When I think about the past and today, I feel so happy that I have so many kind hearted people around me. All of you may not be nearer to me, even being in long distance from me but thinking about me and doing small or big things for me and doing it with or without my knowledge.

I can say a big thanks to many people but I don’t want to list my thanks in one content.

This is something special and for someone special. I am scared to write this word as special also, let me say that the reason is special. I know this guy shortly. The way he got introduced cannot be digested by both of us. He was carrying news of a friend’s demise. I was not able to digest it at that time and even now also it is very heavy.

By nature this guy is a soft speaking whereas I am a rough and tough guy. He is so gentle and I am arrogant. With all the differences, we have a kin and kith relationship.

As I used to say I am scared to say someone as my brother or any relationship as I have seen only pains with these relationships.

He is a regular reader of my blogs from the time of knowing each other and he used to share all the good and bad happenings of his life to him. Almost we used to chat couple of days in a week or if required more in a week also.

I really planned to make my blog as a domain in Feb-13 but it didn’t happen because of various reasons. After that I was not having that much interest also to blog and it gradually got reduced from 14 articles in a month to 3 or 4 in a month. I can count not even 10 in the last 6 months.

Suddenly he asked me to upgrade my blog as website and I was surprised and I was not interested to do it at this point of time, as I felt that I lost interest.

He registered my domain and told me to check your domain , it got registered and you can check it now. Please do activate your domain. It is a gift from me. I don’t know how to thank him and I don’t want to thank him and separate him from my life. Somehow I feel it as a great surprise and that too on a First of April – All fools day, my domain got registered.

Whether we have this beautiful relationship all through our life or not, this domain will be with me till the time I live in this world and I can assure you that I will live through this for few more years even after my death.

GOD took away a BLISS from me and provided YOU in a different way.



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  1. Let us express our feelings towards the sufferers of the tragedy at Chennai blast and share with all some of the feelings of millions of educated on “Terrorism” and about the difference it has made in our lives, individual and collective.

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