Vacation 2014

Vacations are always good and when it is after a long gap (for me long gap is 5 months time and a long vacation (15 days)) means a lot. Especially when I recall the vacation 2012, it was little horrible and still I am unable to forget it or erase it from my mind.

I went with lot of plans that I need to go and meet many of my friends in different states, districts, cities, but nothing happened and I was not able to move out of my house, as I started with painting and doing small household requirements. it was looking like a small task but it took nearly 9 days of my vacation.

I went to celebrate my Chithi’s Birthday and my son Rahul’s Birthday. I had very good time back home and it was a very pleasant trip by all means.

I just got a day to take break from my regular routines at home and went to Tiruchendur, it was a planned trip but unplanned trip. I don’t want to miss that great opportunity of meeting the one who made my life beautiful with her love.

Two years back I had the similar feeling when I was about to go for a vacation. It was like as if I am leaving my soul and going home like a dead body. But this time I was in search of my soul somewhere. I know it lies with the three sweet hearts.

My heart was beating little faster, in an anxiety as I was feeling like when I left my SAD for the first time. This time I was about to meet my 2 SAD and was in a fear how I will handle the situation.

I didn’t do any advance booking for the travel neither for the bus nor for the hotel accommodations. Just packed the bag and asked my brother to drop me in the bus terminus, we booked the ticket and I called SAD and told, we will meet in the morning.

To her surprise, it was a working day and she said we will meet by 1:00 PM, she can get permission for the second half and come and meet me.

So I planned to take a room and get freshen up and thought to offer a visit and prayer to my Favorite God.

I reached Tiruchendur around 9:10 AM and it was shocking news that they don’t provide hotel accommodation for single person. I was terrified and thought to meet my relatives but I felt that they will be busy with their schedules as it was not a planned trip, so I don’t want to disturb also.

I called up my cousin who can get me accommodation in any cities in India. He asked me to wait for 10 minutes and a guy from his office called me and helped me to get into a hotel. With great difficulty I got the accommodation and this was really a terrified experience. A Special thanks to the guy Sankar who helped me and was trying to stay connected till end of my journey, even though I said a bid-adieu to him as soon as I got the accommodation.

After 1 hour struggle got into the room, had a quick Darshan in the temple. Always Tiruchendur lord is beautiful. Temple is on the shores and I love the temple and the shores for bringing the peace from outside to inside.

Most of the time, I go with my family only and this time I was alone, the waves were beautiful and calling me to come and play with me. But somehow my mind was not allowing to settle down or to go and enjoy as I used to do. At that moment I was missing my family and especially was recalling my last trip.

Waiting to meet ZENO continued till end of the day, initially we planned to meet around 1, then it got changed to 4, finally I could meet her only at 6.30PM.

I can’t describe in words how that feeling was, but nevertheless to say that it was breath taking moment in my life. My ZENO with her mother and it was an embarrassed moment but both of them made me to feel comfortable.

Normally I am hasty person and I don’t like to wait or waste my time on anything. Especially waiting like this, I have done long long ago for a friend who told will come as per our schedule and reached after 7 hours. That was the time where we were not having any other mode of communications other than the face to face meeting or office land line numbers.

When I was waiting for her, I was thinking to go to the beach, play in the beach; I was not able to do it. I thought I will call my friends and chat for some time, I was not able to call anyone. I thought I will talk to Riya, I didn’t inform her that I am going to meet ZENO. It is better to think about my SAD, I was not able to think about her rather than feeling tensed and getting ready to meet ZENO. I don’t know how many rehearsals I would have done to have that first meeting.

Unfortunately none of my trials helped in reality. She was so cool and made me to feel embarrassed with her chill cool character. I was so tensed to meet her with her mother and she entered the room so casually. With my SAD, I never had a chance to meet her  at her residence, I don’t know how it would have been, even though she made me to meet all her relatives, still we never got a chance to meet at residence.

When Zeno came with her mother, I was so surprised and shocked to see her mother’s reaction. Her daughter is calling someone as mother and meeting that stranger with her own mother is somewhat a difficult task for me. I can call them as my daughters but not in front of their parents, because I know what kind of pain/feeling they will be undergoing.

At that point I was tensed to meet her mother, but when I saw her, I was not nervous as I was thinking. I love dynamic ladies and after seeing her mother, I realized that Zeno will be capable of handling anything and she doesn’t need my support. She was cool and we didn’t feel that we are strangers. We had a cup of coffee and then went to her house.

ZENO I don’t know how to describe about her, she is such a sweet personality and adorable darling because that is how I used to call my SAD. She didn’t replace SAD and she also told me that I can’t replace her but I will not give that kind of pain to you and she was ready to be away from me without any communications as I told her that I am not comfortable for any new relationship in my life due to SAD.

There is only one similarity between my SAD, ZENO, Riya all are Muslims and the way they all entered my life is so beautiful and unique way. With SAD, I got the different feeling, whereas with these two they came to me as my kids.

SAD entered because of my blogs, Zeno entered my life through FB with an interesting fight. Somehow all the 3 are fighting queens and especially 3rd one I don’t know it is like a donkey, if you go front, it will push and if you go from back, it will kick.

Anything you get after a long waiting makes you to feel blessed. It was such kind of moment.


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