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Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of all the Hindus living all over the world.  I was not able to celebrate almost any festivals after my grandmother’s death, as I have learnt all the festivals from her. Hinduism also was taught by her with the help of these festivals. I don’t remember whether she taught us the reason for the festivals, but I know for sure she used to make all the festivals a grand gala one with love filled feast.

Diwali is one good festival taught by her, who used to make lot of sweets, savories and make us very happy with whatever way she could do it. whatever money i would have burnt as crackers was really a needy one for the next day survival, but she has given it with pure love for me to burn it as crackers. Without anyone’s help the way she used to prepare the sweets for us is one precious moment which will not come in my life, even if 10 or 100 members does with love and care, it will not be equal to that of my grand mother.

Almost all the kids at home learnt it through her but the impact of festivals with my grandmother was more with me. The care and love shown by her towards me was mammoth. I can’t feel that love and care from anyone else. That is one of the reason for not celebrating any festivals in the past6-7 years. It is very difficult to articulate the feelings with words, but only those who have seen us or felt our love can understand the reason behind it.

It is almost 6 years in UAE and the life in UAE also has given a lot of change in me. One of my aunty used to call us during the Eid’s to check whether I am at home. As we get couple of holidays, I utilize those public holidays along with annual leaves, I used to go on a short vacation back home.

Being a Hindu, I failed to celebrate most of the festivals and I used to give a nasty dialogue also that festivals are for eating and I am having everything and whenever I want I can have it. 

Somewhat in the last 6 years, I never felt that I have to celebrate Diwali or Pongal. This year I wished to celebrate it in UAE. Normally atmosphere will not help to celebrate any festivals, apart from the Onam as there are lot of Malayalees in every organization. We don’t get the pleasure of Holidays for the Hindu festivals as we have in India. Being in a Muslim country, I can’t expect it as well :). Life used to be mechanical even on the days of festivals as we will be working.

Most of our colleagues are Muslims and most of the time they don’t even wish us for our festivals(not all there are few who respect the others), which I am not saying as wrong, it might be as per their belief in their religion. As usual this year also I was in between Muslims and all of them are from Pakistan.

My mind wanted to celebrate Diwali in UAE because of some good heart which was forcing me to buy new dress and wanted me to celebrate Diwali, fortunately she is also a Muslim.

I was talking to my colleagues about Diwali and we planned to celebrate it in office. Day before Diwali, I bought some sweets &  savouries.  I wanted to light my room with Diya’s, so bought candles, but my room was in total mess as I shifted to the new room and was not settled in the room. Somehow managed to light the candles and performed my usual rituals by lighting the Diya’s.

The day before Diwali, I got a wonderful Diwali greetings which was again from a Muslim and the way he wished me was the best wish in my life. Diwali wishes to you in advance, tomorrow I will be busy and will not be able to wish you, let the lights festival bring the shine to you and no more tears or hurts. I pray the one almighty in which you also believe to keep you happy was the wishes for me.

On the day of Diwali, again the first wish was from a Muslim and she wished it with great love and care. Got up with lovely wishes and as usual followed the rituals, missing my mother who used to keep oil to take bath and the sweet memories of getting the new dress from father. In the last 5 years I was not feeling for these oil bath or for getting the new dress. Somehow this year was feeling as if I am just 10 years old.  After sometime the whatsapp messages with family asking for Ganga Snanam.

As usual got late to office because of sharing the Diwali greetings with Family in whatsapp. Started to office with full of love and happiness carrying the sweets and forgot to take the wallet. Again turned back from the bus stop to my room to take the wallet and reached office.

Partying is not new to us whether it is office colleagues or with my friends, I used to have a extra luxury foodie when it is a party from me. We never had any issues within my team being from two (different) rivalry nations. We never had any heated arguments or discussions, irrespective of the discussions we used to have about the countries and religion as well.

I distributed the sweets to my team and asked the office boy to distribute it to other staffs in the office. Diwali started with sweets, coffee/tea. When it was lunch time, I asked the team to order food for them and being a vegetarian it was not easy for me to take them out on Diwali day, as I preferred to heavy Veg meals.

