Harming ourselves

Harming ourselves

One of the greatest lesson what I have learned in the last few months is that never ever share your strength and weakness to anyone. 

When you don’t have the Love, it is your weakness. When you have the Love, it is your strength and when someone miss it, it becomes a PAIN. But everything differs from person to person and, there can be different situations too for every Individual.

Many times I used to feel that Love is my strength and loving a wrong person is my weakness. I love my strength and weakness. If I dont love a wrong person I will not understand what is my weakness also. Very rarely I used to feel that love is my weakness because someone we love makes us to feel that we are so stupid to do anything for them and makes us so senseless and thinks as foolish and drives as crazy. They make every move very curious and unusual and feel that we are unaware of what they are doing. We give up everything not for the love what we have but for the trust what they have in us.

Even though they consider our love as weakness, it’s our strength, no matter what or where or how it ends up in. Sometimes it will never ever begin in the opposite person because they were trying to test our love and trust.

Our weakness is that we can’t live without love, while our strength is from hope, to be loved , to love and continue in the love. Being able to love is a gift that one must keep like a treasure!

WE never know when, where and with whom we are going to fall in love and when you can’t help falling in it or for the person, without falling in it, how would you know how beautiful it is? But only when we suffer from the pain of losing we will know how pain love could be. Is it a treasure or pleasure nothing only the pain remains and the spirit of love lies as ashes of our burnt body. We can see our death, funeral and ashes when we lose the loved one or when we come to know that we are being betrayed by the lust not by the love.

Main reason for me to script this as a topic is because of my friend Imtiyaz  Ahmed. A friend who considers me as his mentor, but today I got a lesson from him and I have to consider him as my friend, philosopher and guide. It is not very easy for someone to teach me lesson especially when they speak, I will not listen or hear. Especially in the last 6 months I have become crazy and not in my control at all.

After 15 days of time, I said hi and hello to him, as usual he inquired about my health and I said I am not good and he is the one of the few friends to whom I can’t say something as I am always good when I am not good.

Immediately he called me in skype and we exchanged the greetings and he said, I am not seeing the old friend of mine, what happened to you? You are not of a person who can fall sick like this or the energy level is very low. He doesn’t know that someone has taken all my energy and living happily and made me like a dead body. It was just a 12 minutes of conversation and we don’t speak too much.

During the course of the conversation, he said, you want to come out of your trouble but you are unable to come out of it. You are trying by all means, I can suggest you the best medicine and don’t scold me (as usual I said I have to go for marriage). He said you know it is the best medicine for few and I feel that it can bring in the lost cheers of your life. In fact he doesn’t know that it can’t bring any kind of cheers in my life as I have walked far away from it.

I am sorry to talk more about your personal, but you know better than anyone and it is your choice of life. I told him thanks my friend. You know very well that I will not allow someone to talk more. He said it is my pleasure and we have not seen each other in the last 5 years and we know each other only through ERP network and I told him that your friendship is amazing for me. You have given a lesson for my life.

He said, when I was in class V , I was introduced by my friend to his grandfather and he told his dadaji  he is my dhost. That grandfather has told these two small boys that don’t ever tell someone as your friend and tell him as your class mate. The reason behind that was a friend is someone who can be part of your bad times and it is very hard to find such kind of people in this world. I don’t know whether that friend is still your friend or not, but I can say that you have supported me in all my bad times and I have got the greatest lesson from you when I need it the most.

He was the one who said that always we get hurt because of our strength and weakness getting exposed to someone and if you try to avoid it, then you will be free from hurt. You are giving them a chance to play with your strength and weakness.

Love is just a choice.  It can make few strong or and few weak , when it becomes strength, we become strong and when it becomes weakness, we go to the burial ground or we lose all our charm and it destroys our life. In Love we are our own dominator, till the time we have the control and when we consider the other person more than us, then we becomes zero.

Love makes you strong till the time you get the energy from the other person. When you give up all the energy to save the relationship, that moment you start becoming weak and the other person takes the whip and plays with your strength and makes beats you with your own love and trust.

Is love a strength or weakness?  If it is shared with a human, it is strength, if it is shared with a pig or a wild animal, it is weakness, because pig doesn’t feel shameful for any of its deeds and it will roam happily in the streets in the same way without any change in it and wild animals will never ever feel about love.


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