Avoid at Work

Avoid at Work Place

Charity begins only at home and not at working environment. Nothing comes at charity in the work place.

I know I am very rigid and I have my own set of rules and I follow it sincerely whether those around me are good or bad. I have the tendency to help the people outside their work

I have a strong aversion to say I love you in the working environment, because it really gives an adverse effect. The only place where I have said I love you and I lost all my respect, dignity, honor, self-esteem, pride and above all my self-confidence is through that stupid lady.

I never had any over confidence. I am very sincere, I will tell my clients/customers that I don’t know, If I don’t know something and I never felt ashamed to say that I don’t know. It is better to say no than to say yes and feeling guilty at the end.

“I love you.” No, not at someone in the working environment.  When it is in my working environment I love you is for my work only and everywhere I mean it–and every time I used to feel it.

My Objective at work place  is “”I know for what I have come for, and I will do it with my head and heart open towards my goal of achieving my work or completing my task,” I will not give any rooms for sentiments or any kind of friendship in the working environment.

I don’t even remember the names of the guys with whom I was associated in the last 18 years. I remember very few names and all of them would have maintained a friendship with me after getting an exit from that environment. I know for sure there are many of my colleagues will remember me and they all will say that I am not a friendly person. But out of office environment, check my circle which is very big and am unable to meet out all of them due to time constraint.

I know for sure that the “I love you” at working environment will spoil our values. But I never expected that I love you out of office also will spoil everything and it can collapse us to this extent. I have some people around me from the same place as my asset, but the one because of whom I said I love you, I lost all my professional ethics and good values earned in the last 20 years. God bless her and show the pain of losing these values in professional environment through others.

I love my work and I don’t love the people for whom it is being delivered. I love to see the smiles of the people when I deliver the project/task successfully. I know I have some people as my friends after coming out of that organization. How happy I was with my personal discipline and morals? What happened to me? Why did she enter my life to make it as hell?

I lost everything because of one person who doesn’t know anything about working environment. I am a professional with white-collar and she is a proletarian. I am a professional who has gone to implement a solution for them and she is a person who is going to use it as an end user.

She works in an uncultured, uncivilized environment where there is no ethics, no equality, no serenity, no conduct and no rules.  How can I expect her to be something or how can I expect some high qualities in her? How long she can act that she has some high qualities? It was my foolishness to believe all her acting as real.

What kind of knowledge she can have and what is my level of knowledge, what is the need for me to see her face, feel for her? Why did I allow the personal relationship to grow in that environment?

Lessons learnt should not be forgotten and I am sharing my lessons with all those who know me and who want to know me. The reason for sharing this also is just to let the world know that what will happen if you skip from your own principles. I have not created something on my own, but being a good observer, I observed certain principles of others and mixed everything and I used to follow it.

Avoid @ workplace

Avoid friendship with colleagues, just maintain hi and hello.

Discussing about personal life, personal life is not private life to discuss with colleagues. Of course sharing about mother’s illness is not a personal of life, whatever is required for the other person to know about my personal only will be shared with them.

My belief and behavior are entirely two different entity and I cant mix up the belief of my friendship with my behavior. I don’t need to show my behavior with my friends in believing them. But I need to maintain my discipline and dignity at working environment.

Talking about Monetary benefits (Salary, other allowances or anything related to CTC).

When you talk about the monetary benefits, definitely there will be gap between two different people and which will result in jealous and it will create discord between 3 parties (me, colleague and employer) whereas the employer is not related in the conversation at all. I am contented and I accepted the package and I work for what they are supposed to pay me. No one in the world will feel that I am getting what I deserve. When we share the CTC with others, either it will have an impact in me or with the other colleague. It will create a rift by all means.

Talking about religion, Talking about politics, talking bad about the company.

At working environment, my work is the religion as well as god to me and I have my own rules to follow whether it is good or bad, my religion is best for me. Whatever I do as work, it is my prayers and offering to god and what I get as salary is what god gives me for my prayers. When I work with a company, I will ensure that I don’t talk bad about my company. Of course here and there we used to work with stupid superiors, but what to do, keep quite and let the stupid screw the happiness. Smile at him and say you are happy so as he will get more anger.

Dressing unprofessionally

Code of conduct comes from your dressing sense. Check yourself out in the mirror every morning and love the person that y0u are.

Don’t boast yourself too much on dress but this is another fact that the people who take care of themselves and properly dress have higher confidence.

People will pick up on your lack of confidence if you show that you are feeling unattractive and not confident enough. Dress smartly by concentrating on your outfits and it should show your dignity to resemble your character. Never say that you are sick when you are not sick

Just for the purpose of availing leave, don’t say that you are sick. I used to tell my superiors that I am going on half day leave with a note saying that I am going to watch this movie. If you say don’t go, I can sit in office but my mind will be in the movie, so please allow me to go and I will do my work tomorrow more efficiently. If you stop me, it will hurt my ego and spoil my work for the next two weeks.

Most of my superiors were not so stupid to stop me and they know how sincere I am as well as how Adamant I am.

Most of the traits came from my parents and I do have to say that my parents were very sincere in their work and I have grown by seeing them.

Never say No to your responsibilities and never blame others for your mistakes.

It is not only no to say to your responsibilities and also don’t say to yes to do others responsibilities. Also don’t blame others for doing a mistake or allowing others to do the mistake.

It is easy to help others, but when something goes wrong the other person will not be interested to take the blame of your mistakes, even though it is their responsibility. It is better to avoid at first instance than repenting after doing a mistake.

Don’t do anything by which you will lose your credibility and confidence.

It is easy to show your hard face and lose the credibility and confidence, but very tough to gain the name and fame from the same people. It is easy to break the walls, but not to break the words. Be careful when you speak about someone and Don’t hesitate to speak the Truth.

Be honest and straight forward

I know that “Straight Trees are cut first” and a person should not be too honest. But it is in my blood. Both my parents are very straight forward and honest people. I can’t be a liar or a betrayer because of my DNA factor.

Even when attending the meetings I used to tell my superiors, make sure that they don’t ask me anything, I can’t tell lies and I will say only truth.

Avoid Gossip and dating with colleagues

The most important factor which I used to follow from my college days is consider all your classmates as like a friends. Don’t get involved in dating was my motto, when I entered my first day college.

Same thing I follow in my working environment, I don’t consider any of them as my friends because it doesn’t allow you to do your work sincerely as well as the friendship spoils their work as well.

It is better not to compromise on work and on the delivery and satisfaction. It is not only to provide satisfaction but also to get the satisfaction of our work along with the colleagues.

If you love your job, then we should not date with colleagues, not only dating even friendship should be avoided. When work relationship doesn’t work or if something goes wrong at the work place, the relationship what we maintain becomes awkward, even the relationship becomes awkward. You lose both the personal and professional ethics what you have built over a period of time, because of some small personal misunderstanding in the professional environment, which will result in resignations, transfer, quitting from the services, sometimes it leads to suicides.

Last but not the least, don’t search job from working environment, and don’t attend interviews during working hours.

Whatever I lost because one person, I know I will regain it shortly, but whatever lost is lost and it really tough



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