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Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of all the Hindus living all over the world.  I was not able to celebrate almost any festivals after my grandmother’s death, as I have learnt all the festivals from her. Hinduism also was taught by her with the help of these festivals. I don’t remember whether she taught us the reason for the festivals, but I know for sure she used to make all the festivals a grand gala one with love filled feast.

Diwali is one good festival taught by her, who used to make lot of sweets, savories and make us very happy with whatever way she could do it. whatever money i would have burnt as crackers was really a needy one for the next day survival, but she has given it with pure love for me to burn it as crackers. Without anyone’s help the way she used to prepare the sweets for us is one precious moment which will not come in my life, even if 10 or 100 members does with love and care, it will not be equal to that of my grand mother.

Almost all the kids at home learnt it through her but the impact of festivals with my grandmother was more with me. The care and love shown by her towards me was mammoth. I can’t feel that love and care from anyone else. That is one of the reason for not celebrating any festivals in the past6-7 years. It is very difficult to articulate the feelings with words, but only those who have seen us or felt our love can understand the reason behind it.

It is almost 6 years in UAE and the life in UAE also has given a lot of change in me. One of my aunty used to call us during the Eid’s to check whether I am at home. As we get couple of holidays, I utilize those public holidays along with annual leaves, I used to go on a short vacation back home.

Being a Hindu, I failed to celebrate most of the festivals and I used to give a nasty dialogue also that festivals are for eating and I am having everything and whenever I want I can have it. 

Somewhat in the last 6 years, I never felt that I have to celebrate Diwali or Pongal. This year I wished to celebrate it in UAE. Normally atmosphere will not help to celebrate any festivals, apart from the Onam as there are lot of Malayalees in every organization. We don’t get the pleasure of Holidays for the Hindu festivals as we have in India. Being in a Muslim country, I can’t expect it as well :). Life used to be mechanical even on the days of festivals as we will be working.

Most of our colleagues are Muslims and most of the time they don’t even wish us for our festivals(not all there are few who respect the others), which I am not saying as wrong, it might be as per their belief in their religion. As usual this year also I was in between Muslims and all of them are from Pakistan.

My mind wanted to celebrate Diwali in UAE because of some good heart which was forcing me to buy new dress and wanted me to celebrate Diwali, fortunately she is also a Muslim.

I was talking to my colleagues about Diwali and we planned to celebrate it in office. Day before Diwali, I bought some sweets &  savouries.  I wanted to light my room with Diya’s, so bought candles, but my room was in total mess as I shifted to the new room and was not settled in the room. Somehow managed to light the candles and performed my usual rituals by lighting the Diya’s.

The day before Diwali, I got a wonderful Diwali greetings which was again from a Muslim and the way he wished me was the best wish in my life. Diwali wishes to you in advance, tomorrow I will be busy and will not be able to wish you, let the lights festival bring the shine to you and no more tears or hurts. I pray the one almighty in which you also believe to keep you happy was the wishes for me.

On the day of Diwali, again the first wish was from a Muslim and she wished it with great love and care. Got up with lovely wishes and as usual followed the rituals, missing my mother who used to keep oil to take bath and the sweet memories of getting the new dress from father. In the last 5 years I was not feeling for these oil bath or for getting the new dress. Somehow this year was feeling as if I am just 10 years old.  After sometime the whatsapp messages with family asking for Ganga Snanam.

As usual got late to office because of sharing the Diwali greetings with Family in whatsapp. Started to office with full of love and happiness carrying the sweets and forgot to take the wallet. Again turned back from the bus stop to my room to take the wallet and reached office.

Partying is not new to us whether it is office colleagues or with my friends, I used to have a extra luxury foodie when it is a party from me. We never had any issues within my team being from two (different) rivalry nations. We never had any heated arguments or discussions, irrespective of the discussions we used to have about the countries and religion as well.

I distributed the sweets to my team and asked the office boy to distribute it to other staffs in the office. Diwali started with sweets, coffee/tea. When it was lunch time, I asked the team to order food for them and being a vegetarian it was not easy for me to take them out on Diwali day, as I preferred to heavy Veg meals.

The ladies group preferred to have veg and for the guys, it was their choice to go with the grilled chicken. The one who was about to order messaged me is it okay to go as the cost was little high, if not we will order somewhere else, I asked him to go ahead as it matters with food not with the cost.

It took very long for them to get the food, and by the time it reached, I finished my lunch, had a skype chat with my mother, sisters & kids.

