In Tolerance


I am writing this piece in “complete” tolerance …. Tolerating the misunderstandings, the mudslinging and mis-statements. We Indians are born with tolerance. There is even an advert about it – “Thoda adjust kar lo”. There is seating only for two people and we will adjust five there. The scooter is designed to carry two adults and a child, we will adjust three adults and three children. From a “share” auto, expect to see enough people to fill a mini bus. We even adjust in public life, so what if Lalu Yadav has been pronounced corrupt by the courts, we will adjust our thinking and re-elect him. Poor guy, it’s his fate that he was born that way. We adjust when a journalist heckles our Prime Minister and say it’s ok, in public life we must be tolerant.

We adjust when the first Prime Minister on his very first visit to…

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