadhdhaba.

Which means: “Do not ever lie, because lying leads to very hateful sins, and those in turn lead to Hellfire. One keeps on lying and seeks to do that until one is recorded as a liar in some books of Allah.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah.)

After reading the above tell me, to whom you were sincere?? I don’t need to explain on this because when we tell lies, it means that you are killing the trust what the other person has on you. It need not harm them, but it is not going to help them or make them happy. When someone tells you, you look beautiful even though it is not from heart, that is not a lie, it makes someone happier for that moment. Telling someone a lie which is not going to harm them, or not going to have an impact on them, but still it is a kind of betrayal because the other person has so much trust on you that you will not tell any lies to her.

Trust, faith are something’s which you can’t get from someone without love. When someone trust you, you have to try to keep up the trust and not to misuse the trust. I showed my trust and faith because of the love what I had for you. Even though you have lived all your life only with lies, I have given more trust and trust and poured the faith, but failed to get even one percent of truth from you.

There are many things that are among the sins of the tongue and fall under the class of lying. They include: swearing by Allah to a lie, false testimony, and falsely attributing something to Allah and His Prophet.

When you promised something to me in the name of god, I was not able to feel it as a truth, because you are born to tell only lies. By swearing-in the name of god, you made me to feel that it need not a truth and made me to feel that even in the name of god she will tell lies. That is the trust what you have given to me. I swear, I got an impression, she will do any harm in the name of god also and she will say it is not harm.

Swearing by Allah to a Lie:

It is one of the major sins. It is for one to swear by Allah to something that is opposite to the truth. An example is if one says, “By Allah, I did such and such” while knowing that one did not do that action. Similarly, if one says, “By Allah I did not do such and such” when one has done it. This is to be considered using God’s name in vain, which indicates falling short of glorifying Allah properly.

I do believe that you will not lie in the name of god but when you say 10000 lies, even a truth in the name of god becomes a false statement.

False testimony: This is one of the enormous sins. An example is for one to testify in front of a judge that someone stole something while one knows that it did not happen. “False testimony is like claiming that Allah has partners.” (Related by al-Bayhaqiyy.)

Because of all your lies, now I feel even a true testimony from you whether it will be a truth or false statement? How do you expect me to trust you?

Severing the Obligatory Ties of Kinship

Severing the ties of kinship is among the sins of the body, and it is a major sin. This is done by breaking the hearts of the relatives by refusing to be good-hearted when they financially need money, or by leaving out visiting them without an excuse. If one usually helps one’s relatives, then one lost the money, or one found a more urgent need for it, then one would not be sinful for not offering it to one’s relatives. Avoiding people because they did something wrong to you or they tried to correct your mistakes or they treated you badly.

I don’t need to say about this, when one of your colleague was giving a party and the way you avoided it shows what kind of Muslim you are? When you can do this kind of arrogant attitude with a fellow Muslim lady, I can expect that you will do any kind of harm to me as I am from a different religion. When I heard it, I felt so bad because the way I had the trust in you, I thought you will not do these kind of silly things. How could you do this? whatever you discussed with me were words from your mouth not from heart.

Promotions are decided by the people who are ahead of us and if we don’t get it, it doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve it, god wanted someone else to get benefit out of it. You were saying that what is there I will get it when it is destined to me.. Now even if you get it doesn’t going to make anyone happy because the way you reacted to others happiness, will impact yours as well. I know you will not mind it because only humans will have

“Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury. And Allaah is Rich (Free of all wants) and He is Most-Forbearing.” [Quran 2:263]

I know how much I have forgiven you and tried to hold you not with hands, but with love and care, but you spoiled not only my trust but also killed my each and every cell with your ill attitude and behavior. I really don’t know how your parents will take when they hear about you from others, but I was brutally killed and I don’t feel like I have to live or to love anyone. You made me a dead body. I have life, but living like a dead body in grief because of the love for you.

Truth is bound to win over falsehood – God is with me, that’s why he made me to realize all your colors and made me to feel that this is a punishment for loving, trusting, caring, and showing the real affection to a person who don’t deserve it.