After the lunch, we had sweets again and the team was so happy, even I felt very happy when one of the guy said we feel that we are celebrating one more EID today. Before the celebration, that was in my mind, that at least one should say that we celebrated our Eid today. I was so happy feeling that god has come down to witness the Harmony in people. It is human nature to have peace and love for each other. Only the Politicians make the region, religion as weapon to fight against each other.

Thanks a lot for making me to celebrate my Diwali and this Diwali will be in my heart forever as I have celebrated it only with Muslims and for giving the feeling of celebration. Whether it is Eid or Diwali, celebration only matters and I do celebrate CHRISTMAS, DIWALI & EID.

After 5 Diwali in UAE, this Diwali is one of the most  memorable diwali and it is gonna be the best DIWALI of my life. I may not be able to get such a good feeling of Humanity and Happiness in my life on a Festival day.

This has shown me that the mind of Human wishes happiness only and it can be achieved with love and care irrespective of the religion, caste etc., This DIWALI increased the faith in ISLAM, this Diwali increased the faith in Human, this Diwali increased the faith in Respect for each other, this Diwali increased the faith in LOVE and wish many more Diwali’s to come in the similar way to keep the Harmony keep spreading….

No Ganga Snanam, No Crackers, No Granny, No Namaskaram’s, No Blessings (Didn’t get any blessings from the elders of the family) still this is the best DIWALI for me. Festival of Light for sure made me to shine with a bright smile in my face by end of the day.

YES we are united irrespective of the Nationality 🙂 First Wish to celebrate Diwali started from Sri Lankan, First Wish from Sri Lankan and the day was with Pakistani’s. 

I don’t know whether I will get this privilege to say that I celebrated my Diwali with Indians so happily, but for sure I was very happy because of my those 7 wonders of my Team & the great family from Sri Lanka.



Why can’t colleagues be good friends?

Why can’t colleagues be good friends?

When a colleague is considered a friend? Can colleagues offer friendship which is selfless and above office politics? Are good colleagues automatically considered friends or do we need to have some thin layer that must not be crossed?

I never felt cordial or to be friendly to my colleagues. I really don’t trust any colleagues to share my personal details. I always used to think that I can’t be cordial with a colleague. We never realize a colleague as close friend or these kinds of questions exists in the working environment.

I guess most of us will clearly say that we want to keep a layer between professional and personal life. I am sure that I have this as a feeling. Somebody who is working with us, does it mean that they are not worth making as friends? It is not that they are not worth to be friends; it means that they are our professional colleagues, who will not be entertained to the personal level by me.

Colleagues are people with whom we spend the greatest time of our week. So we need to support them and need not be envisioned as best friends.

I actually happened to see a small TV program, and the show has inspired me a lot to write on the subject and which is something related to my mind only. Most of the people who attended the program are professionals and almost of them were under the impression that colleagues can never replace the real friends you have under different circumstances.

When asked about the average time spent outside office with colleagues, the joint result was about 1 hour or less than that in a week.

One of the professional who attended the comment said that “I fear sharing personal details is not risk free. If we would be in a tight situation, let’s say like a promotion, he could use it against me.” Another person said, I occasionally share my personal details with a colleague who I admire, but I always have a concern that things might leak out and it stops him from sharing my personal with colleagues.

Why can’t colleagues be our best friends? What is it that leads us not to believe our colleagues? Intentionally or otherwise, we end up spending much time with our colleagues. Then why do we have concerns in accepting them as best friends?

We used to meet some nice colleagues at work, people whom you enjoy working with and have good communication and teamwork with whom I talk to them often and share a common degree of understanding. From all the signs they could potentially be good friends, if so what would be the identifiers that separate friends from merely good colleagues?

Sasi Kumar, Prakash, Aditya DVS, Cinni, Siva Shankaran, Leema Roselin, Kalaivani, Vennila Srinivasn are few among the colleagues with whom I love to share my personal details to great extent and others will be only to the level of official matters.

Major factor of our conversations should deviate from work/workplace related issues.

If we find ourselves engaged in long conversations about work, itching about other colleagues, tingling about boss, then this person is most likely just a good colleague. To me, a friend is someone with whom we would converse on topics unrelated to work like for instance share your interest, passions and other aspects of our personal life.

No matter how good a working relationship, a person is just a colleague if we would hardly ever meet them out of a working environment. This is part of the socializing aspect of being a friend where we spend our free time to do activities together. These are the things what normal friends would do. If we don’t meet the friend who works with us out of the office hours or we don’t have a get together or sharing of our personal time, then they are not to be considered as a friend and they are merely a colleague only.

