Dawn as Dusk

Dawn as Dusk

This is one of the subject which I never tried to touch because I am a rebellion (I often say to my friends that I will hit you, I will slap you, I will kill you and so on) but I am not a terrorist to hear/talk/see/feel the terrorism.

I landed Chennai on a Thursday 01st May’2014 which is unusual for me as I will land on Friday’s. As usual I asked my brother to come and pick me from the airport, another brother who was very busy with his activities told me that he will meet me in the airport to share his Hard disk drive to copy the movies. We met on the way just for one minute and we left the place.

I was not aware that a major terrific incident happened because of my overwhelmed joy of being with my family. Even while roaming within my area, when I saw more police force and tight security, I was making fun with my friend that a VIP is in the Area that’s why this security checks. I was not aware of the attack.

A story of a young girl which was supposed to be as like a sunrise for the family but even before raising, the downfall happened for the family.

When I heard that a girl of 23 years Swathi died in the bomb blast, I was really shocked but due to my trip and tight schedule I was not able to think about it more than feeling sorry for the incident.

When I was trying for a subject to share my feelings, my brother who met me on the way to the airport asked me to write about it as he went straight a way to the Central Railway Station for his interest in natural photography. He was able to see the bomb blast happened place within few hours and he has seen the dead-body of Swathi.

Today while I am talking about the terrorism, he asked me to talk about this subject and said I have seen her dead-body and I have the moral rights to ask you to write about her dreams.

I was in Mumbai when the serial blasts happened in the trains and I know how or in what the situation of the family members when the people travel in the similar kind of situations. How eagerly people will be waiting to know that their blood is safe, friend is in a safer place and so on.

I was not a victim of such terrific activities, but I was thinking that if I was in that situation what would have happened in my life? I have lived more years compared to Swathi, but still I wouldn’t prefer to die before achieving atleast 10% of my wishes in life. To be frank, I cannot dream for another girl, because my dreams are countless, but I can think what all dreams she would have got in her life.

She was in her 23 years when she attained the abode of god, but in a terrific way. Was it destined to her? No, it was the gift provided by the terrorist, for what? There is no reason in her death.

What all she missed in her life?

Her education, got her a job, when she succeeded in her studies, she would have dreamt to work in some big IT companies, her dreams got fulfilled by getting a job in TCS.

First month salary, I wanted to spend with family & friends, and I want to go back and meet them after saving hand full of money.

She was going back to her native after 4 months of time. She wanted to gift her parents with her first month earnings. What best a daughter could think of doing with her first salary? She bought the gifts but she got a gift of death even before giving the gifts or sharing the joy of her first salary with her family. What a tragedy? Can anyone think of this? Why ? what is the reason behind this tragedy? Has anyone taken security measures?

Whether she was in love or not, I don’t know anything about her. But as a female with sound knowledge, good-looking, soft personality, and friendly person, who is passionate towards whatever she does, would have got colorful dreams about her guy, marriage, life etc.,

Either she would have chosen a guy of her choice or her parent’s choice. Definitely she would have got a sweet dream to get married with her guy and to lead a peaceful life with one or two kids.

She would have dreamt about her promotion, appraisal, switching the job.

She would have got the wish to visit USA/UK or some foreign countries as part of her profession or as dream to visit foreign countries.

She would have got the ability to do good to the nation.

She would have got the interest to be part of the Social activities.

She would have got the dreams to become a politician to do well and to serve to the nation.

DO I BELIEVE IN DESTINY – yes I do believe in destiny

Swathi was believed to have tried to buy a ticket for a direct train from Bangalore to Guntur, but changed her plan because her death was behind her and she got into this train to get killed. She was accompanied by her friend in the train and they were chatting whole night.

It is highly impossible for that friend to see her friend as dead-body who was talking to her few hours back. How Swathi’s family could have accepted the news of her death as they were waiting for her with anxiety to receive their daughter who was away from home for the last 3-4 months.

Dreams are unlimited for everyone and I cannot say let all her dreams come true because she is no more, I can only pray that let her soul rest in peace and let not anyone else die in such kind of terrorist activities. But with her death, all her dreams vanished with her.

When I received the photos from my brother from the bomb blast area, I was not able to see it and till today I have not seen it.

If I die in a road accident, can my friends accept it, they will scold me even after my death for my rash driving or for careless driving as they care and feel that I am supposed to live for few more years. If at all I have to die in a train accident, I can’t help it; if at all I have to die of sudden heart attack my family can accept it.

What can we say for this small little girl with 1000 of dreams about her life, career…? How could one control or console her lost? Is it a loss only to her parents? Is it a loss only to her family? is it a loss only to the company where she was working? is it not a loss for the nation?

It is a humble request to the terrorist, Please stop terrorism, we are not asking you to let us live happily but we want to die peacefully with the age and disease not with the bullets and bombs. Those who are born in this world has to leave this world for sure but not by the terrorists.


3 thoughts on “Dawn as Dusk

  1. I am touched, so disturbing, have no words. your feelings are so right. who can understand a lady better then a lady. well written.YES: life is so precious, life is beautiful. no one on this earth have a right to take other life. what a article, with this i can say as a writer you got more mature. what an emotional writeup. keep it up.

  2. Let us express our feelings towards the sufferers of the tragedy at Chennai blast and share with all some of the feelings of millions of educated on “Terrorism” and about the difference it has made in our lives, individual and collective.

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