Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion

It is always said that better to be a head of a dog than to be the tail of a lion. Many will not understand and few will not try to understand the essence of it. Some will try to be the tail of a dog without even knowing that they are the tails of a dog and will be thinking that they are the head of a Lion.

It is good to be a leader of a less prestigious group than to be a low profile subordinate in a more prestigious one.

Some of us are like whatever boss says we will do and we will be like a spy to the boss, but these people are useless to be called as human and they are unworthy and not to be trusted people.

These bosses are not even worth to be called as the tail of the lions, but few dogs will treat them as the head of the lion and go behind him waving its tails. whatever it is end of the day, that boss wills how his cunningness as a like a fox and there is no trust or faith or thankfulness in them.

Beware whether you hold the tail of the lion or the head of the dog, because there is a chance for us to survive when a dog bites or betrays but with the lion you have only one chance that you have to hold its tail forever or you are gone and it will eat you when you try to leave the tail.


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