The ladies group preferred to have veg and for the guys, it was their choice to go with the grilled chicken. The one who was about to order messaged me is it okay to go as the cost was little high, if not we will order somewhere else, I asked him to go ahead as it matters with food not with the cost.

It took very long for them to get the food, and by the time it reached, I finished my lunch, had a skype chat with my mother, sisters & kids.

After the lunch, we had sweets again and the team was so happy, even I felt very happy when one of the guy said we feel that we are celebrating one more EID today. Before the celebration, that was in my mind, that at least one should say that we celebrated our Eid today. I was so happy feeling that god has come down to witness the Harmony in people. It is human nature to have peace and love for each other. Only the Politicians make the region, religion as weapon to fight against each other.

Thanks a lot for making me to celebrate my Diwali and this Diwali will be in my heart forever as I have celebrated it only with Muslims and for giving the feeling of celebration. Whether it is Eid or Diwali, celebration only matters and I do celebrate CHRISTMAS, DIWALI & EID.

After 5 Diwali in UAE, this Diwali is one of the most  memorable diwali and it is gonna be the best DIWALI of my life. I may not be able to get such a good feeling of Humanity and Happiness in my life on a Festival day.

This has shown me that the mind of Human wishes happiness only and it can be achieved with love and care irrespective of the religion, caste etc., This DIWALI increased the faith in ISLAM, this Diwali increased the faith in Human, this Diwali increased the faith in Respect for each other, this Diwali increased the faith in LOVE and wish many more Diwali’s to come in the similar way to keep the Harmony keep spreading….

No Ganga Snanam, No Crackers, No Granny, No Namaskaram’s, No Blessings (Didn’t get any blessings from the elders of the family) still this is the best DIWALI for me. Festival of Light for sure made me to shine with a bright smile in my face by end of the day.

YES we are united irrespective of the Nationality 🙂 First Wish to celebrate Diwali started from Sri Lankan, First Wish from Sri Lankan and the day was with Pakistani’s. 

I don’t know whether I will get this privilege to say that I celebrated my Diwali with Indians so happily, but for sure I was very happy because of my those 7 wonders of my Team & the great family from Sri Lanka.



Three Roses

One of my friend asked me, how is it possible for you to love two more roses after being hurt so badly by the thorn of the first rose. It is a fact that I was against the worldly love. I don’t want to see anyone with care and concern for any matters because of the trauma I faced. But few things are like unstoppable and it happens on its own. Neither I planned for SAD nor did I plan for these two roses.

All of them entered my life in an unique way.

Three Roses (SAD/ZENO/RIYA)

In fact when Zeno entered my life, I told her, I don’t have the strength or energy to bear one more failure in my life. Whatever feeling you have for me, you can have it but I don’t think I will be able to share it in the similar way and I told her the story and to her goodness, she said I know how painful it is, but don’t ever think that you will get such pain from me.

I told her, I don’t want to give such chance for anyone in my life and I tried to be away from her for nearly about two months. Once in a while I will message her in face book and I think I would have called couple of times in two months time.

On her birthday, as I used to wish all my friends, I called her at midnight and to my surprise that voice from her made to feel so bad about me, because of two reasons. 1. She didn’t expect my call and the happiness in her voice was so sweet and memorable. 2. I was so arrogant that I didn’t show any feelings towards her till that moment, when I heard her happiness I felt like, if I can give this much happiness to someone then I must do it once again. I have to go for this love story once again. It happened with Zeno but it made a lot of difference with the entry of Riya.

If you lose a relationship in life, it means that it has to go. It entered your life with a purpose and let it go and realize that relationships are often seasonal, It is like the birth cycle whenever there is a birth, death is destined and where ever there is a beginning, an end will come.

Above all these, I have a bad habit of reading and taking things so seriously to my mind. You have good reason to believe that you can trust yourself. Not because you’ve always made the right choices, but because you survived the bad ones. So if my first one was a mistake, it doesn’t mean that I have to die with that mistake, I can try once again as a new chapter.