There are colleagues whom I will not even call and talk to them officially also. How can I consider them as best friend or to invite to my house, where there will not be any occasion at home without my personal friends. I can have best friends of my personal choice but colleagues are forced to be from the work environment and which can’t be avoided

I don’t give any chance most of the time for the colleagues to cross the threshold limits of being a friend.  Possibly due to long working hours or a hectic schedule that leaves precious little time for them as well. Already we are seeing the faces of the colleagues for more than 10 hours and it is good to socialize with our own set of other friends. Our heart and mind will be looking for some new faces and not the same faces with whom we interact more than 50 hours in a week.

Having thought about all this, it seems to me that while one can have many good colleagues at work, few ever cross the threshold into being a friend. I feel that it requires both time and opportunity for a good working relationship to advance to the next level and it is very hard to get such kind of colleagues as friends.

Dear Friends, not all people in this world are trustworthy. This world is full of rich people, but it is equally with bad people. Colleagues are after all humans like you, me and your school/ college pals. They also have the same emotional needs what I have.

In today’s corporate world, where working 10-12 hours a day has become a norm, most of the issues surrounding we are related to work. These are the issues which our spouse or family members don’t understand. We need someone inside the system who understands complexities, difficulties and repercussions. We need someone who understands all these and need to guide us or to support or console us. We have to accept that almost every day we have these kinds of conversations with our colleagues.

If we can trust them with something that affects our livelihood, why can’t you trust them with something that is related to your heart/personal affairs is the question which is coming in my mind? Still I don’t have answer for it.

At work environment, if something goes wrong, we can change it but personal life style we can’t change it because of a colleague and the same can be changed by a best friend. I strongly feel that we can’t have best friend from colleagues.

Above all the concerns, it is tough to get the work done by the colleague’s if we treat them as a friend and we are forced to be lenient and we have to do their work. Helping is different but lenience because of making them as close friend makes me to feel I am making myself weaker. Friendship makes us weaker and at work environment we have to be strong is what the reason to keep up some distance with the colleagues.

About Colleagues 2

Viswa Prakash Rao

 I know him as a technical consultant by profession when I was with my previous employment. Prakash is a very aggressive person but he will look very soft and nice to all. The way of interactions between us was very vital during our tenure in that particular project. I have worked with him as a colleague as well as from a business user. Both the ways we had the same kind of respect for each other. In fact other colleagues were having a rift because of our understanding. I used to ask everything on top priority only and the way he used to handle the work pressure was tremendous.

I have to say that when he develops a report, I don’t need to check his work. He is so perfect and dedicated in his work. In my experience he was the first technical consultant with whom I got that kind of rapport. Even though our friendship is strong, but officially we were very tough people. We will not compromise on anything.

Apart from this, in my profession, he was the first one who made me to shed tears, I don’t remember for what but it was on some disagreement during our first few days. By seeing my tears he felt so bad and we were not comfortable to look at each other for some time.

I never know that he will become so close to my heart with his kind of dedication and support because of his work and attitude towards work during my association with him. Almost 3 years passed by and I still feel his dedication towards the work.

I miss you Prakash, but it is part of our professional life.

 Cinni Deol

I have a very big smile in my face when I start writing about her. I know she would not surprised to see my smile. What a girl she is? Oh Lovely, what a feeling I have for her. Nobody can understand it other than herself because she made me to smile when I was in deep depression.

I can write non-stop about this sweet little girl, but in real she made my life non-stop-nonsense (don’t take it in other way, I really enjoyed all of it) when I really needed that. As said above, I was not an easy-going colleague. I used to have a wall or boundary on my own. I know it was not a door, even now I have that wall, and there is no wall when it is for this cute girl. She broke that wall into pieces. I know she didn’t do it deliberately but unknowingly it happened.

My first look at her was very vague and she would have felt it strange. She joined our team as a fresher. It was really a surprise for me to see such a freak out person in our team. Almost all of us are little oldies as per her dictionary. Already we were not united and each of us was taking care of different domains and it didn’t hurt each other office atmosphere. But this girl’s entry made the real difference. She joined as a reference by one of team-mate and she was in our team to work with her.

For some time, we were working together as cat and rat, but she made a strong impact that she can do what is given to her. It was not like she was working for me or assisting me, we were working so closely.

