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Way of Life – Religion

I don’t like to talk about any religion because it creates rift between two lovely souls. Somehow in the recent times friends around me make me to think more about my religion, which most of us doesn’t give priority to it because we know that it doesn’t forces us to follow A to Z.

I have to feel proud of the following.

My parents – for the reason for my birth, My country India in which I was born as an independent female child, My religion – HINDU which doesn’t ask me to follow any religious rituals.

Rest of things like school, teachers, friends all came to me during the course of my life. I had struggles in all these, but to have my parents, my country and to have my religion, I never had any problems.

Unto me, the religion is just to say how to live the life and it is said as way of life. As a Hindu, I live the life as I want without harming anyone or my harmony.  I don’t discriminate with other religions and in the same way I don’t want anyone to talk anything against any religion.

I am not an atheist and I don’t agree with atheist but I believe that it is their freedom to say there is no god, yes that is the reason I love my Hinduism. More than us, those who say there is no god, think more about god to prove that there is no god.

In the recent time, an audio reached me via whatsapp saying that the Hinduism has discrimination with reference to the caste system and because of which humans are not equal.  It doesn’t say that humans are not equal, but it says that as per the desire of god, please do the work what is assigned to you. It doesn’t mean that you should not do anything above to your limits.

There is no condition that you have to follow this. If you don’t follow the reason of your birth, then there is a possibility of disaster happening around the world. When one person rebel, there is no harm, but when a mob rebels there is harm to the society.

Second thought of that content was – Muslim scholars quote a lot about Hinduism, Veda’s etc.,

Yes it is for sure that we don’t preach or we don’t ask a Christian or a Muslim to follow Hinduism or to attend some seminars or to go through any form of Hinduism.  We don’t even talk to them that our religion is the best one to follow or it is revealed by god to XYZ etc.,

Third point of it was Muhammad was the last messenger of God, how could we say this, when Quran accepts that Jesus was also a messenger of God, we might have one more to come…

Way of Life for a Human à cannot be simplified with one holy book which is for sure everyone will accept.. I have read in Quran that Jesus was a messenger of God, that means those who believe in Quran has to believe that bible was also a message from GOD. Even before the birth of Christ, there was people living and they would have followed few things as way of life. When god has created us, don’t you think he would not have created us without a user manual?

I don’t have the origin of Hinduism and there are great Muslim scholars who has said that Mohammed will be born and it is written in some Veda’s. As a Hindu, most of us would not be aware of it, but he was able to quote it, because he is reading a more on that not to find the similarities but to identify the reasons to preach his religion.

I have been asked by a Muslim guy, are you a Hindu terrorist, I smiled and told him that If I can save a Muslim family, then I am an Indian Hindu who can safeguard a Muslim family, but when a Muslim tries to attack me for being a Hindu, yes I am a Hindu Terrorist for that Muslim terrorist. It depends on you how I have to be because I give respect to you as human, if you consider me as Hindu terrorist then I have to consider you as a Muslim terrorist and tell me how I should treat you as a human or as a Muslim or Muslim terrorist? His reply was Sorry Sister 🙂

You don’t get respect, if you don’t give, and especially from me, you will not get it if you don’t give it. I work with different country people, I work in Islamic country, I love unity and peace. When I see a Pakistani, I don’t get enmity, I welcome them with smile and I want my working environment to be peace and without any conflict. We don’t enter into any political talks to make them cheap or to boost my country. I give respect to their feelings. I give respect to their patriotism, I give respect to their religion, I give respect to them as human and I don’t treat them as my enemy.

I have to give full credit to them as well, they don’t enter into any arguments related to my country or my religion or anything to hurt the sentiment of the two nation.

One thing is sure that God is one and as a Hindu, I believe in GOD and I believe that this universe is being created by god and we all act as per the wishes of GOD. Almighty is the director and we all act as he wants us to act.

Hinduism doesn’t need saviors to protect it as it has its own power to protect it. Hinduism doesn’t need preachers to preach it. It will not die even after the entire universe changes or gets converted to any other religion. It has its own power to be alive till this earth is alive. It doesn’t need you and me to make it alive.

If at all the world becomes a Christians or Muslims alone, and there are no Hindu’s living in this world, even then HINDUISM will live without any followers because it has a long history and the way it is will make it to live without preaching and protecting.

