Vacational Husbands…..

Vacation Husbands

I was very much interested to watch the movie Accidental Husband because of the actress Uma Thurman and the name of the movie made me inquisitive that I have to watch this. Nevertheless it was not a wonderful movie but an average was the comment I got from a friend when it was released and I was not interested to watch it in theatre.

While searching for this movie in the internet, I came across about the “New husbands”. This is a Tamil short film which was discussing about the married men and the changes that comes in the newly wedded men. How they behave, what do they in front and behind their wife.

I wished to write about the vacation husbands was the thing came to my mind a thought processing content was there quite some time but I didn’t write because many of my friends will feel bad. As it is the fact that many of them are vacation-al husbands. I am sorry my friends, but I have to share this because this is quite annoying as you guys dont understand the feelings of women who are behind you.

I’ve heard more and more about couples who live apart two different homes because of jobs. This was not the trend 30-35 years ago!

I really got inspiration to write this topic because of a woman who has given lot of impression in me with this way of life. She was married for quite long years now and spending her time with her husbands like the school kids celebrating their Quarterly holidays, Half yearly holidays, Christmas holidays and Annual leaves.

This is highly disgusting factor in any woman’s life and as a woman and I prefer to live a single life rather to live with this kind of vaction-al husband, killing the concept of marriage.

She is working in a country and her husband is working in a different country and she is waiting for him to come down and settle in the country where she is working. She will talk to him over phone on her convenience and he will pick the call on his convenience. Is it all about marriage? Marriage is all about sharing the happiness with each other and to feel the togetherness.

As a good observer, I realized that they will not move down from their place of work as he is comfortable working in that place and she is very much comfortable to work in her atmosphere. Both of them aren’t going to move down from their stand. I tried couple of times yelling/telling her to go and settle there but of no use. Well, end of the day it is her life what is the big deal for me?  It is not my cup of tea and I am not there to explain her, if it is her wish let her suffer or enjoy. I wondered, but didn’t say anything to the girl, because it makes no sense talking to her.

The main reason for me to write about this is because of my colleagues wife was forced to talk with me and the way she was sharing her feelings about her husband was really shocking. Is it because of in security or because of her love, care, affection or expectations of care and affection from her husband or whether she suspects him or she suspects all those who work with him? Leaving her in home country and working in a different country has given bad name for him or for those ladies who work with him?

What was going on in my mind was “is it the economy breaking the relationships or making the relationships”? What is the use of living 10 years separately as husband and wife? It is better to say that I am single or a divorcee than to say that my husband lives in UAE/UK/USA.

Is it the economy playing a role or the freedom for female playing the role? What the “F” is happening?? 



3 thoughts on “Vacational Husbands…..

  1. GUCCI perfume or a Gold Ornament of the potato for the next day curry with her husband makes the proudest moment for her.

    spelling wrong.

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