Happy Birthday Amma

“When a mother put faith, hope and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world.”

Amma Happy Birthday ! ! !

A mother never exists before the birth of the kids, and I can feel so proud of being the eldest even though I have not done something great as eldest daughter.

You’ve been with me even before my birth and enthralling moment of being a mother needs to be learned from you, and one thing is for sure in this world is that You’ll stand by my side, as long as you’re on this earth.

I never gave you an opportunity to feel proud of myself as your daughter but in all the phases of my life you have been the most wonderful guide, philosopher and a friend who never made me to feel that I failed in all the phases of life.

I am still a proud daughter because I see my mother as a successful woman, independent lady, was very caring daughter for her parents, still lovable sister to her siblings, lovely lady for all the relatives and sincere and passionate hard working woman, very friendly colleague, adorable friend for everyone. Above all, you are our angel mother and the three stupid daughters are in need of you all through their life.

Today after spending 40 wonderful years with you, I am still the same useless daughter but proud of one thing is that you are my mother. Wishes can pour in all through your life from all the nook and corners, but being with you on your special day is the most wonderful moment which this daughter can do for you.

I don’t know how long it will take me to make you feel proud about this daughter but you can feel happy that all your daughters are so blessed to have you as our mother. We cherish each and every moment of your life and the moments that you dedicated for us. I love each and every small gesture of yours whether it is with us or with our kids or with our relatives or with your friends. You are the best in whatever you do ma….

A mother’s love is so special and a never-ending gift. A love from mother is always there for the kids, especially whenever the kids need a lift.

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you. – we will always think of you ma.

I really don’t know how to thank you for being so kind, lovable, caring for your grown up daughters and still keeping your spirit as a mother irrespective of your age and ailments. It is very difficult for us to handle our kids as like you have done with us. we need to learn from you to be so lovable to our kids.

You are the most inspiring personality of my world and wish I could do 50% of what you have done for us.

In the recent times, whatever cranky things I do, you never get heated up or show your anger instead you are showing your love and care so generously. Especially in my last trip, if I would have considered our roles vice versa, me as a mother and you as Uma, then I would have scolded very badly for riding that huge bikes, but as a mother you shared a beautiful smile and said your bike riding looks like an advertisement for a bike.  I don’t think I can do this with my daughter in spite of me riding the bikes and bullets. Similarly for the hair cut, this looks beautiful, maintain this and it suits you and you will look like Kiran Bedi. I expected you to scold me, but with your encouragement, I felt so bad because if you can do such encouragements for these small things for which it is not required, what all you would have done if I would have shared my thoughts when I was young.

I should have written it on your 60th Birthday, but somehow missed it because of Granny’s demise and other personal reasons.

When we hear this from you on our birthday’s we feel so happy and I know on this day you will be missing your mother more than us.

Amma, I am so happy to be with you and whatever comes on my way I will handle it with this happiness of being with my beloved family.

Amma, May gods fulfill all your small personal wishes and make you happy forever as you are now.

Happy Birthday Amma.  My Prayers for the day is to keep you smile and happy at least today without showing any hard face to you.


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