We live as human, live for human and die as human, just because I believe in god doesn’t mean that I am not going to die or I am going to get special benefits during my life and after my life.

To do good, I don’t need GOD to be with me to care, to love or to hope or to live, but the belief in god makes to love without hatred, to care the known and unknown, to hope that all human are same, and to live my life happily with a belief that there is life after death. 

Hinduism doesn’t need me to be a Hindu to protect Hinduism but I need Hinduism to protect myself from enmity and to keep myself in Harmony with others. If you can do good without GOD, I welcome you with two hands and encourage you with more smiles and happiness in me.

Religion – is for the Good Life which is a process and not a state of being, it is a direction not the destination.  whether I am a Hindu or Muslim or christian is to direct me to lead life. Important C’s of Life are Compassion, Confidence, Contentment, Choice, Chance, Cherish, Change teaches us what is life for which I don’t need to fight in the name of Religion. Change comes to those who knows to take the right choice and to take it as a chance with Confidence.



Why am I a Hindu?

# படித்ததில் பிடித்தது

இஸ்லாமியனாய் இரு என குரான் சொல்கிறது… Quran Says to be a Muslim (Follower of Islam)
கிறிஸ்துவனாய் இரு என பைபிள் சொல்கிறது… Bible Says to be a Christian (Follower of Christianity)
மனிதனாய் இரு என கீதை சொல்கிறது…  Gita Says be a human ( Follow humanity), It doesnt ask us to be a Hindu.
கடவுள் ஏழாவது வானத்தில் இருக்கிறார் என குரான் சொல்கிறது… Quran says, God is in seventh cloud
நாலாவது வானத்தில் இருக்கிறார் என பைபிள் சொல்கிறது…Bible says God is in Fourth Cloud
கடவுள் உன்னுள்ளே தான் இருக்கிறார் என கீதை சொல்கிறது… Gita says god is in you
காபிர்களை (இசுலாமியர்கள் அல்லாதவர்களை) கொல் என குரான் சொல்கிறது… Kill those who are not Kabir – Quran ( I am not sure about this)
சிலை வழிபாடு செய்பவர்களை தண்டி என பைபிள் சொல்கிறது…. Punish those who worship Idols – Says Bible ( I am not sure about this as well)
உலகமே உன் குடும்பம் தான் என கீதை சொல்கிறது….. World is your family says Gita
: நான் இந்துவாக இருக்க விரும்பும் காரணம் :👇👇👍  The reasons why I want to be an Hindu?

1. கடவுள் இல்லை என்று சொன்னாலும் குற்றவாளி என்று சொல்லாத மதம். Even if someone says there is no god, we don’t consider them as a sinner or a wrong doer.

2. இன்றைய தினத்தில் இத்தனை மணிக்கோ அல்லது தினமுமோ கோயிலுக்கு சென்றே ஆகவேண்டும் என்று வரையறுக்காத மதம். There is no restriction or time frames defined to follow the religious sentiments like go to travel, pray this, pray these many times, no hardcore rules

3. காசிக்கோ, ராமேஸ்வரதுக்கோ சென்றே ஆக வேண்டும் என்று கட்டளை இடாத மதம். There is no compulsion to visit Kasi or Rameshwar

4. இந்து மதத்தின் புத்தகத்தின் படி
வாழ்கையை நடத்த வேண்டும் என்று கூறாத மதம். There is no defintion to lead a life as Hindu

5. மத குறியீடுகளை அணிந்தாக வேண்டும் என்று வரையறை செய்யாத மதம். No need to use any Ornaments or any sort of materials to say that you are an HINDU

6. ஒட்டு மொத்த இந்து சமுகத்தை
கட்டுபடுத்தும் மதத்தலைவர் என்று யாரும் இல்லை. There is no one as a leader to control the religion.

7. தவறு செய்தவன் சாமியாராக முகத்தில் காரி உமிழும் தெளிவு உண்டு இந்துகளுக்கு. People has the guts and dignity to punish the saints or the wrong doers

8. இயற்கையாய் தோன்றியவற்றில் இழி பிறவி என்று ஏதுமில்லை.
👉மரமும் கடவுள்,
👉கல்லும் கடவுள்,
👉நீரும் கடவுள்(கங்கை),
👉காற்றும் கடவுள் (வாயு),
👉குரங்கும் கடவுள் அனுமன்,
👉நாயும் கடவுள் (பைரவர்),
👉பன்றியும் கடவுள் (வராகம்).

