Women’s Day -2013

My Dear Brothers,

We don’t need your wishes, we don’t need flowers, we don’t need chocolates, we don’t need your love, we don’t need your care and we don’t need your protection.

I am really ashamed to wish happy women’s day because “Seven out of ten women sexually harassed”. Where is the happiness to celebrate the womanhood? If you all have become Robin Hood to give protection and secured feeling to the women, then there is a meaning to celebrate the women’s day.

What we need from you?

We are human and not an animal or a thing to be used and thrown out of your life. What kind of society in which we are living?

One of my friends was telling me that blood is always thicker than water. I don’t understand the meaning of it. I am really feeling so sick when something happens to some female through a father/brother/husband. If a father/brother/husband can do these kinds of activities, then all the harassment’s against women will never stop.

A father is not behaving like a father and a brother does not know the meaning of blood relationship.  Every family feels that the husband is like the savior for a female and a father has the role of lovable mother, a brother needs to know that his sister is his own blood and equal to a mother.

How cheaply a female is being ruined. What is happening to the society? I am not blaming all my brothers are wrong or all my friends are bad people. 

Here and there we used to hear couple of news in a year, but now the revolution is happening against women. Now it is happening not here and there but every now and then. Where are we leading to? Rape of 3 years old? 7 years old, 11 years old? Are they human? How can they do it to a small child? Even to have the pleasure of sex, don’t they need someone who is up to that level?

Why is it happening?

Lot of freedom to women is the cynical answer from the male chauvinist guys. What kind of freedom? Who asked this freedom? Who are you to give freedom to me? As like you we are also born in 10 months.

When some evil things comes in your mind, please tell your mind that there is a sister, mother and wife at home, what if someone like you thinks about them in the same way as your evil mind thinks?

This women’s day wishes I am dedicating it to the all the men who tried to help me to recover me from my all the pains and struggles of my life in the last 5-6 months. I have to say thanks to those who were supporting me all through my life. Almost all the time most of my friends (including females) were behind me and supported me in all the struggles.

Most of the women in the society speak to you in a fear only, don’t give that fear to them and let them know that there some near and dear one’s to protect her, care her and to provide the dignity what she deserves.

I am taking this women’s day as special and thanking all the men who gave the honor and made me to feel proud of myself by giving me the required respect, love, care and concern.

There are some nasty guys, let them also know that women are not for pleasure or for the sexual need of a man. Please know the difference between LOVE and lust.


When you give the honor, you get the honor. When you give the love, you will get the love, when you protect women, faith and trust are born. You are also protected by god.

When a female feels that she is safe with her friend without saying that you are like my brother or father then that is the real freedom. Please give us the freedom to live our life as you are living without any fear of life.

Ideally from this women’s day I wish to salute all the men who lead the way for the women empowerment, women education, women employment, women entrepreneur and etc.,. I thank those who stand with women and saying to the world that “with women we are growing stronger and we are not becoming weaker”.


8 thoughts on “Women’s Day -2013

  1. Hi,
    I strongly agree all men are not like that , but me too when I am hear about the news when small kids are being trapped and as you said father/brother/ husband has a role to play it. instead they are going in a different path.

    really appreciating your writing skills.

    Wish you Happy Women’s Day, take care

  2. Nice article my dear friend, all the father / brother / husband should read this article. where we are going ? it’s true…this is what happening in the current situation. everyone has to feel their responsibiities and fulfill it. culture is going off nowadays. if anything about women media also watching rather than helping out !! they are publishing like anything for their own benefits.

    Headings are very nice. your creative writing increasing like anything. keep it up.
    What we need from you? Why is it happening? etc…


    Will join with you and support .

    My best wishes for you on this women’s day. Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to the most amazing women I know.

  3. Sister,
    This is extraordinary content.
    I am sorry I don’t read all your blogs regularly.
    I guess we can consider your blog as essentials of life.
    I am proud of you

  4. Sis,
    I read this content more than once and it is really impressive.a neat writing sister

  5. The style of wishing women’s day – beauty of your thinking. I thought you would have written this wish for those who entered your life. but totally a different one.

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