I started to post something on the office environment, a kind of gossip. A conversation with a young boy, made me to post this article.

I have not posted anything on this subject but I have to accept that there would have been lot of contradictory statements in my contents. You would have felt it in the same article or time to time contradictions in the contents in different articles. I have to say that it is the way how we lead our life and as our life is full of contradictions.

I have not touched this subject so far and it is really a nice topic to consider for blogging. One to one we have a lot of contradictions.

A Consistent flow will not survive for long and it means there is no change and not ready for the changes. We need changes in our life.  When there is no contradiction that means it is not going to be successful.

I was named as a rebellion and it was named by my boss in my previous organization, wherein everyone will accept to the head of the departments rules, regulations, operational tactics, management tactics, because I will always contradict with him and at least I will go for a test of reasoning. I will not blindly close my eyes and accept what he is doing or imposing is right.

An inconsistency arises, in any case, because the act of utterance, rather than the content of what was said, undermines its conclusion.

Even though I have lot of reason to dig about this contradiction, today I got two experiences and then I realized how much contradictions are there within ourselves.

Reason 1:

A contradiction is all about the person perception and within one mind. This is what happened within me and not with others. Unusual thing, I took a half day sick leave and came home, slept five hours.

At the back of my mind, I had a feeling that one of my friend is coming from India on a short visit to Abu Dhabi, via Dubai. I thought of meeting her at the airport in Dubai, so as I will not miss to meet them when they are in UAE.

I can meet them in India, but when someone comes to our place, it is better to meet them and greet them and to be part of that short visit. At the back of my mind, I was not interested to go to Abu Dhabi to meet them for any reason. Due to the very good memories of my life time, I don’t want to travel any more to Abu Dhabi.

This is where the contradiction raised. I have to meet her in Dubai airport, not in Abu Dhabi. One mind is saying it is not manners to meet someone in the airport and to say bid-adieu in the airport itself and the other mind is saying why to travel to Abu Dhabi to get more pain both physically and mentally. I know the reason for the conflicts but I don’t have any control over it. It has to happen and it will happen.

Finally I didn’t go to airport and I don’t know whether I will meet her in Abu Dhabi or not. It is the current happening and I don’t know where my contradiction will take me to.

Reason 2:

A brother of mine who is very good in photography, a young guy who is passionate towards life and the way things goes around with him and the way he used to share it with me made me to feel so close to heart.

After waking up from the long sleep, I slept like a dead body and I was feeling that I slept as if I didn’t sleep for the last few days. I had a severe headache also. As usual to get refreshed, I tuned to Illayaraja music and this brother of mine gave me a DVD full of illayaraja songs, I thought of pinging him as I was feeling that I didn’t talk to him for long time.

He pinged me Akka, within few minutes I replied him hi, how are you etc., and over the normal conversation, I told about my next trip and we had some other details to discuss.

During the discussion, I told him in the recent days I am chatting only with you; almost I reduced all my conversation with my entire friends circle. Only if someone pings me, I reply to them and I don’t even ask or try to continue the chat with anyone on anything. He said I am happy to hear this, but I thought you are not talking with me properly and you didn’t speak to me in the last two months.

 It was unfortunate to hear it, but fortunate (Contradictions :-)) that he shared it with me immediately and I was able to come out with this topic.

Instead of bringing back the old memories, I thought let me write it with the current happenings. If I give more time to post something on this subject, I would have taken an angel turned as devil, a blessing turning as curse, pleasant memories to unpleasant memories, sweet moments to sour moments…

As usual to end, I feel that the below given two sentences will be suitable for self explanation about contradictions.

Taking it easy is getting hard to do….

Keeping it simple is really complicated..

Contradictions are like the ECG movements, without the ups and down in the ECG, it will be like a straight line and it means we are dead and same happens without contradictions our life has no meaning in it.

Only thing I realized is all these contradictions has killed my confidence still I am surviving because of the blessings and the prayers of my mother.


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