Family values continues…

The habit of Praying It is not the most important aspect of life, but it is an aspect of life.

Prayers are for Happiness. Prayers are having the love of God. Prayers are for making us discipline. Prayers are for saying thanks, Prayers are for teaching the good and bad. Most importantly, it gives a feeling that we will be punished for our evil doings.

Above all, prayers make us to feel that God is there and we get god fearing. There is a saying that those who goes to church are not saints, same way those who cover them with all kind of religious rituals need not be saints or the best of human. Those who do sins are also under the cover of religion and portray themselves as super believer and follower of their religion.

Religion doesn’t lead us not only to believe in god, but it makes us to believe in ourselves. When we follow a religion, we follow at least the basics of the religion. All the religion speaks only about love, respect, truth, honesty, Faith, good and bad.

Those who say there is no god also live a happy life.There are people who follow the rules and they have their own way of life and they go with discipline.

Prayers are not for asking something from god. It means that we have an interaction with the god. It is a form of communication with the unknown soul or the light of life or the holy spirit or the deity or an object. Prayers can be on an individual person as well.

Prayers are not that going to the temple every day or offering prasadh every day or reading the bible every now and then or not praying 5 times a day. It is something beyond that. Prayers are not only for the purpose of worshipping the god, requesting for the guidance, requesting for the assistance, requesting for guidance, confessing our sins or to express one’s thoughts and emotions.

People pray for many reasons such as personal benefit or for the sake of others but parents must guide the kids that they have to pray for others because it will avoid the selfishness in a human.

The best thing what I learned about prayers is praying for others and I started doing it from my teens. I was not a strong believer of god till my 14 years. I used to pray for name sake, I used to follow the religious rituals now and then. I was not so religious as like I am now. I never used to go to temple and if at all I go, I will go because all my family is going.. I will not pray sincerely from heart.

I started going to temple only because of a friend, neighbor lady who was elder to me by 5 or 6 years. She used to go to the temple every day and the way. she was very soft natured and the way she was I felt that I have to become her friend. As a neighbor, she used to smile at me. That was the first communication in between us. One day, she asked what are you doing, are you free? Can you come with me to the temple? I still remember that I raised my eyebrows in a peculiar way and she said shall we go?

Only for her I started going to the temple. I didn’t know that friendship will last in few months, but she was the first one who made me to visit the temple regularly and I started praying for her welfare unknowingly, my first prayer for others was for her sake and I used to ask god, give her the best what she deserves. She got married within few months and left that place to her husband’s house. I was going to the temple as she inculcated the habit of going to the temple. Even now my prayers will have her name. It is nearly two decades over, she will feel happy that someone is offering prayers for her regularly.

Prayers are often considered as religious practice and it creates a psalm, mantra or praise or the creed. With prayer we start to believe, in particular a statement of faith that is created within ourselves. Prayers not only creates faith but also it creates a faith that god listens to our prayers. Indirectly it teaches us to listen to others. If you can’t listen to others, how can you expect god to listen to you or to your prayers?

Listening is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced.  It is not so easy to listen, observe and pay attention to someone else without thinking about what you want to say next.  Listening is an art that can be developed and is really appreciated by others.  When was the last time you felt that somebody was truly listening to you and actually hearing what you were saying?

When was the last time you that listened to someone who was truly caring and explaining to you how actually you have to be?

Love is the ultimate essence of all the Religions. Especially hurting the one who loves you is a sin and you will not do that with much ease as if you don’t have a heart at all. I can show many situations that you don’t have any respect for your religion.

If you have belief in you and your prayers, you will not ask others to pray for you. I know for sure that whoever you see, you will ask them to pray for you. What is the need of it my dear? I started praying for you even before you asked me.

When I used to say that I am going to a temple or something, your first word will be pray for me, you only know how much sins you are doing and you want to get rid of it with others prayers is it?

I do pray every day my dear but I don’t pray even once asking something for me. I just say to god, be with me, guide me and whatever comes let it be in your name.

I do ask the god many things but not for me, only for my friends and family. For my family also, I never asked give a kid to my sister or job to my brothers or anything. I will say be with my kids, parents & family.

For all my friends, it will start with Ajay & Family till Zahra & Family, I used to say to keep almost the closed one of my circle in my prayers. Please give them what they want(health/wealth/knowledge). When I say your name, a big smile will come in my face.

When it is for you, I know how sincerely and whole heartedly I will ask it. You are the only one who is known to me, but I have kept your husband, parents, brothers, sisters and your sister in law in my prayers. Without reason I used to keep your DD also in my prayers.

