MY SMILE – Sweet Memory

When I start to write about love, the one and only name comes to my mind is MY SMILE.

A Unique way to say my love as My Smile. You showed me the way to care and love and I understood how much caring and loving makes people happy. There were more people in my life, but when i see someone now, I see them like you. There are 1000 reasons for me to cry but I have one reason to smile is naming you as MY SMILE.

How can I lose my smile in my face which makes so many people happy.

Whatever I do, whether I work, pray, eat or do shopping, you cross my mind and at least once in a day I will cross your mind also….

There are people in my life to make you forget or who don’t allow me to think about you, but I take chances to remember you. When my love becomes more, a drop of tear says what you mean to me. I control that and say to myself you are MY SMILE and I can’t shed tears.

Sometimes I wonder and ask a question to myself that whether you think about me or not? How do you feel?  I say to myself that she will not think about you and immediately I will say to myself, no she will think for sure. It is not the question whether you think or not, but I think of you and I still feel my love for you as high as it was irrespective of how many people come in my life.

You are my first smile and the reason for this smile can increase and it will never decrease with the count… If god provides a chance, i will ask to see the smile in your face only once and the love in your eyes.

With all my love for you….

Missing you….


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