 Imām `Alī ibn Husayn (a.s.),

used to say to his son:“Keep away from little and big lies whether you are serious or kidding! Whoever tells lies in childhood, will do so in adulthood.”  Do you not know that the Messenger of Allāh (s.w.t) has said:
‘A servant may keep on speaking truthfully until Allāh (s.w.t) records him as a very truthful one, and a servant may keep on telling lies until Allāh (s.w.t) records him as a very lying one.’

[Reference: Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 69, p. 234]

To Speak the TRUTH, you don’t need to follow any RELIGION, just you need to follow your HEART. I quoted the above from your religion because you wrapped yourself saying that you are following your RELIGION and as per your Religion – how you need to be and what you are? You are not true even to god 😦 . 

Whatever I have given here are just to say that this is what you have to do, there is lot many more to come in your life and don’t give them the same pain. I am saying all these as  vent out all my pain, caused by you, without doing any harm to you. Even this is to guide you, to make you right in your way. If god can help you to correct your way, I will be thankful to him. I know I can’t do it, but god has to talk to you in a way so as you can change yourself. Of course he will touch you, if you don’t listen to him, he will shake you, if you don’t listen, then he will take the root so as you will know what you are doing is right or wrong.

Even after reading all this family values, if you say that you have a family value, oh god, what kind of value it is , please make me to understand it…..

Knowingly Hurting Others

As per Hinduism – Karma – What I feel about hurt and the punishments

Everything in the world happens with a reason and which is called as KARMA. Be it a good deed or bad deed, it happens only because of our Karma and I strongly believe that I have good karma otherwise I will not be in such a situation to write something about good and bad.

Physically anyone can hurt us. Mentally no one can hurt us. If we are mentally hurt WE ALONE are responsible and no one can be blamed or responsible, because we give them the liberty to play with our heart. We allow them to enter into our heart and to play with us. It is easy for us to stop in the beginning not to allow them to enter the heart by saying that you are a stranger and please stand outside my entrance and do ask me whatever you want.When I rejoiced the good moments, it is time for me to accept the bad time as well. I allowed you to enter it and I have to suffer it.

We are born to live our life and we are not here to correct ANYONE. WE can’t expect the changes in the other people and The ONLY person who is in our control is ourselves. We can correct and control ourselves only and NOT anyone else. No matter what you explain or recommend, suggest nothing will work for them and we will be considered as fool of an ass only. Everyone will prefer to do what they want to do.

We are allowed to communicate or explain but NOT teach (because you cannot teach anyone anything unless that person accepts you as a teacher) that you are getting hurt. It is not my responsibility to teach.

As human, it is very difficult to accept anything which hurts us and it is very difficult to accept that we failed to understand other person nature it becomes worse. Especially when someone ditches or cheats or betrays us, then it is too difficult to accept that we were being betrayed by the one we trusted much. The pain is not because that we were being betrayed, it is be because we trusted them too much. It is not easy to accept the failure that we allowed them to cheat us.

Most of the times, when I am under stress or dilemma or when I know that what I am going to do is going to hurt someone, then I will leave it to god’s decision and when I was about to send some things back to someone I checked in the same way with my god. My god didn’t ask me to stop my action and he gave the below message for me. I took it as granted message from god and sent it. but somehow I feel and repent for it, because I know I have done a sin by hurting other person. I don’t know whether that person will get hurt for this or not also, maybe she will feel happy also, but I am killing myself for sending it back.


I used to say that I allowed you to play with me and If at all something goes wrong I have to suffer and it is my fate only. Yes it is my karma, I felt that you are a blessing and today I felt that it is karma and it is a curse that I have to reap from my previous births.

Whether we accept the difficult situation with or without reacting has no bearing on burning our bad past karma. For example, if someone hits me, I am getting the punishment for my past bad deed. If I hit him back, then I accumulate more bad karma.

When you started hurting me, I should have done whatever possible to avoid getting hurt repeatedly. Without hurting back I tried to do whatever possible to prevent getting  hurt from you. I have told you many times that I am getting hurt and also I told you that I do not expect you to change your attitude just because I am expressing.

