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Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of all the Hindus living all over the world.  I was not able to celebrate almost any festivals after my grandmother’s death, as I have learnt all the festivals from her. Hinduism also was taught by her with the help of these festivals. I don’t remember whether she taught us the reason for the festivals, but I know for sure she used to make all the festivals a grand gala one with love filled feast.

Diwali is one good festival taught by her, who used to make lot of sweets, savories and make us very happy with whatever way she could do it. whatever money i would have burnt as crackers was really a needy one for the next day survival, but she has given it with pure love for me to burn it as crackers. Without anyone’s help the way she used to prepare the sweets for us is one precious moment which will not come in my life, even if 10 or 100 members does with love and care, it will not be equal to that of my grand mother.

Almost all the kids at home learnt it through her but the impact of festivals with my grandmother was more with me. The care and love shown by her towards me was mammoth. I can’t feel that love and care from anyone else. That is one of the reason for not celebrating any festivals in the past6-7 years. It is very difficult to articulate the feelings with words, but only those who have seen us or felt our love can understand the reason behind it.

It is almost 6 years in UAE and the life in UAE also has given a lot of change in me. One of my aunty used to call us during the Eid’s to check whether I am at home. As we get couple of holidays, I utilize those public holidays along with annual leaves, I used to go on a short vacation back home.

Being a Hindu, I failed to celebrate most of the festivals and I used to give a nasty dialogue also that festivals are for eating and I am having everything and whenever I want I can have it. 

Somewhat in the last 6 years, I never felt that I have to celebrate Diwali or Pongal. This year I wished to celebrate it in UAE. Normally atmosphere will not help to celebrate any festivals, apart from the Onam as there are lot of Malayalees in every organization. We don’t get the pleasure of Holidays for the Hindu festivals as we have in India. Being in a Muslim country, I can’t expect it as well :). Life used to be mechanical even on the days of festivals as we will be working.

Most of our colleagues are Muslims and most of the time they don’t even wish us for our festivals(not all there are few who respect the others), which I am not saying as wrong, it might be as per their belief in their religion. As usual this year also I was in between Muslims and all of them are from Pakistan.

My mind wanted to celebrate Diwali in UAE because of some good heart which was forcing me to buy new dress and wanted me to celebrate Diwali, fortunately she is also a Muslim.

I was talking to my colleagues about Diwali and we planned to celebrate it in office. Day before Diwali, I bought some sweets &  savouries.  I wanted to light my room with Diya’s, so bought candles, but my room was in total mess as I shifted to the new room and was not settled in the room. Somehow managed to light the candles and performed my usual rituals by lighting the Diya’s.

The day before Diwali, I got a wonderful Diwali greetings which was again from a Muslim and the way he wished me was the best wish in my life. Diwali wishes to you in advance, tomorrow I will be busy and will not be able to wish you, let the lights festival bring the shine to you and no more tears or hurts. I pray the one almighty in which you also believe to keep you happy was the wishes for me.

On the day of Diwali, again the first wish was from a Muslim and she wished it with great love and care. Got up with lovely wishes and as usual followed the rituals, missing my mother who used to keep oil to take bath and the sweet memories of getting the new dress from father. In the last 5 years I was not feeling for these oil bath or for getting the new dress. Somehow this year was feeling as if I am just 10 years old.  After sometime the whatsapp messages with family asking for Ganga Snanam.

As usual got late to office because of sharing the Diwali greetings with Family in whatsapp. Started to office with full of love and happiness carrying the sweets and forgot to take the wallet. Again turned back from the bus stop to my room to take the wallet and reached office.

Partying is not new to us whether it is office colleagues or with my friends, I used to have a extra luxury foodie when it is a party from me. We never had any issues within my team being from two (different) rivalry nations. We never had any heated arguments or discussions, irrespective of the discussions we used to have about the countries and religion as well.

I distributed the sweets to my team and asked the office boy to distribute it to other staffs in the office. Diwali started with sweets, coffee/tea. When it was lunch time, I asked the team to order food for them and being a vegetarian it was not easy for me to take them out on Diwali day, as I preferred to heavy Veg meals.

The ladies group preferred to have veg and for the guys, it was their choice to go with the grilled chicken. The one who was about to order messaged me is it okay to go as the cost was little high, if not we will order somewhere else, I asked him to go ahead as it matters with food not with the cost.

