How to Find a good person who will love you and not hurt your feelings….

How to Find a good person who will love you and not hurt your feelings….

Find good person who will love you and not hurt your feelings….

A friend of mine who has been giving trouble in all relationships and I was tired of being hurt and was getting hurt more and more. Initially I thought that I am doing something wrong and but the more I analyzed about her qualities, it seems to be like that her nature is quarreling character and she was never true to anyone or loyal to anyone around us. She always used to hurt one or the other around by any means.

I am sorry I will not write anything about her. I promised all my friends that I will not write anything about her anymore. I have some contents that need to be posted but it will be posted little later(as promised I will not write anymore).

It’s time for me to say about the trouble with relationships and who can love us and who will not hurt.

We have to learn what to look for in a relationship and the new standards that the potential things in love.

However, you should not feel love on not getting hurt, rather you should feel love as being showed respect, generosity, caring, appreciation… etc… love is sharing the care and concern, an affection , not with an intention of  getting  hurt.

I tried to show all of this but, really I got hurt but that is not the case with everyone with whom I move. “Love is when someone does not emotionally hurt you.” Ideally love is to support for your emotional needs. It differs from person to person in relationship.

If you get hurt physically/mentally with an accident or incident or by falling or some way and got a deep hurt, if the one you love is ready to apply the  medicine to your wound then you can feel that they are really in love and it would not mean that somebody loves you if they didn’t put acid on your wound. If they really care, they will have a piece of word and care to handle your grief and they will not add fuel to your grief. If someone adds grief in your life, you should know that the person doesn’t love you or the care shown by the person was never ever real.

Especially in the case of mother, you can feel that when you get drenched in the rain, everyone in the family will scold you, why don’t you wait for the rain to stop, it was cloudy, you could have taken the umbrella.. but a mother will bring in the towel to wipe the head. A love which never fades in any situation and in any circumstances. She will always think and be the first one to protect us.

You have to realize that the person is worth of understanding your pain or not. If they are not, obviously you don’t deserve to love them or to show your care for them because their love is fake.

In any relationships, no one is perfect and however you feel that you are perfect, you will always get hurt because no relationship is perfect, but it’s your ability to pick up from the hurt and keep up your relationship, try to help each-other and support each-other in difficult times is what makes your relationships more meaningful.

When the other person hurts you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you and in the same way when they don’t hurt you, it does not necessarily mean they love you.

Love is like showing someone how much you can show the care and love is like showing them as much as you love yourself. It is really a great feeling to show your love and care to someone sincerely but it is not your option to continue the same with someone who takes your for granted. You can give up yourself for their love but not your love for someone who doesn’t care about it.

It is always good to find somebody who will treat you well and not somebody who will not treat you bad. I mean it is good if you get someone who can treat you good but it is more good if they don’t ill treat you or hurt your love/feelings.

Greatest thing in love is to feel the love for someone and not not trying it or failing in it makes not much different. But when you feel the love, it makes a lot of difference.

Love – A greatest feeling and love to be loved and to be in love….


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