Family Values Continues…

Family Values Continues…

To be honest, I am so sick of writing about your words. but I am unable to stop because each and every word of you is killing me like anything… since I considered all your words as my kids words…. even one of my friend asked me, where do you get this much time to read about Islam, I said I create time for me to read it because I considered her as my daughter and two people in a family can follow two religions but I should know about my daughter because I have to see whether she follows her religion properly.

Recently the same friend asked me, you were searching a religious person in her, I don’t see any humanity in her and don’t waste your time on these kind of unworthy person. Your time is precious whatever you have spent is enough for this kind of lady.

I wonder how do you say yourself as Muslim or follower of Islam? I am astonished to feel the goodness and I have not read the below or said this to anyone and I fell that below quote is also required for one to be a human. But still your holy book Quran has said this, but you have not followed them when talking to others.

Allah has clearly mentioned in the Quran:

“When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, meet it with a greeting still more courteous, or (at least) of equal courtesy. Allah takes careful account of all things.” (Surah Nisa – 4:86)

It is fundamental that when someone says or greets us we have to return his/her greeting in the most courteous way. If you are frowning or if you do not reply please remember that Allah is keeping an account of this and you will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment. I can feel for you now, what will be your final result of your sins (not only with me, with all others around you)

We must remember if we do not like something about someone or if we think that somebody is not following some Islamic tenet properly, we are supposed to let the other person know without offending them.

Have you tried to do it? Even if you don’t like to communicate with me, you are supposed to say this, have you done it? How can you get forgiveness from me or do you think god can forgive you or bless you for the evil what you have done?

Allah says “Invite (all) to the Way of your Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for your Rabb knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.” (16:125)

One of the best examples of this would be the story of Hassan (rta) and Hussain (rta), the grandsons of Prophet (SAW).

One day an old pious Bedouin came to Medina. At the time of Prayers he began to make ‘wudu’ but he was making his wudu incorrectly. Hassan (rta) and Hussain (rta) saw the old man making ‘wudu’ wrong and they wanted to correct him. They didn’t want to offend him or make him feel insulted, so they came up with a plan. They went to the old man and said, “My brother and I disagree over who amongst us performs ‘wudu’ the best. Would you mind watching us make ‘wudu’, and be the judge to see which one of us indeed performs ‘wudu’ more correctly? Could you please correct us wherever we are wrong?” The man watched carefully trying to judge who is better. In the end he understood what was going on and said “By Allah, I did not know how to perform ‘wudu’ before this. You have both taught me how to do it correctly.”

If you felt something is wrong at my end, I have given all the rights to you to correct me, I don’t need you to say in the above polite manner, but you could have said it with your higher voice also because I love the correction than to keep silence. Above all your religion also says that don’t keep silence. It is also a sin.

“A believer is friendly, and there is no good in one who is neither friendly nor is treated in a friendly way. (Tirmidhi 4995; and Ahmad)

Do you treat anyone as a friend? Are you friendly? I treated you more friendlier way than what you are and may be that is why god punished me.

“Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than charity followed by injury. And Allah is Rich (Free of all wants) and He is most Forbearing.” (Quran – 2:263)

“Allah does not love the utterance of evil words in public except by one who has been wronged. Allah is He Who hears and knows all things.” (Quran -4:148)

May Allah forgive all my mistakes I have made here and guided me on the correct path by separating me from your thoughts. Only because of god, it happened.

I know how much strong I was with you and I was damn sure that my love for you will kill me, because already it made me to leave this worldly life and I was waiting for the right time to kill myself. But god didn’t allow me to do it till 06th of January and really my best friend’s words “you are crying for your dead child”, that was the first way of god helping me to recover from the way I was feeling for you.

I cried a lot on that day and when I was coming back, the air hostess was shocked to see me and was feeling that I am going for a funeral back home and she asked are you alright, is everything ok at your end. That moment I felt, no my kid is dead. You are alive, but only my kid is dead and even if you die, no one will cry for you like this, because of your nature.

Death of someone when they are living is really painful and you have given that pain also to me. What else you want to do?

God I am happy that you showed me the way to exit. But I wonder how did I enter the hell when you are guiding me, walking me? Without you I don’t go out, without your guidance, I don’t do anything, with my prayers, you allowed her to enter and without praying you want me to live all my life? It is really difficult for me to pray without her name, but how can I pray for someone’s happiness whom I consider as dead?

But the best of you(god) is showing her real color through another lady. Oh god, I never expected that she will be of that kind and she can do such kind of activity. I never expected anything from her, but I don’t expect these kind of thing from my friends and family.

I can’t allow this kind of person in my life forever. I was with blind faith even before my last communication with her. I was ready to feel bad about my other friend, but was not ready to give up my trust what I had for her. She royally screwed with a lie saying that it was not by her.

That time, I came to know her real color and I felt so bad for loving such a bad person in my life. Even at that moment she was not ready to accept her mistake and she was not ready to say that it was her mistake and was ready to blame me saying that as if I made the friendship for her.

You said that I have too much expectations , huh I never expected that she will say that it is not her ID, I expected her to accept that it was and I know with how much difficulty she said that it was her id.

I got wild and said that I know how to find it out whose ID is it and she forced me to threaten her saying that I will go to cybercrime branch and even after that she was not ready to accept that it was her ID and was keen to know how we came to know about it?

With that false statement, all my trust with you is gone and now I suspect her so cheaply and not only by me, the entire surrounding is feeling bad and I am really feeling ashamed of myself that I was with you for some time and I considered this kind of person as my kid. Good that my best friend told that statement and I was feeling happy because I came to know her real color within 15 days of that statement.

Where is the family value ? I don’t need to doubt, but the entire world will doubt whether this kind of person can come from a family?

Whatever happened in your life, says that you are not worth to be called as a human, you said that you are a wife, you have a family, you are a woman….

Whatever happened in my life is good for me, because I trust in god and god has guided me to fall in love and to come out of love as well.


6 thoughts on “Family Values Continues…

  1. Family values is incredible, am amazed that it is for one word,you expressed so many pages.. does it really matters ??

  2. Thank you for the good write up. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how can we communicate?

  3. Salaam,
    Looks like you are hurt deeply and from the words it is very much understood that the person you are referring is a Muslim. My humble request to you is don’t under estimate all those who follows Islam are like her. Here and there we will have these kind of females and it is hard to digest when it is a female. May god bless you with all the happiness. I can pray to Allah for your Peace and Happiness.

    • I know my friend, all those who goes to church are not saints and all those who preach are not saints and all those who cover themselves in religion are not good people. It is nothing to do with any religion, it is all about the individuals, who try to cover themselves in the name of religion. I give respect to all the religions.

      Hurt was not deep, I live only with hurts and pains. It is really difficult for me to come out of it. but god will help me, guide me and walk with me to come out of it. I have not done any bad deeds to suffer like this and for sharing love, if this is the punishment from god, am happy to get it more and more.

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