It took very long for them to get the food, and by the time it reached, I finished my lunch, had a skype chat with my mother, sisters & kids.

After the lunch, we had sweets again and the team was so happy, even I felt very happy when one of the guy said we feel that we are celebrating one more EID today. Before the celebration, that was in my mind, that at least one should say that we celebrated our Eid today. I was so happy feeling that god has come down to witness the Harmony in people. It is human nature to have peace and love for each other. Only the Politicians make the region, religion as weapon to fight against each other.

Thanks a lot for making me to celebrate my Diwali and this Diwali will be in my heart forever as I have celebrated it only with Muslims and for giving the feeling of celebration. Whether it is Eid or Diwali, celebration only matters and I do celebrate CHRISTMAS, DIWALI & EID.

After 5 Diwali in UAE, this Diwali is one of the most  memorable diwali and it is gonna be the best DIWALI of my life. I may not be able to get such a good feeling of Humanity and Happiness in my life on a Festival day.

This has shown me that the mind of Human wishes happiness only and it can be achieved with love and care irrespective of the religion, caste etc., This DIWALI increased the faith in ISLAM, this Diwali increased the faith in Human, this Diwali increased the faith in Respect for each other, this Diwali increased the faith in LOVE and wish many more Diwali’s to come in the similar way to keep the Harmony keep spreading….

No Ganga Snanam, No Crackers, No Granny, No Namaskaram’s, No Blessings (Didn’t get any blessings from the elders of the family) still this is the best DIWALI for me. Festival of Light for sure made me to shine with a bright smile in my face by end of the day.

YES we are united irrespective of the Nationality 🙂 First Wish to celebrate Diwali started from Sri Lankan, First Wish from Sri Lankan and the day was with Pakistani’s. 

I don’t know whether I will get this privilege to say that I celebrated my Diwali with Indians so happily, but for sure I was very happy because of my those 7 wonders of my Team & the great family from Sri Lanka.



Happy Birthday My Smile

Happy Birthday to the one who has shown the way to love people around me. Whatever glory I have today it is all because of you. 


On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Don’t Count the candles in your Birthday Cake, instead count the number of years I have wished.

Happy birthday MY SMILE (even though you’re not the reason for my smiles)


I have to thank you from my bottom of my heart for the love what I am experiencing in the recent times, especially after the time you left me without explaining the reasons. I still remember those good days and Cherish those good days and it remains as FRESH as like you were for me. I don’t think all those fresh days every now and then, but for sure once in a while I SMILE because of you. There are reasons for my tears and smiles but more often tears are more because of you for the pain what you have given me.

I used to say you that when I give so much love, I am forced to get the pain. The time what we have spent together was hardly 10 days of time (24*10=240 hours) but the pain because of my love for you is almost 3 years. The reason for the pain is not knowing the reason for your sudden change.


If you would have said the reason to me, I would have said good bye to you. Anyways it is all past and only the present is thinking about you and either shedding tears or giving the smile what you taught me. In your absence, I am not dying and I am living as usual life and with more lovable souls around me.

What I give, I used to get it back. If I would have got the love what I have shown to you from you, probably I would have enjoyed only one of the rarest love, but now I am enjoying the most blissful love of my life. How to name it? I really don’t know, there were reasons to enjoy the love, and the one who pours the love as I want looks exactly like you. Above all, the entire family loves me the way I want it to happen in my life.

I learned to show love and care from you, I mean to a kid and now I know how many are getting that love from me. There are people to call me as Umma, Ummi and the feeling of motherhood started with you but it is going to end with the one who loves me as I love her.

I wish you a very happy birthday and let the wishes bring in the most expected happiness in your life. One and only prayer for you in my life is to hear that news. Insha Allah, It will happen soon. The day I hear it, I will stop thinking about you, I will not keep you in my prayers also.


May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

I want to send the Surprise cake, flowers and your favorite chocolates as like before, but I don’t have any details to reach you as you love to hide yourself from me. I strongly believe that you will be thinking about me if you were 1% true to me.

Here is your Birthday Cake and Flowers

happy-birthday-3 happy-birthday-2

Have an Awesome Year Ahead and Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year with new resolutions, new relations, new friends, new beginning and most importantly Happiness all through your life.


பிரிவை நினைத்தேன்
உயிர் வலித்தது,
அவளை நினைத்தேன்
நினைவாக நிற்பதால்
பிரிவும் இனித்தது….

