Hard to miss you

It is really Hard to miss someone we love but happy to miss you, because I am seeing a unique love in every human I meet.


You are Unique not only your name means it but also by actions…. (Big smile sticks on my face which belongs to someone who loves me for this).

It is 3 years gone and still I am living with your thoughts even though there is no communication between us. When it is January, thinking to wish you for the new year and your anniversary, when it is February wishing on Valentine’s day as you said I was the first one to wish you with an e-greeting card. In the month of March, if you were here you will be celebrating your anniversary at your workplace and yes most importantly we have the International Women’s day, April – the way you made me fool, Onam, Vishu, Ramadan, Bakrid and so on….. When it is the month of September – it kills me more with your memories because that was the last month in 2012 we had communications… October and November as usual your birthday and finally December to say good-bye to the year.



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