When I know that you are intentionally trying to hurt me, I tried to urge you by admitting that I am getting hurt. So you started hurting me more and more without a limit. It was my mistake only

Without hurting you, I tried to react either saying sorry or telling you ‘please do not hurt me’, I do not accumulate more bad karma. This kind of reaction is OK. Not reacting is also ok, if the situation warrants. As long as we do not hurt other by the way of our reaction, it is fine. Ideally it was my mistake only because, knowing your certain qualities, I should have avoided the bad company or moved with some good people.

I tried not to do it for so long time and thought I can sew the good deeds in you, but you made me to do some sins because of you and I know for sure am accountable for it and I don’t know how I will repay for this sin. Either I will be given punishment immediately or I will meet another bad situation later on since I have done the hurt back.

I learned it is better to be self-centered (too much selfishness is not good for anyone). It is wrong to live for others only as well. Everyone should take care of themselves first before attempting to help others. Hurting ourselves in helping others is our mistake. Loving others by hurting ourselves is our mistake.

Whether we like it or not everyone is selfish. Some fools like me will not accept this fact. They may serve others and make sacrifices…I do so because it gives me more happiness. I need to do what is good for myself without wondering how the other person will feel is a selfish deed only. I used to feel that I should never hurt others. That is the base line.

In general, if you hurt others you have to suffer the result but if you love others and help others also you have to suffer the result is what I learned from you.

Only thing what karma or punishment says about selfishness is without hurting others you can be selfish. (Ideally being selfish will definitely hurt others and for hurting others we have to face the consequences).

Waiting for my Sweet Little Angel

Waiting for my Sweet Little Angel

I am really amazed to see the love for you and how I got this love for you my angel and from where it came in?  I was not even dreaming about this. I live in dreams only when it is not possible for me to live in life. I dream and make my dream come true. I live in dreams when my dreams can’t come true.

I never use to feel that I am alone and I normally lose myself in dreams when I feel that I need someone beside me.  I came in as a stranger and I never thought that someone will come in my life. You came in a different way and made me to fall in love. U gave me hopes, U gave me a dream, U gave me a fantasy. I don’t know why you came in.

Do you want to know the love of me for you my dear?

I want you to feel how much I love you

I want to feel how much you love me

I want to hold your hands and fell in your love for me.

I want to walk with you on the cool sands of the Beach.

I want to hear your sweet voice and nothing else in those words..

I want you to be protected and wrapped with my prayers my dear..

I want to show you how much I care.

I want to show you how much I am blessed when you are in me.

I want to hug you with my thoughts and tell you what you mean to me..

Every minute I long for you..

Every moment I pray for you..

Where are you my cute little angel?

Why do want to punish me?

You made me to love you

You made me to miss you

You made me to wait for you

You made me to watch for your return.

You made someone MAD of you….

Loving, Missing, Waiting and Watching for someone we love is truly miserable…

Most unforgettable moment for me in loving you is I learned what is REAL LOVE

I will tell you what real love is. It is blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the entire world, giving up your whole heart and soul to another.


Loving without Fear 

Love is the most beautiful feeling and most painful feeling in most of our lives. We never know when it is beautiful and how suddenly it becomes so painful. It makes us crazy, mad and makes us to smile like anything and makes us to cry with a heart-broken pieces. It is common in every one of us that we hate what we love.

Sometimes we say we hate but heart will keep on loving it. Sometimes we think that what we love is unworthy of our love because it has let us down greatly in some way or another. It might be true that we’re in love with the wrong person, but it could also be true that we ourselves are not yet right to love that person. We feel like withdrawing all our love and give it to somewhere else that is more worthy to receive. What is the guarantee that we will not get the same pain from the other person?

The undesirable situations whatever we experience are meant to help us to discover ourselves and what is love and how to love? Loving unconditionally is what it really means.

Hate is an emotion that is meant to be used as a violent defense against any form of evil. Hate is not the opposite emotion of Love. It is the same love emotion, whereas we love ourselves more than the other person.

We have to know that Hate is a not a constructive force against anything and it is destructive towards you. When you feel hatred or anger, it just means that someone is doing something that hurts you. May be the other person is not trying to hurt you intentionally, may be because of over love, over possessiveness, over expectations, suspicious, jealousies you get the hurt.

