Are you not Happy ! !

Are You Not Happy?

Normally I used to feel very happy all the time and it is my inborn instinct that I do care about my failures but I never get carried away with my failures. Most of the time, I analyze a lot instead of living, which is the biggest mistake but I have spent half of my life like this. This time also I wanted to share something out of my experience only, but in a different way.

I have to say thanks to Ramanand Sagar and B.R Chopra for producing the two great epics in the Indian Television. Even now I remember each and every episode of Ramayan and Mahabharat and the way of it was made as a television serial made my father to watch it. We were forced to watch it initially and then the interest piled up in us and which gave us a path to learn the language Hindi during the initial stages of the serial.

I am quite sure that have not missed not more than two or three episodes of it. It was a great learning for me. Apart from these two great epics as serials, I remember that I read Mahabharatha as story book during that time (1988) because I wanted to understand the dialogues of Hindi.

The Bhagavad Gita has influenced many great thinkers over the years and there are so many famous personalities across the world have given great quotes on Bhagvad Gita.

Geeta Saaram

Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.

Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only.

You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening…

What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed?

You did not bring anything – whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him.

You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.

“Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed.”

After Reading the Essence of Geeta Saaram,

Questions were flowing like a river in my mind like anything….

Have you lost your vision? Have you lost your passion?

Have you lost your hands? Have you lost your legs?

Have you lost your parents? Have you lost your man? (even this will pass away including yourself)

Have you lost your job? Have you lost your memory?

Do you have debts which you can’t settle? Do you need a job?

Answer to all of the above was No.

That means you have everything, my silent answer within myself was YES.

What do you want to do? Do you want to take revenge? No

Why you are not happy? What is your problem? I don’t have any answer for this. That means unnecessarily I am haunting myself for unknown reason.

How I used to be? A lovely butterfly without a negative thought about tomorrow. How I am? Only with negative thought whether I will be able to fly and what for? Why I have to feel sad for nothing? What I have not missed in my life?

What am I going to get is what should be in my mind rather than what I missed in my life? What made me to feel so much to feel dejected for anything and every-thing? Why I have to leave my Personality (Attitude, Boldness, Charisma,etc.)

Always I used to think of the people who have more problems than mine. When I took some bold decisions in life at 20 years, I know for sure the world was not with me, but I didn’t care for others and I am the one going to face it and I will make the world to face me proudly. I thought about those who were in miserable condition than me and without any chance to take such kind of boldness. I felt I can take this decision now as I don’t have any commitments.

I have two hands, two legs, good vision, sound mind, knowledge and ability to do things on your own.

I have little Knowledge and wisdom to survive in this world. God has given people around me to guide me and a strong shoulder to face the problems and not to fight the problems.

What is less in you? What else you need?

Men may come and men may go, you will be there till the time the fate of your life is there, why to haunt yourself for unworthy things.

It is like learning lessons from our mistakes and I am proud that I used to learn from others mistakes as well, because one life is not to learn only from our mistakes.

One of my friend was trying to give me a gyan in many ways and finally scolded me like you are good for nothing.

The problem with you is you are thinking too much without acting on it. Whatever you think might be correct but unless you act up on it, it doesn’t solve any purpose. Please stop thinking from now on and start acting on your thoughts.

You are ready to accept your mistakes but why don’t you forgive yourself for what you have done? If you don’t forgive yourself, what do you want to do? Do you want to carry your life like a hell?

You are born to live, conquer the world. You are not born like a normal people, born out of love/lust and die with the same lust/love. You are born to do something more than that and you have the power in you.

Show the power and do it for the one who has belief and trust in you. Above all show it to the world that you don’t grieve for your own sufferings and sufferings has made you to reach the milestone what is destined for you.

My dear friend, The conversation what we had nearly for two hours was like a Geeta Saram for me, neither you were lord Krishna, nor I was Arjuna, but the patience in listening made me to listen to you and you are one among those whom I listen as well.

I don’t need 700 sloka’s of the entire Bhagvad Gita or Upanishad or Veda or any other holy books to bring in this acceptance. What a power of Geeta Saaram?

I felt that each and every word of the Geeta Saram was told by my friend today(Assumed Raazmatz as Krishna and myself as Arujuna). I followed it religiously, for some time, I forgot it or my eyes were tied or like some black magic kind of thing. I have to feel happy that people come in our life for a reason but some come in to distract ourself from the basic ethics of life. God will send some creatures in our life to test whether we are still trusting god or not.

Do I need any other thing in this world to bring my happiness? I am happy and I will make others also to feel Happy…

With a beautiful smiles..


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