Somehow it flashed like a thunder and I started to spend my time with these two little roses. Are they really roses? Not really, even these are with thorns, but now I know how to handle the thorns and I will not give up my love or I will allow them to give up me.

Both of them knows the pain what I have gone through and both used to give me more pleasant time and more painful times, but I enjoy each and every moment of it as I was with my SAD.

At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not like you’re giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.

Above all one thing is true and I have to accept that all the relationships in this world are temporary. Most of our extended relationships are seasonal and it can end any point of time. Knowing this truth, why should I cry for the lost one or for the one who was not ready to give up her ego or for the one who doesn’t care about me? I have to think about making people around me, who care about me, who love me, who really needs my love and care. Above all who knows to understand the feelings of others, when I say this, I mean it and I feel that I was little aggressive with these two roses not to get hurt but somehow I used to hurt them badly and I will feel for it.

People are going to come and go from our life. When I thought that I met my best friend, perfect business associate, or the love of my life, I am pretty sure that I am going to fall down. The same thing I have told my SAD many times that I allowed you to enter my inner circle that means I am giving the opportunity to you to kill me.

It is normal belief in every relationship that people don’t misuse that freedom in the name of love. When it is with a mother and kid, it is of two own blood people and when it is between a husband and wife, there is a mutual relationship. But in this case, when it is between a third person what so ever we name it best friend, close friend or mother, daughter, brother sister, these relationships are temporary till the time they find their own or till the time they get satisfied with that relationship. It will never be a long lasting relationship, even though I have couple of roses and I have been a rose for couple of friends, still I am saying it because whatever we have it will go with little pain.

Even with these two roses, I don’t know when what will happen, but till the time I have them, I try to get hurt with more thorns so as by the time they leave me, I will not face the pain what I have gone through because of SAD. When I face the pain from day 1, I will not have more hurt when they give up me for something else.

Life is a cycle, what you give is what you get, but in my case it happens vice versa, what I don’t want others to feel is what I used to get… I don’t want anyone to feel pain because of love, but it happens on its own.

One thing is for sure that I still love SAD, I love my two roses also in the similar manner but with a little difference, I allowed SAD to go, but this time, I will never ever let them go apart from death. Only death can make us to separate from our love.

Riya is another rose but I have seen the thorns more than of getting the feeling of Rose. I don’t know the more time I spent with her, the more I used to remember my SAD. I used to feel that I am going to get hurt once again with Riya like that.

Best thing about Riya was, she didn’t even allowed me to call her and she called me on her birthday and asked me to wish her and made me cry literally thinking my SAD. I missed her birthday but I didn’t feel that I missed these lovely girls birthdays. I was not nearby them but they gave me the comfort that their day was best with my wishes. One good thing is I was given a chance to celebrate all the three girls birthday’s and not with any of them.

I have to say that even if I keep quiet for a day, my beloved roses can’t do that with me. They will try to know about me either ways and with Riya, I have to say that she will keep on fighting with me, but she will never end any communication with me. She can’t keep silence even for few hours and I realized it with so many fights in between us. Even if I try not to ping her or message her or even if I don’t respond to her texts, she will call me to find out how I am and she will message my close circle to know about my whereabouts.

You don’t need to drink the sea water to taste whether the whole water is salty or not. It is a known fact that sea waters are salty. Some of the characters of the human are unique with each other and with these roses, love was free flowing whereas with SAD, it is very hard stone and I broke my heart and head by banging on it. Still it is my sweet adorable darling, because of whom i got two more roses.

Today I can’t show my love free flowing as i was doing it with SAD, because I have a fear of failure and fear of losing my relationship and I am scared to talk to them as free as i was doing it with my SAD. Sometimes, these roses will be feeling the differences, but it is not because that i don’t trust them and it is because of the pain and hurt what i have undergone in the past.

My slogan for both of them is I know how strong my love is and wherever you people are you can’t live without my thoughts, even if we are destined to get separated. I love to give that impact and I love to get that impact. whether it is positive or negative, I have that impact of SAD with me. whatever i do, i get a feeling of my love for her or the pain what I have got from her.

