Shit – How long you will hold the shit in your hands ?

Shit – How long you will hold the shit in your hands ?

I really wanted an interesting topic to start my 251 content and when I started feeling to write about it, a flashy smile touched my face. Shit and my smile… both are same only.

One of my friends asked me why you want to take the shit with you like this forever? What is the need? The one who created this much pain and problem is a bitch and throw it. When I heard the word as bitch i felt so bad, don’t say like this. She said, I don’t care who it is and I know only the person who is in front of me and I worry for you not for anybody else.

Why are you trying to hold it and how long you will hold the shit in your hands? Are you holding it to feel the nasty smell of it?? If you hold a flower also for more than 3 days in your hands, it will give a bad smell. Hold anything and everything only till the time it has its freshness

I am not of a person who will give up so easily without fighting back. When I know that there is no use, I will give up even without fighting. That is what happened with the shit when I was carrying in my heart. I never asked her why did you do this or why did your blood boss called me or why did your husband called me and asked unwanted questions or why did you speak about me to your friends when he was flirting with you. If you want to change the topic, you can talk about your father, your mother, your siblings or at least about that guy’s family. Why the hell about me? I know for sure that the shit doesn’t have any answer for it.

But this shit has moved from heart to head and started giving me trouble even in my deep sleep. It seems that I was screaming, blabbering and fighting in my sleep uttering the shit name, her boss name, husband name and her friend’s name and seems had a big fight with the boss. That was the reason for my friend to say that you are running away from the problem. Try to fight it in person and clear it from heart and head.

I tried to clear the shit, shit changed the numbers so I was not able to, tried to reach the boss didn’t replied to my message and now I have only one option to speak to her husband, but I don’t want to because, let god punish all these people and fortunately god did not make my attempts to win and let the things whatever has to happen, let it happen.  I don’t need to clear others shit, I just need to flush the shit what I was carrying with me.

I was little upset because I want to throw the shit on the shit face in front of her boss and family. Man proposes and god disposes. That is what happened, I go with my god’s decision. I sent the message to her boss and when I asked my god shall I call her husband, I got no, otherwise her words to her bloody friend would have come true. (How dare you said these words to him that “She is trying to spoil my life and dream” (Hey ideally I have to curse you that  everything is going to be only in dream for making my life as dream, till today I was praying for you, so I can’t but from tomorrow I will neither keep you or your family in my prayers)

A cute truth about the shit is, “Shit will always be a shit, and it can’t become sandal even if it lives with sandal forever. Even sandal can’t stop the smell of shit. Sandal smell also will disappear as the smell of the shit is horrible and sandal will lose its smell” It is better to throw the shit and move as sandal instead of keeping the shit and trying to make it sandal.

Sandal will smell as sandal only when it is rubbed with sandal and when it is rubbed with shit, only the smell of shit will come out.

Those who know me very well know what I am and who the shit is as well. They know what happened to me because of taking this shit with me. When you take shit with you while doing good thing, even the good will look like bad only. So don’t carry the shit when you are taking sandal with you. Only two shits can live together and smell alike.  Birds of the same feather flies  together and I can fly only with Sandal not with Shit… 


12 thoughts on “Shit – How long you will hold the shit in your hands ?

  1. This is what I expected from you. Rotate around your head and throw away all the unwanted things from you. Hope you got refreshment now. Keep rocking akka. 🙂

  2. hi ,
    yes as you said , you cant keep it in your hand for long time. hope you remember the holding a cup of water theory for long time, same goes here . if you hold it for long time its painful for you.


  3. It is very sad to see your pain, but you are blessed with ocean of love Akka…
    We love you for your love and we need you all through our life.

  4. Shit – is awesome sorry your content on Shit is awesome…. your fragrance of writing is there on Shit as well

  5. Hey,
    It is so nice and the way u hv written makes me to feel that u hv seen some tiger.
    Your words smells nicely.

    Keep writing ur experiences.

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