When the entire nation is talking about the anti-corruption, I am gonna to discuss about corruption. Corruption is one of the thing starts with bribing and it is not new phenomena in Indian History. Corruption is not only an Indian Phenomena but also widely spread across the world. Corruption, Cheaters are there from the beginning and there are a lot of people crucified, killed because of the corruption.

How does the corruption survive or to spread so fast?

Today we call the world as fast-moving world. we want everything fast. The reasons fr corruption could be many things like political reason, weak administration etc., which is going to say that my government is not effective.  I am not here to discuss about the Government issues or the Business needs which creates the huge corruption in INDIA.

What is the issue ? where is the issue? how to eradicate the corruption ? I don’t want to discuss on how to eradicate the corruption as there are many people started activities and talks are going on. Either they will clean or they will end up their life in the mud.

How I am seeing the Corruption? Where it starts?

Corruption starts from the home. I know most of you will be shocked. But I can say that each and every one of us learned corruption from our home and we teach the same funda to our kids and it goes on. It starts with the elders and it goes to the kids. For an Example. I want to go to the nearby shop to get some immediate stuff. I am not in a neat and clean attire or am busy with some other household activity. I want my son/younger brother to go and get the stuffs, who is busy with his own activities.

What do I do to make him to go and get the stuff?

I tell him, please go and buy this, he will say that he is busy with his work and if it is urgent, you go and get it. I will tell him please do this for me and you buy something whatever he likes.

What am I doing?

Bribing my own son/brother for my own necessity for the family. I don’t have patience to make him to understand that it is really required urgently.  or

I should have dressed up/finish my current activity and get the required stuff. I am not ready to do both the things.

Is it my laziness or understanding capacities or trying to get the things done of being eldest by showing the power and money?? how to name it?

Another Scenario :

I have son and daughter at home. what do I do with them? Always Bribing the kids. Bribing certainly not with money but with power and luxuries.

What do I do when my daughter doesn’t study? What do I do when my son doesn’t Study? I bribe them.

I don’t have the capacity to make them to feel that they have to eat or they have to study, I will simply tell them if you eat now, I will allow you to watch Pogo TV. If you finish your homework you can watch your Chutti TV.

Now a days kids are smarter, you tell them once, they will remember it forever. Instead of you telling it for the second time, they will say you want me to eat, then you should do this, I will study now, but you have to take me to Cinema.

How can I expect a cleaner or without corruption in  India when I am not able to handle the small kids?

Is it not my responsibility to make my daughter to eat food on time. Is it not a discipline that I need to inculcate in my son to continue his studies everyday as a routine.

Is it not my responsibility to give them the basic needs without bribing them?

Is it not my responsibility to train them about their responsibilities?

If I allow them to take bribe from me, am I not teaching them corruption? am I not responsible for the corruption?

If I teach them the basics at home, then they will learn the good and bad, do’s and don’t’s on their own.

I have to teach them the patience, how to avoid laziness, to follow the process, and to do anything with discipline.

CORRUPTION is not a  new phenomena, but to eradicate, we need to be disciplined.

Just that I can’t go and get a driving license in Dubai  and I am ready to wait with patience and ready to follow the process. I am ready to give up my driving passion also for the money what I have spent and I am not interested to own a car and drive on my own. I am ready to use the public transport. Why is it so? 


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