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Controversial Beep Song

Normally I don’t prefer to comment on these subjects, but I am doing this only to promote the thappa pesadhe song by Punitha Raja. This song is meant for Women and need to reach as many as the beep song has reached, but it will not because this song is to glorify the today women.

A wonderful song came into the world of music at the perfect timing. After listening this everyone should stop criticizing the women/girls. This is not to say anything against Simbu and it says the truth and only TRUTH.

It is really a good song and especially the lines where it says that when your sister loves a wrong guy, you chose a guy of your own choice and get her married. This song deserves more views and likes than the Beep Song, but we will not promote good songs.

With the latest mega controversial Beep song, I really don’t understand what made Simbu to record such a song. Even though he claims that he has not released it or it is not meant for the public to listen.

By saying the above statement, he has agreed that he has penned the lyrics and it was sung by him. For the fame and popularity what he has in public, has he not ashamed to do write such a lyrics?

Does the love failures in his life caused this agony in him? If yes, he needs to correct his way of approach towards woman not by writing such kind of songs. These shows that the woman who all departed from his love life has reasons and it makes them valid.

He has given a chance for those ladies who crossed his life to give justice for their actions. How could you do this when you are living with your mother and you, is it what the industry taught you? what do you expect your ladies fans to say that this song is awesome.

Just because you were ditched by someone or betrayed by some women doesn’t mean that you can belittling of women.  There are songs with different meanings or double meanings but not to this level.  If this song is for your personal agitation against women and it was not meant to be released, then you should have kept it secretly.

As you know the lyrics, you are the music director (as told by him Anirudh has not done music to this), then why it was recorded, whenever you want to sing, you have the rights to sing inside the 4 walls.  If you hate the women or the girls, then try to avoid acting with women and try not to use them for your movies. That will show the manliness of Simbu rather than going and creating such crass songs.

beep song

Only one question to Simbu is will you sing this song in front of your mother, sister or any woman whom you meet for the first time? What is your response if someone sings this song in front of your mother? How will you react?

I am not a supporter or against this song as it is his personal view. But there was a question raised that what about the song daddy mummy veetil illa song, it doesn’t have any words where in you need to use the Beep :).

Think about the impact what it will give with the youngsters of our state. How a female standing in a bus stop need to react to this song, when a guy or group of guys sing the song as like a normal song?

There is no use of making this as a big issue because there are 1000’s of good lyricist who doesn’t have the scope to enter into the magic world of Cinema.

A Plea to those who have some recognition in public, please do not do such activities as there are lot of people who are following you madly crazily. 

Thappa Pesathe – Beep Song for Simbu