Dog’s Tail can never be straightened

Dog’s Tail can never be straightened

We may try to straighten a dog’s tail; whatever you do, it will never become straight but always curved. It is usually renowned with the human’s when they do something mischievousness. Everyone around him/her will be in complete fear and they will say that whatever we do to this person, it is like a dog’s curved tail, which can never be straightened, because he will never change his behavior.

It is easy for everyone to say that dog’s tail can never be straightened, but why do we need to straighten the dog’s tail?? Is’nt it funny to straighten the dog’s tail? 

When we know that we can’t straighten the dog’s tail, we need to do the changes in ourselves not in the dog.

I read a story of Vivekananda about the dog’s curly tail which made me to feel that I have to say something about dog’s tail.

We must first know how to work without attachment, and then one will not be a devoted or dedicated or obsessive. We should know that this world is like a dog’s curly tail and will never get straightened. If there were no passionate in the world, it will make much more progress than it does now. It is a mistake to think that passion can make the progress in mankind.

On the other side, it is the key element creating hatred and anger, and causing people to fight with each other, and making them uncaring. We think that whatever we do or have is the best in the world, and what we do not do or own is of no value. So, always remember the instance of the curly tail of the dog and it will explain not to get in touch with the hatred and anger and to feel uncaring about others. It is easy to become uncaring but it is very difficult to stay caring for others when things go wrong.

When you practice caring even when things goes wrong, we might  feel that the dog’s tail can be straightened. Caring has to give a positive approach to the one who is receiving and who is giving, if it becomes negative in one’s mind, then it is going to create a problem and the dog’s tail will be curly only. I meant the pain will be more.

Sometimes, it is better not to straighten the tail than to straighten our heart and head. Dog’s tail can be straightened only when you draw a dog, not when you have a dog as pet. Dogs can be without tail, but not with the curl in their tail, it doesn’t look good for it 🙂


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