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Most of my contents are about the people who touched my life in beautiful ways, but this content is about someone whom I hate from the bottom of my heart. Why should I hate this person without any reason?

Reason is Jealous – Is this a natural feeling Jealousness or being forced in us?

Jealous is one of the subjects which I love to discuss at this point of time, because in the recent times, I was addicted to this word not because of very special person of my life or someone whom I can’t live without or someone whom I love so deeply. This has nothing to those who are so close to me. Usually we get the feeling of jealous when we are close to someone and we name it as possessiveness in the beginning. In reality, it is not possessiveness.

Normally we are very fond of getting ‘Jealous’, and I feel almost everyone in the world is fascinated. Jealousy grows in us in different way, either from ourselves or from the other person also. Jealous leads either to growth or downfall in any relationship or in any matters.


I don’t know ‘Jealous’ can influence me to this level to hate someone whom I am not going to see in my life time or to avoid the person whom I am close with for my life time. I am writing about someone with whom I have not interacted. I have not seen her or even I don’t even know anything about her other than her name. I hate her for that one reason that she has the same name as my name as her first name.

It is a true fact that she became close to my brother only because of her name. When my brother told me, I should have asked him not to continue any stupid bondage with that female, but I never used to feel such kind of feelings and I was not interested to know about her name also. I came to know about her name also after sometime only. Even he told me, if you say, don’t talk to her, I will not talk to her, but why should i say him talk to her or don’t talk to her.

I am surprised to see that I got the jealousy with a person who is neither close to me or even closer to the person who is the reason for it. I mean, I can see him, touch him, slap him, sit with him and have a dinner, watch a movie with him, go with him in his bike, can take photographs with him instantly, I can ask him to prepare food for me, the moment I think, I can meet him, the moment I feel like I have to talk to him, I can pick up my phone and call him, I can scold him, I can do whatever I want with him, normally jealous comes only with those who are closer or someone who is nearest to competition with us.

I think my brother is the reason for all the drama’s because he has nothing to talk to me other than blabbering about that woman. He doesn’t know how to handle it and because of that he created this so called rivalry or jealousy.

It is not only with me, even with him, it is the same case, if he says I want to see you now, I can login to skype and if he says I want to meet you in person, I will fly for him during the weekend. He will not see the time or the day to call me or to message me. I never allowed him to long for my message or for my replies, may be that was my mistake and was readily available for him to share his instant feelings. I did it in a feeling that I know how difficult it is for a person to care and to be cared and I have given all the respect for his love and care.

To get a message from her, he has to wait for her lunch time, to get a call he has to long for the Sunday to come and there are many more things which he will not get as he gets through me. But whatever 10 minutes or 10 hours of time he spends with her makes him to feel happy and that was the reason for me to keep silence.

She is no where nearer. She has not seen India for the last 10 years. Even if she meets him, it will be temporary. I am of the person who will not care even if the other person leaves me for such stupid reason. That too if he goes behind her, I will be happy so as I don’t need to handle this immatured guy, who doesn’t have any value for others feelings and it is her responsibility to handle him.

Many of us cannot see if someone else does better than us. But I am not of this kind of person to feel jealous. If she can do better I will be happy to leave him forever. I have my own style of handling people. I have many more in the queue and if one gets reduced, I will get two more in the queue to love me more than him. I am not able to give my time for those who are in my queue.

I know how much I used to smile, when I give my hand as an help to my colleague or to a friend or a stranger. I know how much happiness I gave to a stranger couple of days back, I know for sure that neither this brother of mine or his new female friend can give it to anyone in that manner. It was just a matter of trying to help him, fortunately I was able to help him and the way he blessed me made me to feel that I was in heaven at that point of time. I don’t need to go to people to make them happy, god sends them when they need it. Even this guy was sent to me in a special way by god. I never considered him as a stranger but today he became a stranger because of his own actions. what you sow is what you reap, and punishment is for me.

If he can leave me, for the person whom he has not seen or not felt any sort of love and care, then it is not worth to hold him for any reason. But the way he created the jealous, he needs to be punished, I know this is not a punishment for him, but I will take it as a punishment for me because of giving my love and care for a person who doesn’t know the value of it.

I don’t need to understand about that educated foreigner because who doesn’t have anything to do with me, but the one who was with me for close to 3 years should think of all and decide what he needs in his life. I have many questions for that female, but it is all useless to question a 3rd person. I feel that I wasted my 3 years of time with him. For sure that he is going to lose many more in life if he continues with the same attitude. This is not childish behavior, but criminal, crooked and wickedness.

