Legend K Balachander

Is it a Grief or a tribute?

I have been updating the status in Facebook with reference to loss of the legendary Tamil Director K. Balachander. There are some of his movies which you can’t even imagine that it was taken 30 or 40 years back when the film industry was not really giving a thought about it.

He died at the age of 84 seen all the phases of his life, he has been a unique director with his directorial touch in both the big screens & small screens. So I don’t think I am grieving.

He is a Legend whether he is alive or not, they are called as Legend because there is no death for their creativities.

Almost he has handled all the controversial Subjects and most of his accomplishments are on the subjects on Women.

Some of the characters which I could ever imagine in movies are the characterization of Major Chandrakanth. It was his own Stage drama story and when he made it as a movie, the way of chosing the charcters was absolutely stunning. Today I admire Jayalalitha only because of that movie, even though I have so many of her movies as like favourites. The way her character was portrayed in the movie and the way of making it to reach to all the audience, only he can do it.

Whether it is with Jayalalitha or with the super star of Tamil film industry “Rajnikanth” the character what he played in Balachander movie Approval Ragangal might look very small, but the way Rajnikanth has seen the growth is amazing. Balachander found the fire in the eyes of Rajnikanth and he made him to act in couple of more movies along with the universal Hero, who was also introduced by Balachander with a small Character in ARANGETRAM.

I can say that Balachander has show the way for these two popular artists to grow with his movies itself. He gave the almost 5-6 movies together and they acted and tried to excel in their career.

Legend Nagesh with KB (As Maadhu in Ethir Neechal, Server Sundaram, Nee Kumizhi, Major Chandrakanth)

Siva Kumar – Agni Sakshi, Sindhu Bhairavi

I love KB for the way he chosen Siva Kumar for the movie Sindhu Bhairavi, only he will have that guts to chose him and to get it to that high level. To reach the audience from all the level’s, for sure he has done lot of homework and made it as a grand success.

 Actually I will prefer to talk about the heroines of Balachander because I love these characters and the way it is being characterized.

Sujatha – Aval Oru thodar kathai and Avargal.

Both the movies are the best movies for Sujatha, obviously Balachanders all movies are close to me and I cant;say that this movie is best of him. The songs in thiese movies will tell the stories and the way he used to get the songs for the movies, I feel that we don’t have anybody in the current trend to do the same.

Saritha –> Thaneer Thaneer, Achamillai Achamillai, Agni Sakshi & Kalyana Agathigal

The character played by Sarita in the above movies are awesome and astounding characters. When we talk about the movies which talk about the marriages between two religions, that was taken by him in Kalayan Agathigal as the subject for the love and how a person should act with it. Why should I give up my religion for the sake of the so called “Love”. Is it not the love for the other person?

Almost all his movies talks more about women and the problems being faced by women.

Thenmozhi of Achamillai Achamillai, if someone wants to learn to express or to act, I will say that they have to learn it by seeing the above three movies. I will call her as Expression queen, smiling beauty, Violent lady or whatsover we need, I have enjoyed in the above listed movies.

Agni SakshiKana Kaanum Kangal song from the movie will say the entire story and what else could the director ask from the artist to show the expressions.

Nandhini – Manathil Urudhi Vendum (Suhasini in Sindhu Bhairavi )

This is one character every women will cherish for their life, when they face the struggles. I don’t remember the year it was released or when I saw this, but this is really a true inspirational movie for me to survive so happily. Once again a movie which talks about the eldest daughter sufferings because of her family situations. One of the beautiful script in which Suhasini has done a remarkable role in it.

She would have lived as Nandhini in that.

Sindhu Bhairavi is another class role for Suhasini and she would have done it easily.

Sri Devi – Peacock of Tamilnadu, but a well matured character in the movie Moondru Mudichu with Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth, and this trio group made great changes in the Tamil Industry.

Kalki –  A movie with Prakash Raj with three lead stars Geetha, Kalki Sruthi, Renuka as three different women characters playing with full of emotional melo drama.

47 Rojulu with Chiranjivee, if I remember correctly the herioine was Jayapradha and she has done the Anthuleni Katha, a Telugu remake of Aval Oru Thodar Kathai

Apart from the above the famous comedian Vivek was introduced by KB with a famous dialogue of “Innaikku Setha Nalaikku Paal”.

The villain veteran Actor Prakash Raj was introduced by KB. He will be the one director who would have introduced more than 100 and almost all of them are diamonds only.

May his soul rest in peace. 


4 thoughts on “Legend K Balachander

  1. I am proud of you Uma I could not recollect when you saw these films and wonder how you remember the above things to give your comments so beautifully, Keep it up.

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