9. நீயும் கடவுள்,
நானும் கடவுள்…
பார்க்கும் ஒவ்வொன்றிலும் பரமாத்மா.

10. எண்ணிலடங்கா வேதங்களை கொடுக்கும் மதம். பன்னிருதிருமுறைகள்,

பெண் ஆசையை ஒழிக்க

மண் ஆசையை ஒழிக்க

கடமையின் முக்கியத்துவத்தை உணர்த்த


👉காம சாஸ்திரம்,

👉சித்தா, ஆயுர்வேதம்,

👉வேதக் கணிதம்,

உடல் நன்மைக்கு
👉யோகா சாஸ்த்திரம்,

👉வாஸ்து சாஸ்திரம்,


11.யாரையும் கட்டாயபடுத்தியோ அல்லது போர்தொடுத்தோ பரப்பப்படாத மதம்.

12. , கொன்று உண்ணலாம் என்ற உணவு முறையிலிருந்து
“கொல்லாமை ” “புலால் மறுத்தல்”,
ஜீவகாருண்ய ஒழுக்கம் மற்றும் சைவம் வரையறையை கொடுத்த மதம்.

13. இந்துக்களின் புனிதநூல் என்று ஒரு நூலை குறிப்பிடுவது மிகவும் கடினம் ஏனெனில் பெரியோர்கள் அளித்த அனைத்து நூல்களும் புனிதமாகவே கருதப்படுகிறது.

13. முக்தி எனப்படும் மரமில்லா பெருவாழ்விற்க்கு வழிகாட்டும் மதம்.

14. சகிப்புதன்மையையும், சமாதானத்தையும் போதிக்கும் மதம்.

15. கோயில் என்ற ஒன்றை கட்டி அதில் வாழ்க்கையின் தத்துவத்தையும், உலக இயக்கத்தின் இரகசியத்தையும் உலகிற்கு அளித்த புனிதமதம்.
👉👉இன்னுமும் சொல்லிகொண்டே போகலாம்……
👉💪👑👑இந்துவாக (இயற்கையாளனாக) வாழ்வதில் பெருமைகொள்வோம்

Am I a Patriotic Citizen of India?

This time I am going to say something about patriotism based on an incident that happened recently. As usual I am filled with full of energized, entertainment and excitement all through my days. During the last weekend, it was more fun, excitement and entertainment as I was having fun in meeting many friends in groups and individually, close to 38 hours was with friends in Dubai.

On my way back to Abu Dhabi, I came by a Taxi and the driver was from Pakistan. Most of the times, I will have a chat with the drivers, as I was very tired, I kept quiet and was not in a mood to listen to songs and was not getting sleep. During my travel, I saw few bikers riding their bike and as I love bikes, I gave a look at the bikes till it moved from my eye sight. All the bikes were Harley Davidson and each one was a unique model. I was not able to take my eyes out of the bikes.

The taxi driver noticed it and asked me, do you ride bikes, and I told him yes in India, I don’t have the license here, hopefully will ride it before I leave UAE. We started talking about the biking in India, Pakistan & UAE. Later it came down to the Kashmir issues, I don’t know what made us to talk about the Kashmir. But suddenly we started talking about the Kashmir, and the fight between the two nations. During the conversation, he said why you need to fight for Kashmir, give it up. First time, I took it in a lighter note, but he insisted saying that you people should not fight for Kashmir.

Initially I told him, why we should not fight for it, give me one good reason so as we can think about it. One thing we need to accept from his answer is, that the people of Kashmir who all are from India are the one who is suffering and the people of Kashmir from Pakistan are having a peaceful life.

It will not be part of India and it will be away from India and become as a separate country. To enter into Kashmir, you need to go with your Passport and Visa. The days is not too far and this is going to happen. I was very calm and quite till that time with a smiling face.