If I was possessive like him, I would not have allowed anyone in his life but I was not possessive, then how did this jealous came into my life?  Life cannot be possessed and I know for sure that I cannot have him in my fist. That is one of the reasons for me to set him free, if he was destined to be with me, he will be with me, and if not let him go. I have to feel happy that it is not my destiny to hold a person who can influence negativity in me.

 A heart that has jealous cannot love, and similarly a heart that loves cannot be jealous. But somehow he has planted the jealous and created a rivalry between two innocent females.  I used to feel for any relationship has validity, with you I never felt that it has expiry date but yours is also seasonal and the season is over. Wish you at least to keep it alive with the other person.

I cannot hold the other person not to include intruders in between any relationship. Trespassers will come and go and we need to struggle all through the life because of these weird people.

To be honest, I used to tell my friends that you can’t create jealous in me and you are feeling jealous and created this jealous because that jealousy you have received as and inheritance. Those who knows his new relationship, none of them like him to be close with the new female and everyone suggested him to be away or they don’t even care about what is going on his life. It was not a natural relationship as it was in between us.

People Only Get Jealous, When They Care. If you understand the concept of love in deep, we will not get jealous when others care, because people need only care not the person. If it is being given to you by me or by the person with my name, am not concerned. If someone can make you happy, I will feel happy because I don’t have time to think who is doing as I am busy in making others happy. I don’t have time to miss someone who doesn’t have the love and care for me and I am really busy with my loved ones.

Giving freedom is a joy, having freedom is a joy. I am not a fool to hug a cactus and say that it hurts me. Either live happily or say good-bye happily. There is no reason to hold it.

Real love is as uncertain as your life is uncertain.

Happy Birthday My Dear

Take nothing for granted; Cherish what you have; & Never forget to show gratitude. This is not only a birthday wishes, how to regain the ultimate power of yourself back 🙂

When the relationship is new, people find reasons to meet each other….But as the relationship gets older, people will find reasons to avoid each other… !! It is the universal factor and I will not think too much what you are doing, how are you or does it matters to wish you? Yes it requires to wish you and the only way I can do it is through this way. I know for sure that you are somewhere in this world and god will bless you will Tons and Tons of Happiness by all means.

To the one whom I will love even from my graveyard, no even my burnt ashes will love you in the same way 🙂

Happy Birthday to you. May god bless you with all the happiness of the world and give the serenity and calmness to understand the good and bad of yours.

Above all wishing you to celebrate your birthday with your kid, so as you will know what it really means to celebrate a Birthday.

Not only by your name you are unique, but also by all means, attitude, behavior, character etc.,

When I created a 64 slides of Birthday wishes, I was feeling that she will make me to feel whatever I have done now is waste of time and while creating that slide, initially I planned to create only 26 slides to say her happy birthday in a unique way for her. But I kept it developing in a feeling that I might not be able to wish her consecutively for few more years.

I felt that let me wish her till her life time with those slides. evenwhile creating it, I had a strong instinct that it will not go for long term as the way she was I could sense something is wrong or she behaved with me with some motive. Still love is love whether the other person feels it or not, love is common and we can change it just because they don’t accept it. I strongly believe in her adamancy that she would not have she seen it. I wish with a whole heart a very happy birthday.

I am really surprised that how come I am still thinking about you and feeling in the same way as I was feeling last year.  True feelings will never change.

It’s love only can make people crazy and clear also. I don’t know whether I am crazy as like my best friend says or I got the clarity that nothing is permanent in this world other than betrayal and cheaters.

When I look back the last one year, I am really surprised how could I do this today in this way? But god has made me to realize so many unknown facts in his own beautiful way and made me to accept that few people are like this only. No matter what you do to them, they will always be cheaters and no matter I will do the same thing. I am not going to lose anything and when someone tries to lose someone lovable in their life, it is their choice and we can’t force anyone to live with us or to be with us or to make us smile. It is we build our life, we smile with sadness and we smile without knowing what is happiness… I smiled without knowing that it is my sadness or the way for my graveyard or even now I may be wrong as we never tried to discuss it in person…

She could have done it with a reason/motive or whatever she has done it was real and what she has done in the last one year could have been with some other motive, but what matters is how one could do injustice to themselves? I can’t do it neither for me nor for her.

