How do we measure Happiness

Many people think that being clever, rich and attractive is the best way to find happiness.

How do we measure happiness?

Is it from the mistakes, na it is from the contentment. When the contentment is with you, you can feel the happiness in you. You will feel for small small things.

One of the most amazing things in life is to have the contentment. How do we get this?

How we start living with the suffering in our life?

Assume a boy/girl studying in school. What is his role? He/she has to study and do well in the exam.

How do they get suffering in their life? DESIRE causes suffering. How does it affects the student?

My aunts son, studied this Engineering after schooling and he is settled in US. I too want to do the same course. Is the desire is  for the studies or to get knowledge or wisdom? No it lies in some other object.

Now the student’s intention is to get high score and he/she will squeeze self and start working towards the goal of getting the admission to the higher studies. After the admission, studies go on and when it gets over, is it over now? Is there any contentment? No. Now the real race starts to get a job.

Got the job, is it over? No, I need to get the US Visa, now got the US visa, is it over? No, I need to get a job in US, got the job in US, is it over? No now the job has to be secured, safe and I have to get Green card in US? Does it ends with green card?

No, it wanders now to get married, now the never-ending desire starts with marriage, kids, promotions, buying flat, upgrade to villa, everything is available now, is he happy? Really not, mind wanders to India and says to meet all this, I left all my happiness in India.

How can one satisfy them? How can one make themselves happier? How these kinds of people can make others happy?

What you chose is what you get? Do you want happiness or the source of all material luxurious lifestyle? Do you feel that you are happy with that lifestyle?

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end……

Nothing can bring in happiness other than yourself.

If something brings happiness, then you are dependent of that thing and sooner or later you are going to face the suffering as the object/person on which your happiness depends can change.

Don’t allow other person to make you happy and try to make others happy

This will bring in happiness with you forever. Try to seed the happiness in everyone’s garden and train them to be happy with them not to depend on you 🙂

Finally to end with, fulfilling the desires in not the road for the happiness, but to control the desire is where you get happiness.

My next article will be based on the false happiness and real happiness.


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