Is there any differences in Friends

Normally I don’t have any differences in friends apart from few whom I allow them to dictate me or to be part of my family. All others are in the categories of best friends, close friends and friends. As such I don’t have any indifference in them, but they will definitely feel some differences. In reality I treat one and all equally. It depends on each individual. One will be moody, one will be jovial, one will be more in to social, one needs only when in trouble, one might need me only to share happiness, one will share everything, so it depends on how they treat me, whereas almost with all of them I will treat them or reciprocate the same with each of them.

Assume I have two friends one is BF and the other is CF. (AF- After all friends only)

BF is a chatter box who will not allow me to spend my own time or will be messaging me very often or calling me in regular intervals or sharing all unusual . BF mind will break if I don’t reply immediately. In the other case with CF, it is quite opposite, CF will neither feel to call nor to pick my calls. In fact I will not try calling second time, when my call is not being picked by CF.

When someone says that this is me and I am true, I can’t do unusual things like you, then that is the real character of that personality and I will not try to change that person with their own whims and fancies. I neither expect the CF to call me or to message me without any reason. In fact I don’t expect even with a reason because that is the nature of the CF.

Whereas with BF, I know that BF is curious and after knowing about the inquisitive nature of BF it is not possible to avoid or not to think about BF. I have to reciprocate the same. Where there is a will there is a way and where there is an expectation, there is a requirement to fulfill it.

I would have told BF, that I am going out for some program or for playing or for my routine work, but BF will not feel that I am busy with my routine, definitely I will get a call or message. It is just to know whether I pick the call or reply to the message in spite of busy schedule or not. Since I know that this is the nature of BF, I will try to make BF happy by replying.

Where is the question of good friend, true friend or best friend or close friend comes from? All the answers are with the each individual and how they treat and how they behave and I am like a mirror of their behavior.

Reason for this article is people showcase themselves as great but in reality they don’t know to behave like a human.

Prayers for those who try to play with others emotions and feelings :

Only prayer to god is to make them behave like human, who can show love, feel love, live in love and die in love.

Prayer for me:

Don’t ever make them to use me for their time pass. Give me the wisdom and serenity to avoid these kind of people in the beginning stage not after entering into a deep relationship/friendship.

Policy of my friendship is

If you show love, you will get love. If you show hatred, you will get hatred

If you need respect, you give it and try to get it.

If you treat me well, I treat you well. If you treat me like a useless, I will not consider your existence.


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