This will keep on…. God took one rose from me and gave two roses, instead of looking at the closed doors, I opened the two doors and I long to knock the closed doors also because of that door only I know that this kind of love is so beautiful………… Pain is inevitable in any love stories.

Dowry – Dowry – Dowry – Dowry

No to Dowry

No to DowryDowry

While I was talking to a friend a spark ignited in my mind with this topic ” Dowry system”. The curse of the dowry system comes into the mind of the father as soon as he hears that it is a girl baby. It is a curse to be born as a female in the India. This system is found in both rich and poor community.

We call the country as Bharat mata, all the river named as females but when a girl baby is born, we are feeling so scared to bring her up. The moment which a father needs to cherish, becomes a volcano, oh god, I have to save for her from now onwards to get her married. The parents of the new born are under pressure as they have to think about bringing up their little baby to brides are put to inhuman pressure by this so called society.

Dowry system – are these men selling themselves? Are we doing any barter system, barter is a system of exchange of goods or services for the goods or services. Even if it is a barter system, then the girl is going to the guy’s house with all the required household items.

I really wonder how a father do this cruelty to the daughters by giving them the dowry, jewels, car, household things?  Are these girls getting married or even we can’t say that they are buying the bride groom as these girls leave their parents and go to a stranger’s house. If these are the demands, then the groom has to come to the girl’s house, unfortunately the girls goes to the guy’s house to do the slavery, an additional servant maid in the name of daughter-in-law.

Are these girls being given justice? Do we women feel for this cruelty? Not really, we tend to take as much as we could and enter in to the new house. Till the time the women society wakes up and gives a warning to the community that they prefer to be single rather than marrying someone by giving dowry, only then we can see the changes.

Demanding cash, car, jewellery and costly home appliances and other valuables do exists in almost all the religions and communities.  Where the sacredness of the marriage lies when they do it like a business?

A marriage life that starts with such a business deal can never by happy. All the noble virtues of human beings like love, affection, sense of equality, gentleness, sympathy, kindness etc. are burnt like rotten corpses.

When you talk about marriage, talk about the capacity of the girl and guy to handle the life together not in terms of money, but interms of love, care, affection, understanding and compromises. How does the girl will get the trust of a man when he is getting handful (no suitcase full of money/no house full of money) from the girls family?

I am not articulating this in favor of women; I am speaking about this as innumerable women being affected. I am expressing this for the fathers who suffer to get rid of their daughters. I put into words to say that women are not burdens. I speak about this to bring up that the brides have feelings and they are also human and trying to motivate them by recalling their hopes & dreams.

Teach my women not to give up your hopes & dreams by giving up dowry. Is it not a great humiliation for the woman who has to serve all her time with the in-laws and husband for the sake of the family life to give dowry?

Are these fathers not feeling shame to get rid of their daughters by giving dowry? What kind of parents are you? Aren’t you doing disgrace for the womanhood?

Marriage is not taking dowry to make my daughter as your wife, it is give your love and care and make my princess as your queen, at least don’t send her as a servant.

If our guys don’t have the back bone, is it good to be with him and share or start your life with a guy who demands dowry and other stuffs to prove his capacity in the society. My dear young ladies, prove your capacity that you can live without these men.

Women are not saleable commodity and if at all also, we don’t need to pay dowry and it needs to be done by the men to prove that they are capable of making these women happy after they enter into the wedlock. I really don’t understand why should we do this crap marriage by giving dowry?

I am shattered by the way our fellow females are suffering because of these dowry system, what if even after fulfilling all the demands, if the girl has some problem or if the guy is not expected or if the guy tries to torture the girl for more money or for some reason, if the marriage breaks, who is there to support the female as the father has got rid of his responsibility, father wanted to throw his burden to other guy and he paid off his debt by giving her married to a worthless guy? Let the guy be a good person and if the guy dies in an accident then who is there to help the girl?  What will my daughter do to survive her next 35-40 years of life?

