Blocking from Facebook

My dear SAD,

There is lot to discuss with you, but unfortunately our communications are stopped and I don’t have any ways to communicate to you and I don’t prefer also because I don’t close the doors for anyone, but if someone wants to leave, I can’t hold them by giving them pain. I tried to hold you with more pain and set you free.

I really hate people to add me in Facebook and also to block me in Facebook. I know for sure that I am not of such a type to irritate them in anyways, but if they want to do stupidity or for spoiling someone mentally, I have blocked coupled of guys for that matter I never regretted.

I wrote a content in the month of Sep’13 without even feeling that I was blocked by you, when I saw you back in FB.

I have more fan followers in Facebook now, but I started using it only after knowing you. I was having the account since long time even before meeting you, but there was not even a requirement for me to use any of the gadgets as all my communications with my friends are one to one and sometimes in group when we meet.

I don’t know whether I don’t believe in the Gadgets or I was not having time to ponder these new technologies. I have to say thank you because without you, neither I would have got a chance to use Blackberry nor a smartphone to the extent I use it now. You made me smarter darling.

You can block me in your Facebook, I don’t have any problems because it is your choice. But making un friend of those who are known to you without any reason, just because they are my friends doesn’t looks good my dear, it shows how much immature you are. I can’t bear someone saying bad about you my love.

Do you think I can know about you only through Facebook?

My dear, I don’t need to know about you through your Facebook. I see you only through my prayers and I don’t need to hear about our friends circle or through you. I trust in god not in human. I believe in my prayers. Even thought I don’t pray for the individuals, but you are still there in my prayers as individual.

I have the guts by all means to meet you in person, but what is the need for it?

After all the incidents, I feel ashamed to see you because what will I ask you? I lost all my faith and trust in you, I lost the beauty of life what you have shown to me 2 years back. I can’t get all my friendship’s back. I can’t trust anyone anymore in my life.

Thank you for coming into my life, entering my life like an angel for showing the bliss feeling, showering your smile. When I think of that sweet smile, I swear on god that I forget that I was being fooled by someone, but at the same moment, I think why did you enter my life? What is the need for it? Just to play with the feelings?

Whatever I do, you will be with me all the way through, wherever you are my thoughts will also be there with you forever. Even if you say that you don’t think about me, I believe in you that you will be thinking about me. That is the trust what I have in you.

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow is the feeling what I have for you 🙂 I miss you forever.

Cheers Good Luck.


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