Happy Birthday

To the world of Paradise – Today for me a person, but for someone you will be the world of paradise…..


Some of the Things we love the most were an accident

Everyone enter this world of Paradise with a unique characters and for unique reason. Only few identify it and lives it to their best of life. Few copies others and few try to live which was forced to them and few are born with silver spoon with fortune making them with steps of success easily.

Few struggle and climb the stairs of success slowly and few try to climb with a hope and few becomes hopeless and few becomes hope for others.

Today is the day I would like to say my wishes on your birthday for becoming the hope of my life, even though you were never meant to be. But the fate brought and gave the light of life for me and I hold that thunder and going ahead with my life without looking back what happened with you and without you. Life is beautiful and I am loving living it for the light of ray.

Paradise lost can never be regained

Some of the precious times always remains as memory only. Most precious moments become memories and how it is on the say when we remember means a lot…. Some of the memories makes us to feel that we lost the paradise and for sure that it can never come back or can never be regained.

Paradise lost can make a heaven of hell

When I consider you as the light of hope, it was not an intentional or it was not an act from one side for sure. I was not able to handle it as it required to be because of the overwhelming love. For sure it started from you not from me. I have taken care but love is from you. Happy Birthday, God Bless you with all the happiness of this world.


I never used to regret for any of my mistakes because I learn from them. Similarly I don’t have regrets, and I live with my mistake.

When something comes to you and tries to leave you, if the changes happens over a period of time, then it is acceptable. In our case the love from you was in hurry, the hatred was faster than the love. You showed me the heaven and heaven of hell. 

I always say that when we give importance to someone, then we are going to cry because of them, it was supposed to happen, no regrets. Always when someone makes us to cry, for sure we get another shoulder which holds us and makes us better than what we were.

Happy Birthday & Best wishes for the coming years to go.

By all means I have to thank you for giving me the best of my life. Your entry is certainly for sure for the betterment and I wish to hear the same as a well-wisher of you to hear that you are fine and happy as always like before.

Where there is a will there is a way My love for you is straight from heart and without thinking any benefit or for any other reason. so it comes all the way without knowing whereabouts you. Those who have got good heart need not worry to know about their loved ones, because their prayers keep them safe and happily


Always god closes one door and opens another door. I always look for the door which is opened.

If I know what love is, it is because of you and if someone is happy because of me it is because of you.

I have not got the most beautiful moments because of you, but I can say that the most beautiful moments of my life are because of you.

A PERSON THAT TRULY LOVES YOU WILL NEVER LET YOU GO NO MATTER HOW HARD THE SITUATION IS – even though I can’t hold you in arms, I do hold you in my heart (of course in one corner :P) 






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