Father doesn’t have the ability to support her because he has done everything to her to get her married. Even the woman cannot tell that she is suffering because of the money what the parents have spent for the sake of her happiness. How are we going to handle the tragedies of the life faced by the women after marriage?

When the women themselves rise against the humiliation of dowry, the society would be forced to change its attitude to them. Women must be trained since girlhood that their life is not hopeless without marriage. They should be encouraged to have higher education. When the women themselves rise against the ignominy of dowry, the society would be forced to change its attitude to them

What you sow is what you reap, but if you try to say no to dowry today, it will save you and your daughter tomorrow. Give respect to the feelings of others, don’t crush the flower and try to smell it.


Love is said to be unconditional but unfortunately most of the women in the world doesn’t know what it is? A woman will never know what is to love unconditionally, until they have given birth to a child. “There is no greater love than that between a mother and her child”, time and time again we have heard that the love between a mother and child is greatest of all the love.

Even I have no doubts whether it is true or not. However, I feel that it is unfair to disregard or not acknowledge those individuals who are not mothers, but instead play a vital or significant role in the child-care or upbringing of a child or showing the love to a kid which was not delivered by her.

It is true that from conception both a physical and an emotional bond are created between mother and child. Physically, through the attachment of the umbilical cord from the child to the mother, and emotionally feeling that child growing inside of her, a mother begins to form a sensitive and emotional bond, by thinking and talking to her baby.

At birth this emotional bond is even greater, as the woman sees and holds her baby in her arms for the first time. At this point she makes promises to protect and love her child forever.  It is the single most gratifying experience that a woman will go through.

Society has created a perception that because the mother is the one that brings her child into the world and experiences all that she goes through being pregnant, there is nobody that can love or form a bond with that child as she can. Yes there is a bond between a mother and her child and there is no dispute with regard to this. However, there are many people who play an active role in a child’s life as well.

What about the dad? Doesn’t he play an important role in a child’s upbringing too? Don’t you think there is a bond and love exists between father and child? What about the grannies, grand pa’s? In Indian culture, the second daughter gets two mothers and the first daughter gets an additional mother if the mother has got a younger sister.

What about those caretakers who are employed to take care of a child because of the parents’ professions or simply because they can afford to hire a nanny to take on that responsibility while the parents think about their professional & social lifestyles.  Inevitably a bond gets developed between the babysitter who is now the primary caregiver to the child.

Sometimes a child will become so attached to their granny or the nans and the mother may start to question or even get jealous of the relationship that may exist between the two.

Then there are adoptive parents. They didn’t give birth to their adoptive child, but a bond is formed.  A very strong and intense bond too, as the parents may feel as if they need to prove to themselves and to the child that not giving birth to them, doesn’t mean they love them any less.

In my opinion recognition should be given to those parents or guardians who take care of a child, as they are the one create the bond with the child without even giving birth to them.  I am so blessed to write about this topic, because we have couple of adopted kids at home and we know the real value of the love for the babies that are given birth by individuals and as adopted kids love.

I was given birth by my mother, but was deeply taken care of my mother’s mother and sister (Granny and Chithi), when I was young. The attachment with my granny and my Chithi is so lovable and I can give up anyone and anything for their love.

When we were in schooling, my neighbors were like the care takers and I have to think of all of them all through my life for giving me a better care along with their kids, when my parents were not around us.

I really wonder, how I got the instinct to love the third persons or strangers to the fullest or to show my care and concern to someone whom I know just for a day or a month. When I gave a deep thinking, I got the reason as my parents. They were not able to show their love and care to us, when we were young of course, they were busy in their professional life only for our survivals. Still the way we got all the love is from outsiders and may be a reason for me to show my gratitude in this way.

Still I will say that I have got the best parents when I compare my life style with others as the people who has everything other than the love and I have so much love only because of them. Whatever I am today is because of their indifferences in their life style and they taught me to grow in my life with all the struggles. They are the one who taught me all the confidence, thought provoking attitude, professional growth, sincerity, passion to work, passion to love, passion towards life, passion in anything I do…

What is my passion now???

