How to name it?

This content was written by me on 24th October’2012 and I could not add anything to it and I was in a mindset that this painful time will pass away and my good time will start with her as usual, but if I would have posted this on that day itself, at least I would have given the clarity to the one who was thinking me as a fool that I expect so much from her… She has done everything in my life as per my expectations. whatever feeling of fear I was having for so many things,  she has done all of it perfectly without any mistakes.

How to name it?

I don’t know how to name my love for you, and am really sulking with the way you are. I am really in deep frustration because of you and your behavior is really killing me like anything. I am really more concerned about others happiness and with that I make myself more happy. But with you I don’t know, I am feeling more pain.

I think you misunderstood my care and concern for you as my weakness, my love as lousy and my affection as annoying. Love is pleasure and it can’t be displeasure. One of the best feeling what a person can give to others is to make them feel happy with our presence. Someone who can get connected through emotions, that’s why we are called as humans.

Whatever time I have spent with you are like the happiest moments for me and beautiful dreams come true. Don’t make me to feel that the time spent with you are wasted time in my life. I will never ever get it back.

Don’t try to make so much distance from the lovable people otherwise they will learn how to live without you. I don’t know whether I can learn live without you, but definitely I will learn to live without seeing you, without talking to you and to avoid you. Is this you want me to do? Tell me directly, I will do it.

I don’t remember whether I asked her this through our mode of communication, but I know she would not have said it yes get lost.

I have reason to post this now and but if I don’t my next few contents will not have any meaning to it ……… as like my relationship with her


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