I realized that loving ourselves even after losing the most lovable person in the world is very toughest thing in the world, but I realized with a local news from the news paper that a mother lost her 8th kid in a unique way. She was not able to know the reason for her kids death and all the kids died at the same age.  After losing 8 kids she was living and she was living with a smile not with tears because she knows that there is a reason for those kids death. I have not lost you. I know you are living some where happily.

Whenever I Get into Face Book.. I just press the first letter of your name and I get your profile (after you activated it again),  I Open Up Ur Profile… I just stare at the name, though you are not there In My Life, there is no space for us to have any communication. But Always you will be in my mind, heart along with my prayers and wishes….Being The Only One I Always Miss You FOREVER!

Greatest comeback of myself.

I learned the difference of Extreme Love and Unconditional love.

Loving you in your own way has no meaning in you which you felt as extreme love, but loving you in my own way is unconditional love, by loving you all through my life has got full of meaning in my life. I don’t call you as my life, but still my life is dedicated to love you in your absence, without your presence, without your messages, without your BBM texts, without your face book identity, without hearing you, without seeing you, without feeling you, without sharing it to you, without anything, connected only with my soul. A day will come, wherein we will meet and we will say that this is called HEAVEN because both of us are together and god will be with us to witness it.

Most of the time, when I read any good quotes or posts in Facebook, only you will come in to my mind, whether it is religious quote or in love or missing someone or some inspirational stories… I used to save all those jpeg’s to show it to you and say that I was thinking about you when I read it.

In such way today’s Islamic Quotes which inspired me and made me to feel that I have to share this with you is given below

Do good deeds not because you are righteous, but because you want righteousness to enter your heart. Give in charity not because you are rich, but because you are truly poor (in the Sight of Allah).

Love others and seek the good in them not because they treat you well, but because it’s your nature to love and not hate. Live & do things because you want to be a greater person not because you currently are…

I do this sincerely and I follow it holistically, that’s how I could still love you and live as a human.

We should not take anything for granted, that’s why you are still living in my heart.

Cherish what you have – I was, I do, I will cherish those tiny sweet moments which you have given me; and never forget to show gratitude – this is the only way I can show my gratitude for your LOVE & happiness what you have showered on me. May god bless you in all the beautiful ways.

Happy Birthday and Wishing you tons of happiness in your life and bring tons of Happiness in those who enter your life with some reasons. Don’t let anyone to feel that what a kind of person you are and make them to feel she is really a kind person.

I am neither sending you flowers nor sending any cakes, I am not sending you any chocolates or any greeting card, I am not sending any gifts, I am not in a position to think of what to do also because I don’t know how to do ? I don’t know any whereabouts you but still am happy because god gave me a beautiful dream and in my dream you came and taken my wishes from me… That’s enough for me. Wherever you are, you will live in me till the time I live in this world.

Nothing is impossible in this world but getting a lost love is getting a boon from god… Wish god would give you back in some way… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SAD (SWEET ADORABLE DARLING)…


Self-contented Life

In the recent years, I use the above big word so easily in my life and it has become so casual. I am really surprised to feel how I have become this much self-contained?

My philosophy of life is simple. It is to live and let live. To great extent am successful in living this. Normally I try not to interfere in other people’s work. Of course when I consider my friends as my personal relationship I do interfere or give suggestions and leave them to take the decisions. I don’t take any decisions for anyone as the decisions whatever I have taken personally failed drastically for me. I don’t regret for any of those, but I can’t take it so easily for my friend’s failures and I can’t be a reason for their failures.


It is very important to understand that others are different from us and have the right to their own views and attitude. I am also a great believer in self-acceptance. I don’t prefer someone else to decide for me. If I take others decision and follow it, then that decision also will fail, it’s better let me take the decision and let it fail. I have to blame that other person as if  they have taken the decision. We have to learn how to be kind and gentle to ourselves, and accept one as it is. Self-acceptance is the source of great strength.

Purpose of Life

Sometimes I used to feel what is the purpose of my life? Really a million dollar question for me and I don’t have the answer as well. Even today I was chatting with my sister saying that my life goes with the wind and I go with the wind. Life takes me wherever it wishes. I don’t have any destination or destiny has not given me what is the purpose of my life. But you don’t do this. It was easy for me to say it to her to correct her way, but I was not able to do it for myself. This might be one of the reasons for me to get the self-contented feeling.


