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Power of Smile

Power of smile – Do it now, sometimes ‘later’ becomes NEVER

Face is the index of the mind and smile increases the value of your face. Smiling for someone is sweet, cute, but making someone SMILE is the best feeling.

Today I realized that keeping ourselves happy makes others also happy. After a long gap wanted to start my walking and as usual I love to walk in the Greens, Dubai. As the full moon day is nearing, I was walking with the full moon but it was not as bright as the moon of a full moon day.

I wear a smile while walking and the beauty of my walking lies in the way I lead my life. I add smiles to beautify not my face but to show how beautiful is my life I make sure that those who see my smile will feel that I add happiness to my life. It is true with everyone that we add happiness to our life and any other things what makes you happy will make you cry for sure some day.

The secret of my smile is to say the world that “I love my life” and I wish you to love your life also. Almost I used to give this as a piece of advice to those whom I am very close to share a smile, a heart which is not feeling good might get attracted to your smile and it can change the person.

It is always lovely to go for a walk especially in the area like GREENS and it makes more energetic when the moon walks with you. While I was walking, I crossed one of the communities in the Greens and suddenly a security guard came out of the apartment and said something as I was listening to songs I was not able to hear what he said, I understood that he wanted to say something.

Madam, can I say something to you? First I was little surprised but I tried to remove the headphones from one of the ear. He started saying, I am watching you for the last 6 months in Greens, I stopped the music player and removed the other ears also, I was curious to know what he is going to say. I gifted a weird smile to him and he continued, how can you be so happy always?

I see you always with the same kind of happiness and smile in your face, whether you go alone or with your friends. I am so happy to see you and wish to be like you, sincere prayers for you to be like this, it is so pleasant to see someone who can share the fragrance with others… Please carry on with your walk.

I was surprised but I could not say anything to him other than sharing a thank you with as usual smile. While saying this, more than me, he was feeling happy and I was really feeling that this security guard made my day. His energetic words made me to jog instead of walk and I was feeling like dancing and was flying on the road as like a 3 years old kid.

It was my smile but has touched some other soul and it has touched in the way I wanted it to touch everyone’s life. I got a confidence that our smile can bring in more smiles in others life.

Immediately I thought that I am not going to let this opportunity to go. I am going to say SOMETHING about this experience with everyone.

Normally on the road, I do all kiddies kind of walking, dancing thinking that no one is watching, but we never know from where people are watching and this is also like such a situation, I don’t think that I have seen this security guard. May be once when I was going for a photo shoot in greens, I think I have seen him.

He walked nearer to me and simply said, “You have a wonderful smile and great attitude” Wow, my face light up and immediately I felt that something is there and I responded with an enthusiastic, “Thank You” with the same smile.

His comment probably made my day, but it also made HIS day by complementing me. The way the security guard was saying about my smile, attitude melted me and felt so happy as if  “I have done something exciting”. Both of us felt so happy as if we shared some great gift.

People with a great/lovely smile have the glow of kindness which draws others to them instantly.