Where are you?

Where is she is the question that normally people ask me when they see me…. That is the impact what you have given to me in my friends circle. No wonder about it because you are always in my thoughts and they read my face, mind & heart which was always with you. More often I think about you as what you do instead of where are you? As you were with big family when you were here and now what will be your time pass?

As always you were lazy I used to wonder what you will do being alone as your better half will be busy with his routines. How you will take care of yourself if you are sick? what will you do for your mood swings? How do you kill your time? It is wonderful to kill loneliness if we have multiple hobbies…. I know you have a very good hobby of sleeping 🙂

where are u

Instead of asking where is she, they should have asked me where are you? Are you there in her life? Certainly not is the answer which is very difficult for me to say, may be that is the reason to make me happy everyone used to ask me where is she?


Whether it is where is she or am i there in your life ? I don’t have an answer for this.

Only thing I can say is she is still there in my life.

For the pleasant feelings what I have gone through with you lives in me and lights my life with bright smile. Whether you are there are not the feeling remains same and the love of life for living it increases because of motherhood.

Everyone around me wants to hear that I am happy but I wish to hear the same from you so as I can really feel the happiness of my life in all the way.

Where are you? I know where you are, I mean the country where you are in. Apart from that I don’t have any other details about you. when I started writing this, it was a heart felt feeling for you, but when the days moved the earthquake in South Asia impacted me and brought a drop of tear when i read the country where you are in. I learned how much I still love you... Love never fades even if the other person is not true. 

You will not believe that I don’t prefer to go out of my room on weekends, as it creates a havoc in my heart. Tears flows irrespective of having loving people around me.

Yaad teri aati hai, jaan meri jaati hai 
Mausam aaye, mausam jaaye - tu kyun nahi aati hai
Tujhe bhula nahi, tujhe yaad kiya
Ik baar nahi sau baar kiya, sau baar kiya
Yaad teri aati hai, jaan meri jaati hai

Feelings remains same even after three years of time…. It is true that when I think about you, my breath goes for a second and comes back to me as if it has touched you. Wherever you are, be the reason for the smiles not as a reason for tears in anyone’s life. Life is beautiful and I am loving living it whether it is love or pain, it makes me happy when it is from the one whom we love sincerely.



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