I don’t know from where I got that wildness, I told him, it was, it is and it will be part of India only and I don’t think I will entertain you talking such things. If it was in India, I would have handled in a different way. This is a common place for us and we are here for our earning purpose, I guess we should not fight on the political matters wherein you and me don’t have any role to do.

Am I patriotic or Anti-Pakistani?

I am working in an environment where there are more people from different countries. I have a cordial relationship irrespective of their nationalities. I have very good friends especially from Pakistan.

I can’t be anti-Pakistani, because I enjoy the goodness of the people who are working with me and we don’t talk anything against our countries. For sure I am not Anti-Pakistani’s.

To be honest, I don’t have an answer to say as YES, I am patriotic, but while talking to that taxi driver, felt like that he is patriotic, but soon after getting down from the Taxi, I realized actually he was Anti-Indian, because his intention was not to take away Kashmir with Pakistan, but Kashmir should not be part of India.

I am not a patriotic or to show off as Patriotic who will enjoy the Indian cricket team’s success against Pakistan or watching the cricket and feeling the spirit of Indian while winning the match. Yes I do love Cricket and I do support Indian Cricket.

I know the sickness of Mother India, and I know very well that I can’t do anything to cure the sickness. Being away from India, I can’t say I am a patriotic person, but if someone talks bad of India in a public places, I will get wild even when I am out of India.

I loved to have two son and one to be dedicated to mother India into any armed services as it is in our blood.

But the thing that goes on in my mind, is the people of Kashmir (Indians & Pakistanis) are supposed to live a normal and peaceful life, but the Indian Kashmiri’s are not able to live peacefully, is it because of India or because of Pakistan or because of our dirty politics?

I am not proud to say that I am an Indian, when I say that we are secular which the specialty of India is. What is secular, Indians saying as Tamilian’s in Bangalore need to be scared of their life when some riots happens in Karnataka, When the innocent people who went as laborers killed in Telengana/ Andhra there is no voice from any part of the secular India. Punjabis should be out of Maharashtra, only Marathi speaking people should stay in Maharashtra, Bihari’s should be away from Delhi, Don’t allow Keralite and so on….

Is it secular in Religion, No, we fight in the name of Ram, babar, Jesus, Allah, knowing that all is one and we know that oneness is universe.

Are we patriotic? No when we can’t give voice for each and every state then we are not Indian.

I think it will take ages for us to realize ourselves as Indian’s as we are more concerned about our state and religions.

Tamil speaking Hindu, Tamil speaking Muslim, Tamil Speaking Christians, Telugu Speaking Hindu, telugu Speaking Muslim, Telugu Speaking Christians, Malayalam speaking Muslims and so on…

Again in Tamil Hindu, we have different sectors as Caste Brahmin, Mudaliyar, Chettiyar etc.

Again in Tamil Christian, we have different sects in it, CSI, RC, etc….

How can I be proud or be patriotic is what was going in my mind?

I am patriotic only on the two national days Independence and Republic days, that too because we used to enjoy the benefit of holiday’s from school, office. I am patriotic, when India wins the Cricket world cup, I am Patriotic when we win the hockey cup, I am patriotic when Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal comes to Number1 position. When we excel in Satelite and proudest moment of Mars Satelite, I am patriotic.

On Every Individual’s Success, right from movies to Mars mission I am Patriotic, but I don’t do anything for my nation.

One thing is for sure that Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions are practiced in India and they are all are Indians only, without Christians or Muslims, we cannot say India as India. Similarly, by the bifurcation of the languages, we can’t say that we are Tamilian’s, or Keralite or Punjabi, When the day comes that a Tamilian recognized himself as an Indian, a Keralite, proudly says himself as an Indian, a Punjabi saying as an Indian, I will also be proud to say that I am Patriotic, till then I will be a Tamil speaking Proud Indian.

I am not expecting what country will do for me, so far I have not done anything great apart from paying my income tax and casting my vote for the nation. As an Indian, I have performed my small duties with fear and faith.

We need to remove the Reservation system, end the racism within India, end the religion and caste system.

It is not easy to say that Unity in Diversity, because we are mix of different races, culture, habits people calling ourselves as single nation. To end with, I love to hear all Indians saying that India is my Nation and Indian is my RELIGION, I will love my nation more when all of us come to the stand that we are children of Mother INDIA.