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Happy Birthday My Smile

Happy Birthday to the one who has shown the way to love people around me. Whatever glory I have today it is all because of you. 


On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Don’t Count the candles in your Birthday Cake, instead count the number of years I have wished.

Happy birthday MY SMILE (even though you’re not the reason for my smiles)


I have to thank you from my bottom of my heart for the love what I am experiencing in the recent times, especially after the time you left me without explaining the reasons. I still remember those good days and Cherish those good days and it remains as FRESH as like you were for me. I don’t think all those fresh days every now and then, but for sure once in a while I SMILE because of you. There are reasons for my tears and smiles but more often tears are more because of you for the pain what you have given me.

I used to say you that when I give so much love, I am forced to get the pain. The time what we have spent together was hardly 10 days of time (24*10=240 hours) but the pain because of my love for you is almost 3 years. The reason for the pain is not knowing the reason for your sudden change.


If you would have said the reason to me, I would have said good bye to you. Anyways it is all past and only the present is thinking about you and either shedding tears or giving the smile what you taught me. In your absence, I am not dying and I am living as usual life and with more lovable souls around me.

What I give, I used to get it back. If I would have got the love what I have shown to you from you, probably I would have enjoyed only one of the rarest love, but now I am enjoying the most blissful love of my life. How to name it? I really don’t know, there were reasons to enjoy the love, and the one who pours the love as I want looks exactly like you. Above all, the entire family loves me the way I want it to happen in my life.

I learned to show love and care from you, I mean to a kid and now I know how many are getting that love from me. There are people to call me as Umma, Ummi and the feeling of motherhood started with you but it is going to end with the one who loves me as I love her.

I wish you a very happy birthday and let the wishes bring in the most expected happiness in your life. One and only prayer for you in my life is to hear that news. Insha Allah, It will happen soon. The day I hear it, I will stop thinking about you, I will not keep you in my prayers also.


May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

I want to send the Surprise cake, flowers and your favorite chocolates as like before, but I don’t have any details to reach you as you love to hide yourself from me. I strongly believe that you will be thinking about me if you were 1% true to me.

Here is your Birthday Cake and Flowers

happy-birthday-3 happy-birthday-2

Have an Awesome Year Ahead and Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year with new resolutions, new relations, new friends, new beginning and most importantly Happiness all through your life.


Happy Birthday My Dear

Take nothing for granted; Cherish what you have; & Never forget to show gratitude. This is not only a birthday wishes, how to regain the ultimate power of yourself back 🙂

When the relationship is new, people find reasons to meet each other….But as the relationship gets older, people will find reasons to avoid each other… !! It is the universal factor and I will not think too much what you are doing, how are you or does it matters to wish you? Yes it requires to wish you and the only way I can do it is through this way. I know for sure that you are somewhere in this world and god will bless you will Tons and Tons of Happiness by all means.

To the one whom I will love even from my graveyard, no even my burnt ashes will love you in the same way 🙂

Happy Birthday to you. May god bless you with all the happiness of the world and give the serenity and calmness to understand the good and bad of yours.

Above all wishing you to celebrate your birthday with your kid, so as you will know what it really means to celebrate a Birthday.

Not only by your name you are unique, but also by all means, attitude, behavior, character etc.,

When I created a 64 slides of Birthday wishes, I was feeling that she will make me to feel whatever I have done now is waste of time and while creating that slide, initially I planned to create only 26 slides to say her happy birthday in a unique way for her. But I kept it developing in a feeling that I might not be able to wish her consecutively for few more years.

I felt that let me wish her till her life time with those slides. evenwhile creating it, I had a strong instinct that it will not go for long term as the way she was I could sense something is wrong or she behaved with me with some motive. Still love is love whether the other person feels it or not, love is common and we can change it just because they don’t accept it. I strongly believe in her adamancy that she would not have she seen it. I wish with a whole heart a very happy birthday.

I am really surprised that how come I am still thinking about you and feeling in the same way as I was feeling last year.  True feelings will never change.