I wanted to adopt two kids and wanted to dedicate my life for them, but god has some other plans for me and I am awaiting for it…..

Feelings – Loneliness

Feelings – Love, Sick, Pain, It’s all about the Belief’s of our life….

I was struggling a lot to get a topic which can create sensation and I thought it’s high time for me to write something about the feelings of the people.  As an individual I love to be in mid of a group or at least with more than one person, but somehow I feel that I love loneliness more than being in a group  and I feel my productivity gets doubled when I am alone in the work environment and as well as when I am alone in my personal life.

I feel that I do many things when I am alone and I just kill my time when I mingle with people in both professional and personal life. I will feel that Loneliness was looking for a friend/partner and luckily it found me. I so blessed to be with you. As far as an individual if we consider loneliness is my best friend no no…  it’s my best partner of life. I grasp good friends very easily and we are now very tight friends.

Loneliness is a special enjoyment for those who know how to make them happy without the involvement of others or with the involvement of others. By making a third-party happier person, self gets happiest.

Loneliness is a state of mind wherein we prefer to be alone. It is not so easy to live alone in this society as well as the way world goes around but I love it. Unknowingly people around me occupy my space in the loneliness but I will be revolving around this world alone so as I can meet up with new people, new experiences… for those who want to learn, has to prefer to be alone so as they can learn so much from this world.

Loneliness is not anyhow desirable state. But it’s a result of our wish only. I don’t like one’s company that’s why I am alone. Here it is my wish. My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister all can create loneliness and all these can vanish with a smile from the other side of the life.

There is a lot of difference between a loner and a person living alone. Living alone is different from being lonely. For many, living alone is like  a transformation from being dependent to being independent. A loaner never gets a chance of opening up, expressing feelings or sharing thoughts.

When I go out and meet up with people, when I get the smile or the care from them, my loneliness goes out of my mind and that’s the common state for everyone. No one can escape from loneliness in life and at least we will be experiencing the loneliness in our life and if someone says I have not felt loneliness in my life then it is a lie only.

Sometimes we run from ourselves, we want to hide ourselves and we need loneliness. Solitude means more to me and it doesn’t mean that I want to be friendless or unsocial. Solitary comes, when I am fed up with the social environment and I want to be away from it for some time for some reason or may be am hurt with the social environment or personal environment or may be in professional environment.

Sitting Alone and Thinking about Others, I am not alone, I am with all your thoughts dear 🙂

I have seen many eyes around me with a peculiar look and inquisitive to know how I can live alone?  This article is mainly to explain those who were curious to know how I could live alone or lonely or how do I kill my loneliness. (Whether I kill loneliness or Loneliness kills me? Funny thought when I was writing this article)

Dear all, Thanks for your care and this care makes me to feel that I am not alone and I love to be self-contained (self-contained is a very big word but still that is what I will define about myself). It doesn’t mean that I am not unsocial and you all know me very well how I am and I am a self-sufficient person who can love my life as an individual, independent and am not an introvert. I am an extrovert, expressive, outgoing, and passionate about my friends, very loving towards my family, passionate about everything whatever I do. Above all I am great in socialize and cordial. I am pleasant to those who are pleasant and wild to wild it depends on the nature how you behave and I don’t give what I want, I give it back what I get. Loneliness taught me the self-contained life.

Loneliness is not living alone, loneliness is something living together and living in different directions and Insecurity causes loneliness. Isolation or separation from any relation is nothing but emptiness of love in our life. In any worst situation we need someone’s shoulder. Love will bring us back into life from any deep separation. Love wipes out insecurity from our daily life. If we don’t have any one to stop our tears only sorrow can feel vacancy of isolation in loneliness. There are some people who love to shed their valuable tears only when they are alone. All depends on people and I personally feel that loneliness makes people stronger than making them weaker.

Alone in the Rain

Very often people think that loneliness is the destination if you miss love… but as far as I am concerned, loneliness is a companion. If you feel comfortable, it is a companion, if it gives sorrow, then it is a disaster.