I used to read not only on inspirational, but also on mind, body and spiritual as well, which has refined me totally from the worldly life to a different life. Am I not living a worldly life? If my answer is yes, then I am cheating myself.. I do live a very luxury worldly life in a way which I like to live and I live it happily. Am I happy in living this life, I will not say no because I decided to live in this way and the percentage of happiness might differ, but I know in this self-contended life I am very happy compared to the normal worldly life.

When I started reading the “My Experiments of Truth” of Mahatma Gandhi, it turned my life style little differently.

I learned not only from my mistakes but also from others mistakes, it starts from my parents mistakes till my kids mistakes and I feel that nobody else could have reached my stage so early because they would not have done so many mistakes in life to get enlightened. May be god wanted me to get this self-contented stage at this age, that’s why he made me to fail in many things.


Self-Control is the ability to control our desires or the whims & fancies. Self-Control is the ability to make ourselves in control with the needs of our day to day requirements. For all our basic needs, we can’t say that we need to control. It is a need and we must have it. When the need becomes wants, then there comes the control and we need to know how to control? If we can control then it is said to be as self-control or self-discipline.

It is not some kind of negative and limiting behavior, as some people might think. When self-control is used wisely and with common sense, it becomes one of the most important tools for self-improvement and for achieving success.

One cannot attain this self-control unless the needs are satisfied to a minimum level and it is not very tough for the human race to follow the self-control as we have the common sense and intelligence of knowing the needs and wants. We can’t control others but we can control ourselves. The only differentiation what we could do is we can control ourselves. I will write a separate article on this as this subject is an ocean for me J

Food Habits

To be self-contented, I started my control with the food habits. From birth, I am a vegetarian. I was eating very heavy food like others. I changed it gradually to have half stomach; this also has not come as a control, as a part of lesson learned from some contents. I have a very limited portion of food for breakfast and for lunch, and Dinner. I don’t do any exercise as long as I feel that I am energetic and as long as I don’t feel any ailment in my health.  Why to control on food? Food is the first step which leads to the other needs. There is a saying by Thiruvalluvar, offer food to stomach when there is no food for your ears. I do follow it. All my days I can read and write on some contents and I will not feel hungry at all. The moment I stop doing my activities, I will feel hungry.


Am I religious? Partially yes and partially no. I am religious and I use my religion and the concept of my religion as a weapon to have a self-contented life. I am not religious when I don’t need the self-control aspect.

My spiritual life style has touched me a lot in the last 10 years and I love to be in sync with that than the worldly life. I started spiritual as a weapon for me to safe guard myself; to avoid some unwanted mistakes in my life. Sometimes I have used it as a mask, but it has become part of my life. Now am in separable from that Holy Spirit.


First thing I started feeling is that no one can make us happy other than ourselves. If I need someone to make me happy then I have to be in a place to make them also happy. So let me try to make myself happy so as I can show the same to the other person as well.

How do we create happiness inside us? How do you not rely on other people, places or things? At times, I am unable to make it so easily, because I do depend on others to make me happy. I make others happy and I get the happiness out of it. Most of the time, I feel that I am happy because of myself and I give importance to myself and not giving importance to others to make me happy.

We should know the art of living to make ourselves happy so as we can show the art of living to others how to make their life happiest.

Positive Thinking

Above all, I have lost all the life’s positive sides because of my negative thinking. Always I will think in negative aspect only. Now to the world I look positive but first impression will come to me as negatively only. Journey of life has taught important lessons in patience, dedication, respect and selflessness but very lately. This is also one of the reasons to have the self-contented life. I can’t go back to my teens to correct my mistakes. I can’t go back to twenties to correct my mistakes. If I try to do so which I should have done it twenties, then again I am going to commit a mistake.


Money is important. However, in our society we do not emphasize the importance of money as a lesson;For me and my sisters,  it is with us in our blood. We were neither taught nor asked to learn the value of money and at the same time given the pocket-money what we wanted. Neither I am a miser nor a spendthrift.

There is no real way of measuring of how much money is enough for our life or how much will make us the extreme satisfied or happy. 10 years back if I would have got 10 lakhs I would have felt like that money is more for my life time. Now it is a difficult question. People would tend to say whatever the comfort level is. My comfort level in money is “reducing your comforts” and you can lead a peaceful life with what you have and I am really self-contented in this.

