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Happy Valentine’s Day

You make my life beautiful…..


My goldie – when I say you as gold, I know for sure that I can’t buy you with what I have and I mean that you are really precious for me to hold and not to miss you for any reason as well. Most of the time we meet people by chance but meeting you and being with you is a choice given by you in a unique way. Especially when I was depressed with the way things were going around me. Being hurt by someone and being in love again with someone is not an easy task in anyone’s life, but even before coming out of the tragedy, you entered my life like a rocket and removed the sorrow of being hurt in your own way.

When I was about to lose my faith in love, you entered my life as a promising faith of love. Is it divine love? I don’t know what is divine love, but you are the most amazing love of my life. Success of my life is holding the love, but that success is holding you now as her strength of love. BE with me forever or leave me never or leave me when I leave this world.

Thank you for making that beautiful difference in my life..

You made me to feel that sharing everything is not as easy as I was thinking by sharing each and every small thing with me. It is really not possible for me to share in minute detail… only thing you have not told is that you breath 72 times for a minute and it is 80 now, it is less now 🙂

It is not a note to say thanks to you but I have to say thanks to you for making my life wonderful in so many ways especially managing my rudeness, my arrogant love, my adamant love for you. At times I used to think what is the purpose of life, now I know that my purpose of life is to love you and live for you. (Even thought we are not together, you live with me, I live with you and our every second goes together)


I know our relationship doesn’t need any thank you’s but when we say thank you to each other, it really matters and this thank you means a lot to me baby because I owe that much to you my sweet darling.

I have thanked you on some special occasions; we both know it how special those moments are and the way it was said has got immense faith and love for you.  I have to thank you every day for the wonderful difference what you have given in my life and making my life so beautiful.  Life would have been so miserable without you and I mean this.. Thank you for making my days brighter and nights cooler as like you. I cherish every moment of our togetherness and wish it to go till my life ends.

Now we can’t imagine a life without each other and that is the reason that you are so special to me yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. I can’t imagine how life would have been if you have not entered my life.

I said I will get lot of wishes on this day, but today, when I am alone without you, I realize that your wishes only means a lot to me. I realize your importance and the difference what we have in our life. Without my thoughts there will not be single minute going for you and similarly all my time goes around you.

I really want to apologize for my arrogance and it is sincere apologies from the heart. I should not behave so violently/vehemently for the one who makes my day and night so lovely, beautiful, warm and cool. You are my sunshine and the moon light.

I have seen some good friend’s love, care in my life, but wish that this should be my best and forever love of life. I love you from you means a lot and when you say that I love you, only for you makes me to feel that I am blessed. I really love you is a delight to hear and the feeling of love is always on top of the sky and your love makes me to fly. 


Happy Valentine’s Day for making my life the most beautiful …. I don’t think something else can come in my life to feel that is going to be beautiful as I feel that I am in heaven when we are together. I want to scream and say that I love you loosu naaye….

With ton’s love, with Eyes full of Tears, Heart full of Prayers comes a warm wishes for you to get well soon and to be with me forever and I promise you that I will be with you forever without breaking your heart.





நாம் ஒருவர் மேல் வைத்த
அதிக பாசத்தாலும்‬
அளவு கடந்த நேசத்தாலும்‬ தான்
அவர்கள் மேல் அதீத கவனம்
எடுக்கின்றோம் ஆனால் அவர்கள்
அதை சந்தேகம் என்றே நினைக்கின்றனர்…..

Overwhelmed Love and Affection with the one you love makes the other person to feel as doubtful act, but it is because of LOVE and AFFECTION only

Mohamed Hani's photo.

Love of my life

என் கண்ணே,
களங்கமில்லாத கனி அமுதே
தித்திக்கும் கற்கண்டே
திகட்டாத தேனமுதே
தவமாய் தவமிருந்தும்
தளராமல்தான் சுமந்தும்
பெற்றெடுத்தாலும் கிடைக்காத
என் பொன்னரும்பே,
என்ன தவம் நான் செய்தேன்
உன்னை நான் பெறவே
அன்னை என்ற
பாக்கியத்தை அருளிடவே
ஆனந்தம் நான் அடைந்திடவே
அவனியில் நீ அவதரிதையோ
உன் சிரிப்பில் நான் மயங்க
என்  சிரிப்பில் நீ மயங்க
உன் அணைப்பில் நான் மயங்க
என் அணைப்பில் நீ மயங்க
கோவங்கள் தாபங்கள் விலகி ஓட
சோகங்களும் உன் சிரிப்பினில் சிதறி ஓட
போராட்ட வாழ்க்கையும்
பொக்கிஷமாக மாறியது
தங்கமே உன் வரவால்
புண்ணான மனமும்
வாழ்கை வசந்தமானது
பொன்மகள் உன் வருகையால்
புதிராக இருந்த என் வாழ்வில்
புதையலாக வந்தவளே
புதையலாக நீ இல்லாதிருந்தால்
புலம்பலே என் வாழ்க்கையடா
வறண்ட பாலைவனத்தில்
வளமாக்கும் மழை நீராய்
என் வாழ்வை வளமாக்கும்
அன்பு மகளாய் வந்தவளே
நீ எந்த வயிற்றில்
உன்னால் வரும் பெருமையும் சிறுமையும்
அனைத்தும் எனக்கே சொந்தமடா
உறவாக இல்லை நீ
எந்தன் உயிராக இருப்பவளே
என் உயிரே நீ இல்லாமல்
என் வாழ்க்கை இல்லையடா


Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of all the Hindus living all over the world.  I was not able to celebrate almost any festivals after my grandmother’s death, as I have learnt all the festivals from her. Hinduism also was taught by her with the help of these festivals. I don’t remember whether she taught us the reason for the festivals, but I know for sure she used to make all the festivals a grand gala one with love filled feast.

Diwali is one good festival taught by her, who used to make lot of sweets, savories and make us very happy with whatever way she could do it. whatever money i would have burnt as crackers was really a needy one for the next day survival, but she has given it with pure love for me to burn it as crackers. Without anyone’s help the way she used to prepare the sweets for us is one precious moment which will not come in my life, even if 10 or 100 members does with love and care, it will not be equal to that of my grand mother.

Almost all the kids at home learnt it through her but the impact of festivals with my grandmother was more with me. The care and love shown by her towards me was mammoth. I can’t feel that love and care from anyone else. That is one of the reason for not celebrating any festivals in the past6-7 years. It is very difficult to articulate the feelings with words, but only those who have seen us or felt our love can understand the reason behind it.

It is almost 6 years in UAE and the life in UAE also has given a lot of change in me. One of my aunty used to call us during the Eid’s to check whether I am at home. As we get couple of holidays, I utilize those public holidays along with annual leaves, I used to go on a short vacation back home.

Being a Hindu, I failed to celebrate most of the festivals and I used to give a nasty dialogue also that festivals are for eating and I am having everything and whenever I want I can have it. 

Somewhat in the last 6 years, I never felt that I have to celebrate Diwali or Pongal. This year I wished to celebrate it in UAE. Normally atmosphere will not help to celebrate any festivals, apart from the Onam as there are lot of Malayalees in every organization. We don’t get the pleasure of Holidays for the Hindu festivals as we have in India. Being in a Muslim country, I can’t expect it as well :). Life used to be mechanical even on the days of festivals as we will be working.

Most of our colleagues are Muslims and most of the time they don’t even wish us for our festivals(not all there are few who respect the others), which I am not saying as wrong, it might be as per their belief in their religion. As usual this year also I was in between Muslims and all of them are from Pakistan.

My mind wanted to celebrate Diwali in UAE because of some good heart which was forcing me to buy new dress and wanted me to celebrate Diwali, fortunately she is also a Muslim.

I was talking to my colleagues about Diwali and we planned to celebrate it in office. Day before Diwali, I bought some sweets &  savouries.  I wanted to light my room with Diya’s, so bought candles, but my room was in total mess as I shifted to the new room and was not settled in the room. Somehow managed to light the candles and performed my usual rituals by lighting the Diya’s.

The day before Diwali, I got a wonderful Diwali greetings which was again from a Muslim and the way he wished me was the best wish in my life. Diwali wishes to you in advance, tomorrow I will be busy and will not be able to wish you, let the lights festival bring the shine to you and no more tears or hurts. I pray the one almighty in which you also believe to keep you happy was the wishes for me.

On the day of Diwali, again the first wish was from a Muslim and she wished it with great love and care. Got up with lovely wishes and as usual followed the rituals, missing my mother who used to keep oil to take bath and the sweet memories of getting the new dress from father. In the last 5 years I was not feeling for these oil bath or for getting the new dress. Somehow this year was feeling as if I am just 10 years old.  After sometime the whatsapp messages with family asking for Ganga Snanam.

As usual got late to office because of sharing the Diwali greetings with Family in whatsapp. Started to office with full of love and happiness carrying the sweets and forgot to take the wallet. Again turned back from the bus stop to my room to take the wallet and reached office.

Partying is not new to us whether it is office colleagues or with my friends, I used to have a extra luxury foodie when it is a party from me. We never had any issues within my team being from two (different) rivalry nations. We never had any heated arguments or discussions, irrespective of the discussions we used to have about the countries and religion as well.

I distributed the sweets to my team and asked the office boy to distribute it to other staffs in the office. Diwali started with sweets, coffee/tea. When it was lunch time, I asked the team to order food for them and being a vegetarian it was not easy for me to take them out on Diwali day, as I preferred to heavy Veg meals.

