Dear God,

I don’t have any words to say thanks to you, I know my prayers are not answered but I am still liable to say thanks to you because you have not moved a rock but a mountain. Even though what I heard is just a step but that step will lead to success and I believe in you.

Thanks for giving me the faith that GOD Exists.

Prayers are not for getting something, but believing that some super power exists.

Prayers are not for making god happy but to have trust and be patient in proceeding towards success.

Prayers are not for god to listen to us, but to make us listen to god’s wishes.

Prayers might not bring the success but it can give the faith and belief that things will go smoothly.

Prayers are to feel that as god listens, we have to listen to others.

Prayer is not for asking, it’s for the longing soul…

Prayers are a form of communication between two soul (between the human and the god –> Atma and Paramatma)

This is to thank you and I Don’t have any words to convey my thanks and happiness to you, can you please check it through my heart beatings. Once again you proved that when we pray for others, you listen to it and I believe that you will bless them also.

I know you have listened to the sincere & silent prayer of mine, even thought I have not shed tears and cried to you, you are the only one who can wipe the tears. I feel your presence and blessing in my love for that special person. Be with and take care as you are doing it with me.

Faith in god has increased with your special way of throwing the light.

Thank you for making me happy in a different way, I am happy with what I have seen today. Facebook made me to smile after a long gap…. 🙂 Only through GOD..


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