Forgive someone who betrayed you

How to forgive someone whom you love betrayed you?

There are people who come into our life as lesson, experience and for some reasons also. They can love you, hate you without reasons and it takes ages for us to know the reason of their entry.

Forgive someone: Who are we to forgive others? Is it possible for us to forgive ourselves? Ideally this is all about me and my mistakes.

1.    Loving that person is not her mistake, it is your mistake.

2.    Thinking someone as priority above you is not their mistake, it is your mistake.

3.    Allowing them to play with your feelings is your mistake not their mistake. Because they don’t know the meaning of love and they don’t know how it hurts when someone we love rejects it until they face it.

4.    Caring for someone who doesn’t care about others is your mistake not their mistake.

5.    Patience in handling them with all their negatives is not their mistakes, it is your mistake, be thankful to god that he gave someone in your life for whom you can adjust all the minuses and consider them as the plus of your life.

6.    Waiting patiently for them to change or to accept your love is not their mistake, it is your mistake.

7.    Being mad at someone is not their mistake and expecting them to have the same madness or considering their time pass habits as madness is your mistake not their mistake.

8.    Thinking people as reserved is your mistake, they are not ready to open up with you is the key criteria and it is not their mistake and it your mistake.

9.    If they can’t open up with their loved one’s they can’t do it with anyone.

Analyze the mistake, accept all the mistakes as yours – it is easy to forgive the other person.

Thing u need to know of how to forgive someone for something but still not forgetting about it. Forgetting can be hard to get rid of…

If you’re angry at someone for something they did to you try to put yourself in their shoes. A lot of times you can understand the other person actions if you try to see things their way. (No other option, if they don’t share the reason)

To have peace in our mind and life, it is better to forgive the person truly, because you love them so sincerely and you’re not going to be truly at peace until you forgive this person. (Love is always blind)

Keeping Moan or Grudges can cause stress for you only, so it is better to forgive them than to hold it as grudge. (It spoils our health)

Take time to forgive this person but do forgive. Take as much time as you want to forgive yourself. Don’t rush in this process, because it might allow you to do another mistake.

If you don’t forgive this person, it is not possible for you to forgive yourself.

After you forgive this person don’t bring up the past to your mind. The worst thing you can do is to get mad at them again and start bringing up what was said in past argument.


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