Normally I don’t do any spoon-feeding to anyone and I don’t expect it to do when we are working. I can’t teach anyone. Main reason for denying her to include with me was I am a poor teacher. But she was very bright student, I need to say her just a line, she will do the rest.

After her entry my behavior was literally changed and it became a hot topic inside the team to gossip about my style of working. Time made us very close in office atmosphere during office hours.

We will be having tea together, lunch together which was not a normal thing for me. I never used to have tea or lunch with other colleagues. Normally I used to see only my laptop and will not entertain anyone to sit nearby me or to chat unwanted things with me. But with this lady, it was totally opposite. I don’t know how long we used to chat and how we used to chat. She used to sit just next to me for official purpose but our conversations will be on the world. She used to come on weekends to office so as we can spend time together on some creative things. But we will be doing time pass.

I used to tell her that I am seeing myself in her behavior. I really enjoyed whatever she used to do.  Two of us are really a goof chatterbox and together it will make more noise only. It created more noise inside the team and people were not able to take it in lighter sense. I am sure that we were not gossiping about other team mates or others. We used to talk about ourselves only.

I still remember when our boss introduced her to me; I told him I don’t need anyone. But to be honest, I resigned my job as my mind was not control in my working environment was totally devastated because of our misunderstandings later. As friends we know each other very well, but we became scape goat for some other reasons by annoying elements. I was more stressed when she was asked to play a role to make me a puppet.

Normally I used to travel to Chennai and I used to buy sweets from Chennai. Almost all of us should buy sweets when they come back after their leave. She became a crazy fan of Mysore Pak and asked me to explain her how to do it. I gave her the recipe, but it did not came out well or it was not as expected.  Quite interesting with her was preparation of Mysore Pak at her home and she got good scolding from her mom.

I have to say more about you but other friends are waiting dear, still my birthday in 2009 was the most precious moment and precious year also for me. By your call at 12, you made my day the best in my life time. I can have some more like that but this is the first time I enjoyed my birthday to that extent. I have to thank the entire team for giving me such a joy. That was my first birthday out of home and without my friends.

Only very few know how I was during that period and how am I now. You made me to come out of depression by consoling me and convincing me. I will not allow a youngster to scold me, but I gave those rights to you. You literally scolded me by words, but those were like slapping me in left and right. I was admiring the way you handled my pressure. Being young girl, you shared your shoulder to me to come out of my deep grief.

Even after resigning, it took long time for me to come out of that lovely office atmosphere. I took more efforts to rebuild our friendship but all in vain. It took its own time to rebuild and now, we are back to form.

We really miss each other but we share all our personal and official feelings to each other by way of Chat. I will feel that something is missing if I don’t chat with her.

Even though we chat every day and continuous communication with each other, we really feel that we miss that golden era.

Whatever I am today it is because of so many friends, but still I am alive it is only because of her.

 I really feel she is the best colleague in my career life. I owe her more than what she deserves.

 Sasi Kumar Meganathan

Sasi kumar let’s call him as Sasi.

Sasi is another technical consultant with whom I am closely associated when I started working in UAE. Anything is possible with him. I don’t want to write about him as very sincere, dedicated and enthusiastic in his work. My friendship with this gentleman is not a long association, but he made the impact in my friendship circle very earlier stage.

He is one like the above girl who was very close to me when we were working in the same project. I have not felt any wall even with this gentleman.

I like the best in him as a human not as my colleague. All my relationship with my colleagues will start only after I resign from the company. As long as I work with them, I have some gap. I don’t know whether I deliberately keep up that or it comes automatically. I am not very friendly person in my working environment. I don’t allow anyone to take any kind of advantage or I don’t like somebody dominating also.

He is such a good person by heart I never come across such a nice person in my life. I am very happy to say that I really appreciate his good qualities and admire at him for being such noble and down to earth.

I have not seen him getting irritated or annoyed for silly things. If he is close, definitely he will lose his control and he will take them for granted.

I am really proud to say that he is my friend and love to have this friendship forever without any problems in life.

Best in him is he knows where and when to speak and when to keep silent, which is really a good quality to become a consultant. To my eyes he is a perfect human by all means as a friend, as a son, as a brother, as an employee etc.,

He is like one in my family. If I don’t talk to my mother, I will feel sick, same way I will feel that I miss something when I don’t talk to him.

Even though we are working in different companies, different project, I still admire his way of communication.

I really missed to learn the technical concepts from you when we were working together and hope before end of this professional life, I will write some scripts with your guidance.

About Colleagues

About Colleagues Continues