A Woman, Wife & Mother….

It is really a good subject for me to blog about womanhood and desperately I wanted to touch this subject on this day because it is Mother’s Day. For me all days are mother’s day and I love to have the wish to and from my mother every day.

By all means our day starts with Good Morning and Good night from our mother. The way she used to say it especially in the night when we four (three daughters and my mother) of us were together, She used to say it so sweetly good night children and I really love it.

I don’t know whether my sisters realized it as warmth of a mother or not. Are they sharing it to their kids or not? When I am with them in the night I used to say to my kids. Few small things are not measured by money but the impact and the happiness what it brings in our life is priceless.

Every day of my life starts with many good mornings and good night but the most beautiful will be with my mother and god mother’s wishes. Most of the time in my life, I have not been so close with my mother, but I learned that how the impact of my mother has touched me.

It is really a sincere dedication to my mother on this day. I learned the sincerity in anything is from her only. She is the one who taught me to keep the good things from others. She is the one who used to say every time take the good things from the people and don’t think about their negatives. Be Good, Do good and Make others also good.

Sometimes unwanted people will enter our life, to check our patience and don’t give up your good character for anyone. It is their habit to harm others and you try to be pleasing as much as possible. Don’t hold the person if they cause any pain in your life.

I was following her words so sincerely and I have thrown people without any second thought because of their ill-treatment or because of their worst character. I have been in love with many of my friends only because it is in my blood and from my mother.

My favorite words from her are “ கெடுவான் கேடு நினைப்பான்” it implies to us that those who do wrong deeds only will think about doing wrong deeds to others. In other words we should not do any wrong deeds, she will say that “Fear for evil deeds”.

Even by mistake plan not to ruin another’s life. Thus if you decide to do so, try to do the good virtue and it will try to slow down your hatred or the way you think to do harm to others. Show love to your enemy. It will hurt them more because you are not showing your hatred. One of the best punishment you can give to the one who has done evil to you is do good to them, when they badly need of it.

The way she used to render the thirukural verses, I really feel like I have to learn it like her. Unfortunately I was not so good in memorizing all these.

There is no secret with my mother and I used to say her everything whether it is a disturbance in office, by a colleague, or by a client or by friends or money matters, love, heart throbbing moments or heart killing moments.

Sometimes I was crazy with evil things and I was not able to concentrate on my attitude and was killing myself between the evil and good deeds. Whether to go with the evil or to live with the way I was being designed by my surroundings.

Literally she came to know very lately as I was not able to communicate with anyone properly. When she came to know that I am suffering because of my goodness, she said, why you have to leave your goodness for a evil thing. God has given you the patience and love to handle it. If you can’t handle it, then no one can handle it.

I believe in my daughter and she will overcome this and even more than this. I told her I am unable to come out of it, she said, because you are not ready to forgive yourself and try to forgive yourself for your mistake, then you don’t need to forgive others because it was not their mistake my child, it is your mistake that you allowed them to play with your feelings.

Do I need to change just because I was happened to be with evil for some time?

Why do you need to change your goodness?

By looking at the evils that produces evil results one should fear more than the fire and avoid it.  Now you know that it is evil, just avoid it. At least be happy that you came to know that there are some evils near you and avoid it totally and you will be free and start your life fresh. Think about the good people around you and love them as they are and live for them.

You don’t need to feel shy for behaving with evil, because you tried to change the evil to good, it is their mistake that they can’t change. Your duty is to try and you tried. You had tried it enough and it is enough of your suffering.

எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங்கு எய்துப – எண்ணியர்

திண்ணியார் ஆகப் பெறின்.  

What you think is what you become, what you sow is what you reap.

The above also means for the bad thinking. All the thinking of human beings happens in their subconscious mind without any differences to good or bad. Later it becomes their actual life. So try to avoid the Evil and try to be good to your satisfaction. End of the day, evil doer gets ruined themselves. It is the law of nature. Therefore even by mistake one should never think of doing evil to others.

Only good thinking can result in goodness and can take forward the thinker to the prosperity. This is the same reason that all good books, sages, wises and the winners insist that it is must and necessary for one to have the good and positive thinking at always. Therefore if the good life is that you wish for yourself then never think of evil or ruin others even by mistake forever in your life.

Only advice for you is be careful in choosing people or trusting them to this level. I have 3 good daughters to support me and you don’t have any body on whom you can lean.  There are good friends around you but we never know who is good or bad till the time it proves their real color or character. Better Leave this evil thoughts and Live for your happiness. Whatever you are or whatever you do I want you to be happy, that is what can bring in smiles in my face. You are my eldest daughter and you are like the second mother for your sisters. You have to be in such a position to handle everyone.

 I don’t need any other person to give motivation in my life to share love and affection. I have seen all your life as a woman, a wife, and a mother who has always struggled, suffered & succeeded in her life. I can proudly say that you will be the only mother who can still back me up and protect me and guide me irrespective of whether I am right or wrong.

Above all love from her is so special because we are not kids any more, we are not in our adolescent age any more, we are not young ladies any more, but to a mother her daughters are kids whether they are in 5-10 or 10-20 or 20-30 or >30.

I was playing with her yesterday and told her you always know only to scream at us and you were never soft. Immediately she said that I can’t act and say I love you or please you with words, but my deeds and actions will say that how much I love you all.

All her daughters are above 30 years and she was telling me that she is the one who thinks and worries more about her kids. I love you for this word and please don’t worry and we are in good place to handle our problems.

We trust in god that he will give us problems that we can handle and come through it. He will not give any problems to us more than what you have seen in your life. If at all if we come across anything, then it is to make ourselves stronger and to prove that we are daughters of you.

Thank you god, for giving me such a great mother and bless us to have this strong relationship till our last moment. This Birth is not enough for me to write about my mother because I have learned so much from her.


2 thoughts on “MOTHER’s DAY

  1. hi,
    i can see your love with your mother with your words also your mothers love on you. God bless you.

    • Dear Friend,

      Recently I told her, that I am in deep pain and I feel like I have to commit suicide…. Only one word came from her was that ” the moment you feel to do that, think that your mother will die… I will not be there to hear that you are dead…

      What else I can do for her other than overcoming the pains….
      When I think can understand me, and I to the core of frustration,
      When I was rejected by my lovely people and when I hate to live my life….
      Only one face will come to my mind, that I should not give the misery of losing her daughter and that is the worst pain which a daughter/son can give to a mother…..
      I will just close my eyes, & will feel her love and she is the one who loves me and always care for me…

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