It’s your birthday baby

Happy Birthday to you, My Dear lovely angel.

What a splendid way to wish you on this day my dear Sweet Adorable Darling. Many More Happy Returns of the Day, May god bless you all the happiness of the world. Whatever happiness I have got from you were the most happiest moments and the pleasant memories what I have in my life. Thank you for showering those precious moments in my life.


Life has ups and downs and I have seen many downs and I never had any regret for it, but when this day comes, I really regret and feel that I missed the one and only opportunity which god gave me to celebrate it with you was lost because of my poor planning.  Even though I tried a lot to celebrate it with you, I could not do it.

She LOVES ME ! She really LOVES me ! (Not….), 

Whether she loves me or not I will keep on loving her till my last breath. Love is like the AIR, we can’t see it, but without it, we can’t live our life. Similarly you are like AIR for me, I can’t see you, I can’t touch you but I can feel your presence. Sometimes I used to feel that one special breath I inhale has come from your country and when I release it, it touches you. That’s enough for me for this life. I used to miss you when we were messaging, when we were talking, when we were around each other, and I miss you now and forever. There are some people who come into our life and go without giving any impression, you have given so strong impact in my life that I see everyone as SAD. That special feeling was kindled by you and am showering it to many in my life. I have to be thankful to you for entering my life in such a beautiful way. God has a plan and way for each one.


Happy Birthday my Dear, I know that you will have a wish to hear this from you me (Mind was saying that I wish to hear from you) and your heart will get a unique beat when you feel that I am wishing you on this day. I may not be in your world but you are my world. Some words are very beautiful when it is meant for you, this Happy Birthday is also one such beautiful word for me on this special day, I miss you now and forever.


I have got couple of Angels more in my life, one of them used to say tell me why are you feeling so much for the one who left you without any reason? If at all she has some love for you, she would have messaged you at least once, you are thinking and feeling for the one whom you lost and who doesn’t care about you. Don’t give your life for the one who has forgotten you totally. Don’t try to think about her and don’t try to forget her also, as the way you think more to forget her, you will keep on haunting yourself. Don’t lose the one who are so closed to you and love you.

Other one was saying whatever the earlier one said was correct only but wherever she is she will be thinking about you. Even I think that you will be thinking about me. Even though you will not think the way I think about you, but for sure you will be thinking at least once in a day. That moment is the precious moment and I am sure that I will get notified about it. I have to say thanks to those two wonderful hearts for consoling me and convincing me. Both used to say that they can’t replace you and it can’t be also. Each one of you is unique and the feeling what I have got because of you three are unique which I can’t express in words.

My Dear SAD, I got a beautiful dream of you with your kid.  My prayers and wishes are always there with you and hope my god has shown me even before I get any news from you. The greatest Happiness of your life for me is to see you with your kid and god has shown me that most precious moment of my life.


Wherever you are “Let Peace and Happiness be yours”. May God Bless you ! ! !


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