Hate and Hurt are like two sides of the coins when you are in Love. It is unavoidable, if you don’t know how to handle the love towards others. When you love more, then it is a form of self-love that seeks to protect you. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel because your emotions serve as a feedback and motivating force to move towards that which is good in life.

Only you know about you and you should know that the other person might not love you as you love her/him. It is people way of accepting and reciprocating love is totally different. One might accept your love with a smile, one with a hug and one might not even smile.

It is only, when you understand what your emotions are telling you and the reason you feel that way which enables you to truly resolve everything in your inner world. Most of us dwell in our own inner world and we love the other person whom we love to be in our inner world without even knowing that we are in a different world. The other person will be having their own world and we never feel to enter the other person’s world. Our selfish mind will think only about the world what we have built along with the other person.

The reason why you feel hate and anger is because the person is doing something that hurts you. Your love for yourself revolts against such an act. We feel misunderstood, unappreciated or somehow mistreated in one way or another by the other person. Therefore we seek to rectify the wrong or undeserved suffering caused by that person.

Loving without fear is nothing but whether they love me or not, I will keep on loving you. Love is not a business, to say that only if you love me, I will love you. whether you love or not, I will love you forever is what love means. It is really difficult to practice but once we start practicing it, then we can win as many hearts.

When do you get the fear of love is when the love starts, we don’t feel the differences in the other person, as we like some qualities of the other person and we start developing a close feeling or we start admiring, adoring the other person for what they are. We try to attract the other person by compromising many things which we never used to do it.

Once we become close, then we realized that they will be on our track and we try to loosen our grip. some try to do this as a test of their love and some play with the other person’s feelings. It really takes a great courage to expose yourself and your thoughts, but expanding and sharing with a loving heart without selfless regards, and not disappearing through fear. This is the way that there can ever be a hope of  truly positive and powerful life.

Love is thriller when it is an excitement, enchantment &  when Expectation overflows in love then it is not a thriller but it is a Killer….



In Today’s modern world, it has become very common sentence in the human life and it is the three words that I love you. Are we saying it to the one with the love and care and do we really mean that saying “I LOVE YOU” to anyone means so much to us. Those who say that I love you have forgotten I LOVE YOU’s real meaning.

I feel that we have to say this I love you from the bottom of the heart not as a word from mouth. I just wanted to share what it means to me…..!!

Love and express your love so as you can be Loved.

To Love is Nothing, To be Loved is Something. To Love and to be Loved is Everything.

I Love you” means that I accept you and love you for the person that you are and that I don’t want to change you into someone else. I will love you forever for what you are.

I Love you – It means that I do not expect perfection from you just as you do not expect it from me.

I Love you – It means that I will love you and will stand by your side, at all the best and the worst of times of you.

I Love you – It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood or too tired to do the things I want to do.

I Love you – It means loving you when you’re down mentally or physically, not just when you’re fun to be with.

I Love you – It means that I know all your personal secrets and do not judge you for them and asking in return only that you also do not judge me.

I Love you – It means that the world means everything to me and you are my world.

I Love you – It means I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.

I Love you – It means that I care for you abundantly and that I love enough not to let go.

I Love you – It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping that you feel the same way for me.

I Love you – When I say I love you, I don’t say it out of habit, or for our conversation sake. I say it to remind you that you are the best one that god has gifted me.

Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other..

Especially in love, When we get little we want more, When we get more, we want even more,But only when we lose it, we realize little was enough.

Many will say that it is not necessary to say that I love you, and it has to be felt. When the world was very small and inside the four walls, we don’t need to say that I love you to each other. It was easy for those 30 years back to feel and understand the other person’s love without being untold.

Now the world is very wide and we sit in front of the computers or at work for more than 12-14 hours and we don’t have time to spend with family and friends.

When we don’t have the time to share our good and bad with our friends and family, it is much required to say that I love you to each other at least once in a day and when it is expressed say it with whole heart and do mean that you really love them. The other persona has to feel that you mean it and should enjoy that feeling of love.

