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Back Stabber

Ambitious but a back stabber – What is the use

This time it is all about the people who do the back stabbing at the working environment. I really hate to work with these people; I don’t prefer to work with such low attitude people. But no other option we have to face these kinds of people in our day-today life.

I am not going to talk about my experiences with these kin d of people, but going to discuss something like how cheap it will be to consider a colleague as a spy or as a back stabber.

There are many people who work as a backstabbing and spy’s for their bosses.

How will you feel when someone talks about you at the back as He/She is a spy to the boss? She is a spy, the walls also has ears it will go through this walls to their boss. Don’t think that these are walls, it has got full of ears.

How can you dig a pit for your colleague or a friend with whom you are associated. How can you gain the attention of your boss by killing someone’s reputation? Is this what professionalism is all about?

I too have seen such kind of criminals in my life, and I have not seen any one doing it on my face. I have to let them go even after knowing that they are back stabbers, but my curses are always there on them. When it is professional, people need to have ethics and if someone plays without professional ethics, we can curse them.

Because of these backstabbers many people suffer in many ways. The bloody bosses used to handle those who are against them harshly and bossing them around. End of the day, they all turned out to be bad fruits and the bosses were very clever to put the blame on the other party, even though the fault was on their side.

Initially it was little scary for me to work with these cunning people, but I treat them as naked babies which doesn’t know anything about the surrounding. There is a saying that if the cat closes the eyes, the world doesn’t becomes dark, it is dark only to the cat.

In the same way I have taken it and not even given it back to those who were back stabbers. These kind of unworthy and useless people will always be in the world and we can’t our job which we love for these kinds of beggars and we have to fight against them. After fighting in a battle, we can die and we can’t lose in a battle and we should never be like a coward to run away from these kind of back stabbers.

These backstabbers only goal is to climb up by giving up anything or by killing others? Is there is any end to their goal?

Do they know that the tongue biting, emotion holding and scars from the bosses attacks causes much stress, depression, lack of focus at work and home, fatigue, many nights without sleep, unhealthy physical state for their colleagues? Are they aware it  is a turmoil in another person’s life?

We can’t be friendly to these backstabbers and even if we tell them not to do such acts, that also will go to the boss and they will put us in shame by any means. They will start seeing us as an enemy/ obstacle to their goals.

When a friend lets you down, the feeling of shock and disappointment can be hard to bounce back from.

The reason I do not share the destructive behaviours of my friends is because I’ve allowed them to do it with me without challenging or opposing or showing my anger or frustration or anything to them because I have great respect for them.

I frankly do not have time for these kinds of people in my life but when they come to me as friend I show them my love and care but as a colleague, I maintain a distance and show my attitude to them.

Backstabbing costs more than what anyone can imagine. I still keep on hoping that they will eventually open their eyes and see the good side of others and turn their evil side as softer side without having to tell them that we are aware of all their wicked acts. But it never happens. They will never ever change.

I know for sure that there are many people suffering a great deal of pain and unsure how much longer they have to?

Two reasons for me to post about this subject being ambitious could be the best and energetic for anyone to shine in their profession. But working as a back stabber is worse than the prostitution.

By killing others emotions & trust, one wants to shine in their professional life, and they don’t expect such back stabbers in their life is the funniest thing. Tomorrow one more back stabber like them will come into their professional environment and they will be nowhere in that company.

What happens if they lose their job? Nobody in the department will feel bad for these back stabbers. They will feel happy and they will not miss this back stabber for any reason.

Dear Backstabber, assume today you don’t have your job, what is your strength now your boss or good deeds?  What is your achievement? I don’t know what they will say? Boss will start love the other person, the moment he realises that you are going to leave the organization or you will be out of the company.

One has to see the success by showing their sincere efforts and hard work and not being sincere to boss by showing the negatives of others or taking the other colleagues as victims for their success. These people will suck the blood of others and will not care for anything.

Success depends on the happiness of the other colleagues also. When I get a promotion or an increment or an additional bonus, those who are around me should feel happy about it and should recognize the effort what we have given has some value.

People at the back of me should not talk that she got it for spying or she got it by back stabbing me.  It is not the professional ethics to get success by back stabbing or by being as spy. These people can get more fame and money in other illegal way.

Politics is good to an extent but not by hurting others sentiments and professional ethics. It is easy to get the name as a back stabber, but very difficult to get a good name as a professional. These back stabbers can never become professionals as they don’t know what professionalism is.

Back Stabbing is also a way of corruption and there is no mercy for doing it.

Today we can feel happy of being a spy, but tomorrow when we leave the organization for some reason or the organization throws you out for some reason, these back stabbers will never ever have a face to face others peacefully.

Always try to be more sensitive about some one’s feelings because at times a tear means Happiness and a Smile means Hurt.

Whatever we say, these back stabbers will not change their attitude because they are born and brought up in such a way till the time they have that boss and the job, but soon after losing the job, they will realize or they will realize when another back stabber comes to stab them.