It’s love only can make people crazy and clear also. I don’t know whether I am crazy as like my best friend says or I got the clarity that nothing is permanent in this world other than betrayal and cheaters.

When I look back the last one year, I am really surprised how could I do this today in this way? But god has made me to realize so many unknown facts in his own beautiful way and made me to accept that few people are like this only. No matter what you do to them, they will always be cheaters and no matter I will do the same thing. I am not going to lose anything and when someone tries to lose someone lovable in their life, it is their choice and we can’t force anyone to live with us or to be with us or to make us smile. It is we build our life, we smile with sadness and we smile without knowing what is happiness… I smiled without knowing that it is my sadness or the way for my graveyard or even now I may be wrong as we never tried to discuss it in person…

She could have done it with a reason/motive or whatever she has done it was real and what she has done in the last one year could have been with some other motive, but what matters is how one could do injustice to themselves? I can’t do it neither for me nor for her.

I realized that loving ourselves even after losing the most lovable person in the world is very toughest thing in the world, but I realized with a local news from the news paper that a mother lost her 8th kid in a unique way. She was not able to know the reason for her kids death and all the kids died at the same age.  After losing 8 kids she was living and she was living with a smile not with tears because she knows that there is a reason for those kids death. I have not lost you. I know you are living some where happily.

Whenever I Get into Face Book.. I just press the first letter of your name and I get your profile (after you activated it again),  I Open Up Ur Profile… I just stare at the name, though you are not there In My Life, there is no space for us to have any communication. But Always you will be in my mind, heart along with my prayers and wishes….Being The Only One I Always Miss You FOREVER!

Greatest comeback of myself.

I learned the difference of Extreme Love and Unconditional love.

Loving you in your own way has no meaning in you which you felt as extreme love, but loving you in my own way is unconditional love, by loving you all through my life has got full of meaning in my life. I don’t call you as my life, but still my life is dedicated to love you in your absence, without your presence, without your messages, without your BBM texts, without your face book identity, without hearing you, without seeing you, without feeling you, without sharing it to you, without anything, connected only with my soul. A day will come, wherein we will meet and we will say that this is called HEAVEN because both of us are together and god will be with us to witness it.

Most of the time, when I read any good quotes or posts in Facebook, only you will come in to my mind, whether it is religious quote or in love or missing someone or some inspirational stories… I used to save all those jpeg’s to show it to you and say that I was thinking about you when I read it.

In such way today’s Islamic Quotes which inspired me and made me to feel that I have to share this with you is given below

Do good deeds not because you are righteous, but because you want righteousness to enter your heart. Give in charity not because you are rich, but because you are truly poor (in the Sight of Allah).

Love others and seek the good in them not because they treat you well, but because it’s your nature to love and not hate. Live & do things because you want to be a greater person not because you currently are…

I do this sincerely and I follow it holistically, that’s how I could still love you and live as a human.

We should not take anything for granted, that’s why you are still living in my heart.

Cherish what you have – I was, I do, I will cherish those tiny sweet moments which you have given me; and never forget to show gratitude – this is the only way I can show my gratitude for your LOVE & happiness what you have showered on me. May god bless you in all the beautiful ways.

Happy Birthday and Wishing you tons of happiness in your life and bring tons of Happiness in those who enter your life with some reasons. Don’t let anyone to feel that what a kind of person you are and make them to feel she is really a kind person.

I am neither sending you flowers nor sending any cakes, I am not sending you any chocolates or any greeting card, I am not sending any gifts, I am not in a position to think of what to do also because I don’t know how to do ? I don’t know any whereabouts you but still am happy because god gave me a beautiful dream and in my dream you came and taken my wishes from me… That’s enough for me. Wherever you are, you will live in me till the time I live in this world.

Nothing is impossible in this world but getting a lost love is getting a boon from god… Wish god would give you back in some way… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SAD (SWEET ADORABLE DARLING)…