I love you is not only between the partners, but also when it is with sisters, brothers, friends, it needs to be said from the heart and the other person has to feel the happiness. When I say I love you, I have to feel that I make the other person bliss and I should also feel that I am in heaven.  Make your home a sweet home with love and we don’t need to search the heaven. It will be in the smile of your family and friends….

Say, “I Love You” To Your Loved Ones When You Have The Chance ! ! ! We never know whether tomorrow is ours or not.


Feelings – Loneliness

Feelings – Love, Sick, Pain, It’s all about the Belief’s of our life….

I was struggling a lot to get a topic which can create sensation and I thought it’s high time for me to write something about the feelings of the people.  As an individual I love to be in mid of a group or at least with more than one person, but somehow I feel that I love loneliness more than being in a group  and I feel my productivity gets doubled when I am alone in the work environment and as well as when I am alone in my personal life.

I feel that I do many things when I am alone and I just kill my time when I mingle with people in both professional and personal life. I will feel that Loneliness was looking for a friend/partner and luckily it found me. I so blessed to be with you. As far as an individual if we consider loneliness is my best friend no no…  it’s my best partner of life. I grasp good friends very easily and we are now very tight friends.

Loneliness is a special enjoyment for those who know how to make them happy without the involvement of others or with the involvement of others. By making a third-party happier person, self gets happiest.

Loneliness is a state of mind wherein we prefer to be alone. It is not so easy to live alone in this society as well as the way world goes around but I love it. Unknowingly people around me occupy my space in the loneliness but I will be revolving around this world alone so as I can meet up with new people, new experiences… for those who want to learn, has to prefer to be alone so as they can learn so much from this world.

Loneliness is not anyhow desirable state. But it’s a result of our wish only. I don’t like one’s company that’s why I am alone. Here it is my wish. My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister all can create loneliness and all these can vanish with a smile from the other side of the life.

There is a lot of difference between a loner and a person living alone. Living alone is different from being lonely. For many, living alone is like  a transformation from being dependent to being independent. A loaner never gets a chance of opening up, expressing feelings or sharing thoughts.

When I go out and meet up with people, when I get the smile or the care from them, my loneliness goes out of my mind and that’s the common state for everyone. No one can escape from loneliness in life and at least we will be experiencing the loneliness in our life and if someone says I have not felt loneliness in my life then it is a lie only.

Sometimes we run from ourselves, we want to hide ourselves and we need loneliness. Solitude means more to me and it doesn’t mean that I want to be friendless or unsocial. Solitary comes, when I am fed up with the social environment and I want to be away from it for some time for some reason or may be am hurt with the social environment or personal environment or may be in professional environment.

Sitting Alone and Thinking about Others, I am not alone, I am with all your thoughts dear 🙂

I have seen many eyes around me with a peculiar look and inquisitive to know how I can live alone?  This article is mainly to explain those who were curious to know how I could live alone or lonely or how do I kill my loneliness. (Whether I kill loneliness or Loneliness kills me? Funny thought when I was writing this article)

Dear all, Thanks for your care and this care makes me to feel that I am not alone and I love to be self-contained (self-contained is a very big word but still that is what I will define about myself). It doesn’t mean that I am not unsocial and you all know me very well how I am and I am a self-sufficient person who can love my life as an individual, independent and am not an introvert. I am an extrovert, expressive, outgoing, and passionate about my friends, very loving towards my family, passionate about everything whatever I do. Above all I am great in socialize and cordial. I am pleasant to those who are pleasant and wild to wild it depends on the nature how you behave and I don’t give what I want, I give it back what I get. Loneliness taught me the self-contained life.

Loneliness is not living alone, loneliness is something living together and living in different directions and Insecurity causes loneliness. Isolation or separation from any relation is nothing but emptiness of love in our life. In any worst situation we need someone’s shoulder. Love will bring us back into life from any deep separation. Love wipes out insecurity from our daily life. If we don’t have any one to stop our tears only sorrow can feel vacancy of isolation in loneliness. There are some people who love to shed their valuable tears only when they are alone. All depends on people and I personally feel that loneliness makes people stronger than making them weaker.

