People whom I met in the last 6 months


I don’t know how to start to write about you because I used to write more as soon as I see them or when I get any impact from them. Somewhat the lessons learnt from my past bitter experience didn’t allow me to write about any of the people whom I come across.Oh what a sweet girl and the way I started my communication with her was totally a different. Anything which starts with a fight or kind of arguments will last forever with me. In that feeling I am writing about this cute star of my life.

I met this sweet girl in the hospital where I got admitted for my treatment. She used to give medicines for me. My day will start and end with this female only. She will be the one who will give the early morning medicine and bed time medicines. On first day, I didn’t speak much because I was not comfortable in the hospital. I went to the hospital on the same day of landing from UAE and spent only half day with my family. Already I was missing my friends and the precious feeling of my life. I was not interested to get treated also. I thought I will go back to UAE without doing the treatment. But no other option as I have to work for few more years. I got admitted in the afternoon only.

On the next day, early in the morning, this Vandana, knocked my room with a small cup of medicine and she said (Kudichiko – a tamil mixed mallu kind of slang) drink it and she left. I took the medicine but I was not happy with her attitude. After sometime she came again to give the medicines after breakfast. I said I don’t want to have medicines from you. She asked me, why? I am a patient here and I have to get the medicines with a smile, if you give like this, it will not work for me. If you can give with a smile, then give it with your hand otherwise I will not take it.

Above all when you are doing your work, you have to feel happy about it and when you do your work happily, it will help the patients as well. You are into service industry, you should have your face with a smile.. I thought she will not take my words, but to my surprise, she came with a beautiful smile before lunch medicine and asked me is it ok , I smiled at her and said, now this medicines will work for me. Good keep it up and it is not only for me, you have to give the medicines in the same way for all the medicines. Just be careful with guys… :), not to give with smiles is fine. But don’t show hard face.

From that time on wards  I love to take medicines only from her hand. She will say it will be too bitter taste, but I used to drink like a cup of tea and she will ask how you are drinking this medicine like a tea? I used to tell her when you are giving with a smile and I have to take it as like a tea, then only it will work my dear. It is not only how you give, I have to take it happily.

Within short time, this girl started pouring love and I don’t know how she developed such a strong bond with me. Even before I show my love and care for her, she started pouring her love like anything.  She will come purposely to see me and will chit-chat for two minutes and how many two minutes she would have taken for me, I don’t know. Already I was hurt by someone, so I was little cautious and I told her that I don’t want any one close to my heart and the reason also as I got hurt by someone already and I am unable to divert myself to anyone or anything. She used to say, you consider me as her, why you want to hurt yourself.

I am here for you, god has given you as special gift to the world and enjoy your time with me. Of course she was so sweet, whatever I missed with my smile, and she used to bring the lost smiles of mine with her way, but still I didn’t show her the way she used to and I didn’t give that much trust also with her. I used to tell her you are like my kid only but you will be second only, the first one who gave the pain.

The way she has shared all her personal stories, no one will share it to a stranger and she was so confident that she will not lose me by sharing those silly part of her.  It is not easy for a girl who is just 19 years to share all the events of her life to a stranger. The way she was saying about me to her parents and the way her parents used to ask about me, how is your (anu) doing? When she used to say, my dad asked how is your as you…. the way she used to feel proud, I felt like that I am doing a sin by looking at the closed doors.

Oh god, why you want to give this much pain, am sharing some beautiful moments and why should i hear the song Chandaniya lori lori from Rowdy Rathore, one of the most beautiful song but painful for me to hear this… Vandhu doesn’t like this song because I used to think about the closed doors.

She started sharing all her personal details, friends and all the details about her. She made all her close friends to add me in Facebook. I don’t know how those people were thinking about me, but they all sent the request. Within so short time, she made all her friends to know about me, her parents also knows about me and started feeling me so deep in her heart. There is a saying that god will close one door and open the other door, and we often see the closed-door only. Of course I was not like that I have seen this open door but was longing to see that closed-door to open. That was the foolishness.

I can have many doors for house as it is very big to hold all these lovely kids. She will come and see my face every one hour and she will ask if my face was dull what happened, endha feelings?  Don’t think about anyone and anything. Am there na, why you want to think about others. When you leave this place think about the other one who is giving you this much pain, till the time you are here, be smiling and make others smile. I will not say forget her for giving my gyan back to me to have a smile in my face and the way she cared for my smiles is awesome and by 19 years old girl who has got that much maturity to make others smile and to feel for the good one and bad one is one of the best in everyone’s life…. she made me to feel the difference between the good and bad in such a way with her attitude, behavior, character. she is straight forward she used to say whatever she feels but everything with respect. Don’t think about her and make your life hell. will continue…………


6 thoughts on “People whom I met in the last 6 months

  1. Good Morning Uma,

    Why your are re-collecting all those stupid things, past is past , if possible forget it. ( its not easy) .
    I have learn the few good things from U & Jaggu. I’m always with you.

    Hey If you call “VANDANA ” just convey my loads of thanks regards because she takes care of my friend.

    “Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.”
    *** Mother Teresa

    Keep Smiling …………….

    • Hey Godari,

      Yes we lived so happily in UAE and I don’t know what happened in my life… If I can forget the happiest moments of our life time, then I can forget this painful moments also, but only difference is small painful moments makes us to forget the wonders of our entire life…. it is really killing
      I have good people around me, still a devil entered and created hell lot of problems in all the faces of my life.
      Sure I will tell vandana that my friends are so happy for taking care of me……

      I have to write about you as well my friend 🙂

  2. hi my friend,

    nice post, wherever you go …you are surrounded by love. its the god’s gift for you. keep it up. seems to be the moment when you told her give the medicines with smile and continous talk with her made her touched otherwise how soon she can introduce her family and friends to you.

    good to know about your new member in detail in the “LOVE” family

  3. Sister,
    in most of the content, am impressed to see the comments and the way people love you. you are blessed with good people and we are blessed to have you as well

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