When I pray for you, I used to feel that I have become selfish in praying. I used to tell god, please let this be my selfish prayer, so far I have not asked you anything for myself and please give this for her. When your father was sick and hospitalized, literally I prayed and said if you want a life, take my life, let that gentle man see his grand kids through her and let him see the happiness of his daughter.

Do you want to know how to pray?

All our prayers have to come from our heart. Our heart and mind should have the control towards god. God will speak to you in splendid ways. Miracle happened with me, you were aware that I was very much interested in someone to get married.

When I was praying for you, a sudden instinct came during my prayers; can you give up everything for her? I was not able to feel what happened in my prayers, if you really want her to have a kid, give up all your dreams. Make a promise to yourself that you will not go for marriage or even for adoption.

If you have any doubt, you can check with Anantha, he asked me why don’t you fill in the forms now itself, First I told him, let me enjoy this kid’s love, then I will go for it. Later I told him about the prayer. I have shared this recently even with my best friend. She asked me get married and you have your own kid, why you need to have this kind of kid in your heart? I told her, I don’t know why god gave me that instinct when I was praying, if at all If I go for marriage or for adoption now because of my anger or to divert myself from this kid, I have to suffer all through my life, if she doesn’t deliver a kid. Let her deliver a kid, and then if it is god’s wish, it will happen.

I can say even your own sister/brother or anyone in your family will not think this much or give up their life for you.  

My Love for you is devotion and it was not addiction.

Devotion is something given towards god and dedication is offering to god. Devotion – I can’t even say it as dedication because anything dedicated can be bought, I have not dedicated myself to you, but devoted to you.

Addiction is usually to substances. Devotion is towards something that you hold above yourself. Devotion cannot be practiced. It cannot be cultivated or preached or inculcated. When you are overwhelmed by something or somebody that you see, something or somebody way above yourself, far beyond yourself, naturally devotion comes. It’s very natural.

Addiction happens because you taste something and you like the experience of it. The more you taste, the more hooked and trapped you are. Tell me what I have tasted with you to be an addict of you?

Dedication – is on convenience “I’m willing to do this as long as it doesn’t cost me that. I’m willing to dedicate this, but only to a specific level or time.”

Devotion is something comes out of our control. Devotion is inevitably losing the soul in something which makes someone to feel calm. “I don’t care what it costs me, how I feel, or what I think – this piece of my life isn’t mine anymore. It is completely and totally yours and surrendering it to the unknown.”

Devotion is that state of the heart in which everything – our whole life, being, and possessions – are a continual offering to God, that is, they are continually devoted to God. True devotion must be the supreme devotion of the will, extending out to all we have and are – to all times, places, employments, thoughts, and feeling. That’s what was the feeling what I was having for you. Even after all your atrocious activities, that devotion is still there and feels will she not correct all her mistakes?

Now a days, I am not able to skip your name or to feel that smile. It is paining to pray also. I know I stopped praying for everyone because it is very difficult for me to exclude someone from my prayers list. List keeps on growing but I never used to cut shot the names. I was not able to pray sincerely because of the pain what you have given. When your turn comes, either I will get struck or I will start shedding tears. When I pray I don’t fail to include you in my prayers, without you there is no prayer for me. I can forget my prayers with my god but without you there is no prayer for sure.

I will feel like what kind of prayer I have to offer for her.  I do pray when I hear the Azan, luckily in Dubai I don’t hear it all the five times, but at least 100 times I will say to god, at least when she bends to pray, make her true to you. Let her be true to herself those 5 minutes of time during the prayer.

Everyday minimum 5 times, I pray for you to the heavenly father, guide her and make her true, sincere, lovable, honest, trust worthy and caring person.

Along with prayers other traits like faith, listening and focusing comes in and that is the reason I say prayer and way of praying has to be taught to the kids by the parents, but we can’t enter into the heart whether the person prays or acts, it depends on the individuals only.

Simple truth if u don’t want to know what is pain then don’t love anyone truly. If someone loves you truly, never show them what is the pain of betraying/cheating/hatred/hurting.


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  1. Sister,
    Day by day, your writings are taking you to a different height. Keep Glowing… Are you out of pain? A word family values but you have written so much about it??

    Are you okay? Throw it, live happily….

  2. I think only you can think like this about prayers and praying.
    I feel family values comes only with money and the status. May be the person to whom you are explaining also comes from that world only. All these family values are dead long time back and may be some religious people still have these as their traits but that doesnt come out in front of this fake world. Does the world thinks this much about family values or all these as family values?

  3. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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