The ladies group preferred to have veg and for the guys, it was their choice to go with the grilled chicken. The one who was about to order messaged me is it okay to go as the cost was little high, if not we will order somewhere else, I asked him to go ahead as it matters with food not with the cost.

It took very long for them to get the food, and by the time it reached, I finished my lunch, had a skype chat with my mother, sisters & kids.

After the lunch, we had sweets again and the team was so happy, even I felt very happy when one of the guy said we feel that we are celebrating one more EID today. Before the celebration, that was in my mind, that at least one should say that we celebrated our Eid today. I was so happy feeling that god has come down to witness the Harmony in people. It is human nature to have peace and love for each other. Only the Politicians make the region, religion as weapon to fight against each other.

Thanks a lot for making me to celebrate my Diwali and this Diwali will be in my heart forever as I have celebrated it only with Muslims and for giving the feeling of celebration. Whether it is Eid or Diwali, celebration only matters and I do celebrate CHRISTMAS, DIWALI & EID.

After 5 Diwali in UAE, this Diwali is one of the most  memorable diwali and it is gonna be the best DIWALI of my life. I may not be able to get such a good feeling of Humanity and Happiness in my life on a Festival day.

This has shown me that the mind of Human wishes happiness only and it can be achieved with love and care irrespective of the religion, caste etc., This DIWALI increased the faith in ISLAM, this Diwali increased the faith in Human, this Diwali increased the faith in Respect for each other, this Diwali increased the faith in LOVE and wish many more Diwali’s to come in the similar way to keep the Harmony keep spreading….

No Ganga Snanam, No Crackers, No Granny, No Namaskaram’s, No Blessings (Didn’t get any blessings from the elders of the family) still this is the best DIWALI for me. Festival of Light for sure made me to shine with a bright smile in my face by end of the day.

YES we are united irrespective of the Nationality 🙂 First Wish to celebrate Diwali started from Sri Lankan, First Wish from Sri Lankan and the day was with Pakistani’s. 

I don’t know whether I will get this privilege to say that I celebrated my Diwali with Indians so happily, but for sure I was very happy because of my those 7 wonders of my Team & the great family from Sri Lanka.


Madly in Love

ஊர் என்னைச் சுற்றி நின்றாலும்

இந்த உலகம் சுழல்வது நின்றாலும்

உன்னை மட்டுமே

என் மனது சுற்றுகிறது!!

விழி திறந்தும் உன்னை கண்டேன்

விழி மூடியும் உன்னையே கண்டேன்

விழித்து இருந்தும் உன்னையே கண்டேன்!!

இது என்ன மாயமோ


எனது உலகம்

எப்போதுமே அழகு தான்

இன்று உன்னாலே

நானும் அழகானேன்!!!

i love u-deeply

Whether the state stands by my side

or the world stops rotating

my heart go around you & only for you
I am seeing you when my eyes are open,

I am seeing you when my eyes are closed,

I am seeing you without you in person

Alas, I don’t know what is this magic moment

My Love,

My world is always beautiful,

but I look more beautiful because of you…..



அன்பான அரவனைப்பு
ஆழமான நேசம்
இனிமையான காதல்
ஈதல் குணம்
உண்மை பாசம்
ஊமையாக்கும் உன் சுவாசம்
எனக்கே எனக்காக
ஏன் என்று கேட்டிடாமல்
ஐ என்று சொல்லி
ஒவ்வொரு நொடியும்
ஓடிடுமே இந்த இதயம்…

Am I a Patriotic Citizen of India?

This time I am going to say something about patriotism based on an incident that happened recently. As usual I am filled with full of energized, entertainment and excitement all through my days. During the last weekend, it was more fun, excitement and entertainment as I was having fun in meeting many friends in groups and individually, close to 38 hours was with friends in Dubai.

On my way back to Abu Dhabi, I came by a Taxi and the driver was from Pakistan. Most of the times, I will have a chat with the drivers, as I was very tired, I kept quiet and was not in a mood to listen to songs and was not getting sleep. During my travel, I saw few bikers riding their bike and as I love bikes, I gave a look at the bikes till it moved from my eye sight. All the bikes were Harley Davidson and each one was a unique model. I was not able to take my eyes out of the bikes.

The taxi driver noticed it and asked me, do you ride bikes, and I told him yes in India, I don’t have the license here, hopefully will ride it before I leave UAE. We started talking about the biking in India, Pakistan & UAE. Later it came down to the Kashmir issues, I don’t know what made us to talk about the Kashmir. But suddenly we started talking about the Kashmir, and the fight between the two nations. During the conversation, he said why you need to fight for Kashmir, give it up. First time, I took it in a lighter note, but he insisted saying that you people should not fight for Kashmir.