Alone in the Rain

Very often people think that loneliness is the destination if you miss love… but as far as I am concerned, loneliness is a companion. If you feel comfortable, it is a companion, if it gives sorrow, then it is a disaster.

Loneliness has taught me to Love myself, while trying to fight loneliness, we are often convinced, that nobody cares and loves us anymore. This feeling leaves us in despair and hopelessness. It is an easy belief, that no one loves you, but this belief that makes you feel you lonely instead of feeling the loneliness or searching for a love from outside, learn to love yourself and this will teach more to love others as well.  The reality is, in the fast pace of life, missing the lovable ones or separation from the loved ones and maddening sprints of careers, you’ve reached a new point in your life to love yourself.  Focus on your achievements and strive for a better tomorrow, we need to know that we need love and loving ourselves is the best thing which a human can do. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love anyone. The self-realization and self-loving are the most important factors of life which will help us to grow in all the phases of the life.

I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no elimination or dismissal of my love.  I chose to love all in my loneliness and in my loneliness no one owns them, other than me. For me Loneliness is a companion. In loneliness, my love doubles and it provides more space for many to come in my life and to see many more to accommodate in life.

We wish someone to love us when we find loneliness. Undoubtedly that someone is a person whom we left alone or separated ourselves in between journey of life. Is there anyone in your life whom you left earlier? Do you want to take ‘U’ turn? Loneliness fills up love as well as the gap. It gives more comfort and contentment. It relieves from the pain and relaxes the soul. Loneliness doesn’t increase the grief but it consoles and reassure that there is something better and it cheers us up. People always prefer to be in lonely when there is deep stress or we feel that we are in lonely because we are in deep stress but it is the other way around, we are alone to overcome the deep stress and we know that only we have to come out of it. Only we can give peace to ourselves not by the others. Others can share or care or make fun of with our disappointment or guilt. Only the one who is in stress can think the way to come out of it.

As an individual I take only few minutes to come out of my grief and I have learned it to do it because my loneliness taught me how to overcome my problems. I am the decision makers of my life and I am the one who is going to get benefit or detriment out of my problems. Why should I share my grief to others when I can throw it out of me in two seconds or two minutes or two hours? Do I need someone to share my sorrow? Is there anyone who is living without any sorrow?  Yes we need people to share and sharing your emotions and secrets with people might not help you in overcoming the problems but it will also help you get closer to your friends.

I love all the people around me, beyond my limits, but is it required to be shown out? If they are close to me, they will come to know it and for others it makes no sense whether it is known or not. For those who know it, they will not feel that I am alone because they are always in my thoughts and deeds and without them I don’t move or live. Physically they are not around but mentally all of them are so closely knitted and tied up with me. Where the word loneliness is comes from?

Absence of people around us is not loneliness. It is our confusion to understand its meaning. I agree that having friends around helps me to wipe out my loneliness. But do we mean a friend? Then I am not a loner at all and I will not be also, god has blessed me so much that world is my home and I have friends all parts of the world.

Loneliness taught me to trust in two, one in god and the other one is self. I trust myself and I trust more in god that he will not let me to feel that I am alone or a loner. If at all I am alone it is on my own wish only. Destiny has given me more to be with many people and I chose to be a loner.

Sometimes, someone fills in that loneliness and occupies you totally without your knowledge.

Finally to close Loneliness is something not to be felt when we are in mid of people is what my inner feeling is. Because we are in the mechanical life, husband and wife running behind money, father and son don’t have time to share their feelings, mom and daughter are living like a stranger’s in a home. Houses are built of bricks and walls and but the relationships makes house to a sweet home. If the walls are built-in the heart and there is no space for the relationship and we live together as a stranger in the same building makes no sense of the relationship. Neither the relationship lives nor we live in the home.  An intimate relationship, we may know lots of people or have many friends but if your relationship with them is too superficial or if you never share your emotions with them then you will feel lonely. When there is lack of intimate relationship, Loneliness may be one of the hardest feelings that someone could experience. It is one of the worst feelings that could cause a suicide.

Don’t allow anyone to be superficial in your life or never share your immediate emotions to someone who is not related to you directly/personally. Keep a distance with all so as you don’t need to feel the loneliness forever, even when you are alone.