I know I was very happy living with 7 people in a single room whereas I can’t get that happiness in 1500 square feet flat. This is the reality of life. People around me can feel that I will be very happy now, no I tend to be happy and I show that I am happy but I was very happy.

Self-contented elements

I will prefer to get the answers from my friends and not answering for the below on my own.

Do you learn to really like yourself?
This includes self-respect, acceptance, appreciation, trust, tolerance. Look at these ingredients and apply them to yourself. Consider whether you treat yourself with the same love and appreciation you would treat another person.

Do you respect yourself?
Is there something in your past or someone who has made you feel less of a person? Are you living up to your personal values? Can you say you can be trusted? Do you keep your word?

Do you accept yourself?
Are you as accepting of yourself as you are of others? Do you look only at your flaws or do you consider your positive attributes? If there are areas you aren’t comfortable with, are you in the process of changing them? Change what you don’t like, accept that which you don’t want to change. You don’t have to be perfect.

Do you appreciate yourself?
Do you look at the nice things you do and pat yourself on the back? Do you tell yourself the words of encouragement you tell others?

Do you trust yourself?
Do you follow your intuition? Do you make sensible decisions? Is your judgement sound? Do you learn from your mistakes?

Do you show tolerance toward yourself?
Do you dwell on the negative or do you balance it out with positives. You may not normally think positively, your negative mind chatter may drag you down but you can develop the habit of thinking positively, creating an attitude of cheerfulness and hope.

Take care of yourself. If you don’t, nobody else will. If you don’t appreciate and love yourself, how can you expect others to appreciate and love you? Develop goals that move you closer to caring for yourself. Learn from everything that happens, the positive as well as the negative, the small as well as the large.

The Truths About Life

Human suffering is all-UNIVERSAL. We can’t avoid it and no one can escape from their share of pain. The pain of life lies among all with the rich or the poor, among men or women, we can witness that each has their own problems and difficulties. This is the law of life. I learned it very late. I was not able to understand it when I faced my personal failure in life. Education failures, Professional failures, relationship failures and all failures has made me to feel that am a total failure product of my parents and this resulted in self-contented as I know that I can’t be more successful person in achieving these many failures. I started feeling that after so many failures I stood up and faced the world with courage.

I know whatever happens, life has to move on. Giving up is not an option. But I can give up if it is going to help the other person. One must accept the situation and move on. This attitude has stood me in good stead in my own life to lead a self-contented life. I will not dream big. If at all I will dream very small things which I can’t make it in life. All other things I don’t dream, I do live with it.

Looking Back

I am happy with the way life has been for me. I never turn back my past and see what happened in my past and what I have lost, and neither I see the future with big plans. I see the present and go with the wind without any plans. Whatever I am today is of a self-improved personality. I have not given any chance for others to correct me, because I don’t like anyone to correct/control me.  I created a self-discipline rule for me and I follow that as my life principle.

Main reason for me writing this is one of my close friends and I wish her not to say this word self-contented, especially when at this stage of life. I really feel bad of you and I don’t want you to say this word any more. You can lead a self-contented life after 20 years of worldly life.

I have not become the self-contained in one day. It was a slow and steady gradual enlighten which I realized it in the recent time. I got so much inspiration and motivation from people around me. Some of them taught me what is life, some taught me how to lead the life and some of them taught me how all we should not live. I am a great learner and that’s why I was able to feel the self-contented within short period of 17 years as I learn from others mistakes as well.

I don’t want to write the reasons behind that friend. I don’t want her personal affairs discussed in public. But my sincere recommendation for her is please don’t be self-contented now. If we lose the age, we can’t get it back. Enjoy your life to the fullest then you can become self-contented.

A beautiful effect for you on contentment is that you become more flexible. As you like yourself more, you can consider others more. You aren’t so preoccupied with getting your own personal needs met. If you become more flexible it will be a win-win situation. As it happens, you find that delightful people come into your life and enhance it even more. You will not find time for the self-contentment as life will take you as it wishes. Now it is not moving as you expect, not because of your contentment but because of the situation and later stage you will also feel like me that you missed so many things and you can conclude that you are self-contented, may be even sooner than me. I will pray to god that you should not reach that stage forever as I want you to have this-worldly life to the fullest.

Enjoy your life. Keep smiling, keep going forward and no look backs or set back. I forced myself to live a self-contented life not it is my destiny decided by me.