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Between you and me

This is a sweet war between you and me, if you win, I consider it as my win, if I lose also, I will consider it as your win as losing it to you means a lot and I am learning the art of losing for the sake of gaining the relationship my love.

It is easy to lose someone you love in the ego, but it is very difficult to lose the ego for the one you love, I prefer to lose myself for the one whom I love.

எந்தன் உண்மைக்கும்,

உந்தன் பொய்க்கும் நடக்கும் போர்…. 

எனது தோல்வி உனது வெற்றி,
உனது வெற்றி எனது வெற்றி,
தோற்க பழகிக் கொள்கிறேன்…