Initially I told him, why we should not fight for it, give me one good reason so as we can think about it. One thing we need to accept from his answer is, that the people of Kashmir who all are from India are the one who is suffering and the people of Kashmir from Pakistan are having a peaceful life.

It will not be part of India and it will be away from India and become as a separate country. To enter into Kashmir, you need to go with your Passport and Visa. The days is not too far and this is going to happen. I was very calm and quite till that time with a smiling face.

I don’t know from where I got that wildness, I told him, it was, it is and it will be part of India only and I don’t think I will entertain you talking such things. If it was in India, I would have handled in a different way. This is a common place for us and we are here for our earning purpose, I guess we should not fight on the political matters wherein you and me don’t have any role to do.

Am I patriotic or Anti-Pakistani?

I am working in an environment where there are more people from different countries. I have a cordial relationship irrespective of their nationalities. I have very good friends especially from Pakistan.

I can’t be anti-Pakistani, because I enjoy the goodness of the people who are working with me and we don’t talk anything against our countries. For sure I am not Anti-Pakistani’s.

To be honest, I don’t have an answer to say as YES, I am patriotic, but while talking to that taxi driver, felt like that he is patriotic, but soon after getting down from the Taxi, I realized actually he was Anti-Indian, because his intention was not to take away Kashmir with Pakistan, but Kashmir should not be part of India.

I am not a patriotic or to show off as Patriotic who will enjoy the Indian cricket team’s success against Pakistan or watching the cricket and feeling the spirit of Indian while winning the match. Yes I do love Cricket and I do support Indian Cricket.

I know the sickness of Mother India, and I know very well that I can’t do anything to cure the sickness. Being away from India, I can’t say I am a patriotic person, but if someone talks bad of India in a public places, I will get wild even when I am out of India.

I loved to have two son and one to be dedicated to mother India into any armed services as it is in our blood.

But the thing that goes on in my mind, is the people of Kashmir (Indians & Pakistanis) are supposed to live a normal and peaceful life, but the Indian Kashmiri’s are not able to live peacefully, is it because of India or because of Pakistan or because of our dirty politics?

I am not proud to say that I am an Indian, when I say that we are secular which the specialty of India is. What is secular, Indians saying as Tamilian’s in Bangalore need to be scared of their life when some riots happens in Karnataka, When the innocent people who went as laborers killed in Telengana/ Andhra there is no voice from any part of the secular India. Punjabis should be out of Maharashtra, only Marathi speaking people should stay in Maharashtra, Bihari’s should be away from Delhi, Don’t allow Keralite and so on….

Is it secular in Religion, No, we fight in the name of Ram, babar, Jesus, Allah, knowing that all is one and we know that oneness is universe.

Are we patriotic? No when we can’t give voice for each and every state then we are not Indian.

I think it will take ages for us to realize ourselves as Indian’s as we are more concerned about our state and religions.

Tamil speaking Hindu, Tamil speaking Muslim, Tamil Speaking Christians, Telugu Speaking Hindu, telugu Speaking Muslim, Telugu Speaking Christians, Malayalam speaking Muslims and so on…

Again in Tamil Hindu, we have different sectors as Caste Brahmin, Mudaliyar, Chettiyar etc.

Again in Tamil Christian, we have different sects in it, CSI, RC, etc….

How can I be proud or be patriotic is what was going in my mind?

I am patriotic only on the two national days Independence and Republic days, that too because we used to enjoy the benefit of holiday’s from school, office. I am patriotic, when India wins the Cricket world cup, I am Patriotic when we win the hockey cup, I am patriotic when Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal comes to Number1 position. When we excel in Satelite and proudest moment of Mars Satelite, I am patriotic.

On Every Individual’s Success, right from movies to Mars mission I am Patriotic, but I don’t do anything for my nation.

One thing is for sure that Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions are practiced in India and they are all are Indians only, without Christians or Muslims, we cannot say India as India. Similarly, by the bifurcation of the languages, we can’t say that we are Tamilian’s, or Keralite or Punjabi, When the day comes that a Tamilian recognized himself as an Indian, a Keralite, proudly says himself as an Indian, a Punjabi saying as an Indian, I will also be proud to say that I am Patriotic, till then I will be a Tamil speaking Proud Indian.

I am not expecting what country will do for me, so far I have not done anything great apart from paying my income tax and casting my vote for the nation. As an Indian, I have performed my small duties with fear and faith.

We need to remove the Reservation system, end the racism within India, end the religion and caste system.

It is not easy to say that Unity in Diversity, because we are mix of different races, culture, habits people calling ourselves as single nation. To end with, I love to hear all Indians saying that India is my Nation and Indian is my RELIGION, I will love my nation more when all of us come to the stand that we are children of Mother INDIA.