Chocolate coated dates walnut balls

The reason for reblogging this is for the way it is articulated with the health benefits. I am not the one who loves chocolates but if someone prepares this and gives me, for sure will try to taste it 😛

Nadi's Culinary Journey


My dates were looking at me very sadly whenever I open pantry cupboard. Was thinking for so many days to make something out of it.It’s not that pleasing to have dates alone so much….may be 1 or 2 at a time we can….so I just wanna recreate those dates into something interesting. So opted with my favourite thing – chocolate…. I love to eat chocolate in any forms….

This is very simple,easy,with little ingredients but tasty sweet….without any added sugar!!! Yes no sugar added!! Only sweetness from the dates make this heavenly!!!  Combination of dates,walnut and chocolate with little peanut butter…..awww…..its an absolute bliss!!!! You must try it.You can give your sweet tooth a wonderful treat within half an hour.

Believe me it vanished from my plate within an hour….i am sure you gonna make this a second time.

Lets see how to make it.

Health Tips :-

  • Dates are…

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