Loneliness has taught me to Love myself, while trying to fight loneliness, we are often convinced, that nobody cares and loves us anymore. This feeling leaves us in despair and hopelessness. It is an easy belief, that no one loves you, but this belief that makes you feel you lonely instead of feeling the loneliness or searching for a love from outside, learn to love yourself and this will teach more to love others as well.  The reality is, in the fast pace of life, missing the lovable ones or separation from the loved ones and maddening sprints of careers, you’ve reached a new point in your life to love yourself.  Focus on your achievements and strive for a better tomorrow, we need to know that we need love and loving ourselves is the best thing which a human can do. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love anyone. The self-realization and self-loving are the most important factors of life which will help us to grow in all the phases of the life.

I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no elimination or dismissal of my love.  I chose to love all in my loneliness and in my loneliness no one owns them, other than me. For me Loneliness is a companion. In loneliness, my love doubles and it provides more space for many to come in my life and to see many more to accommodate in life.

We wish someone to love us when we find loneliness. Undoubtedly that someone is a person whom we left alone or separated ourselves in between journey of life. Is there anyone in your life whom you left earlier? Do you want to take ‘U’ turn? Loneliness fills up love as well as the gap. It gives more comfort and contentment. It relieves from the pain and relaxes the soul. Loneliness doesn’t increase the grief but it consoles and reassure that there is something better and it cheers us up. People always prefer to be in lonely when there is deep stress or we feel that we are in lonely because we are in deep stress but it is the other way around, we are alone to overcome the deep stress and we know that only we have to come out of it. Only we can give peace to ourselves not by the others. Others can share or care or make fun of with our disappointment or guilt. Only the one who is in stress can think the way to come out of it.

As an individual I take only few minutes to come out of my grief and I have learned it to do it because my loneliness taught me how to overcome my problems. I am the decision makers of my life and I am the one who is going to get benefit or detriment out of my problems. Why should I share my grief to others when I can throw it out of me in two seconds or two minutes or two hours? Do I need someone to share my sorrow? Is there anyone who is living without any sorrow?  Yes we need people to share and sharing your emotions and secrets with people might not help you in overcoming the problems but it will also help you get closer to your friends.

I love all the people around me, beyond my limits, but is it required to be shown out? If they are close to me, they will come to know it and for others it makes no sense whether it is known or not. For those who know it, they will not feel that I am alone because they are always in my thoughts and deeds and without them I don’t move or live. Physically they are not around but mentally all of them are so closely knitted and tied up with me. Where the word loneliness is comes from?

Absence of people around us is not loneliness. It is our confusion to understand its meaning. I agree that having friends around helps me to wipe out my loneliness. But do we mean a friend? Then I am not a loner at all and I will not be also, god has blessed me so much that world is my home and I have friends all parts of the world.

Loneliness taught me to trust in two, one in god and the other one is self. I trust myself and I trust more in god that he will not let me to feel that I am alone or a loner. If at all I am alone it is on my own wish only. Destiny has given me more to be with many people and I chose to be a loner.

Sometimes, someone fills in that loneliness and occupies you totally without your knowledge.

Finally to close Loneliness is something not to be felt when we are in mid of people is what my inner feeling is. Because we are in the mechanical life, husband and wife running behind money, father and son don’t have time to share their feelings, mom and daughter are living like a stranger’s in a home. Houses are built of bricks and walls and but the relationships makes house to a sweet home. If the walls are built-in the heart and there is no space for the relationship and we live together as a stranger in the same building makes no sense of the relationship. Neither the relationship lives nor we live in the home.  An intimate relationship, we may know lots of people or have many friends but if your relationship with them is too superficial or if you never share your emotions with them then you will feel lonely. When there is lack of intimate relationship, Loneliness may be one of the hardest feelings that someone could experience. It is one of the worst feelings that could cause a suicide.

Don’t allow anyone to be superficial in your life or never share your immediate emotions to someone who is not related to you directly/personally. Keep a distance with all so as you don’t need to feel the loneliness forever, even when you are alone.