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Hello my dear wrong member,

There is a lovely song in Tamil, hello my dear wrong number, but not applicable to you because you are a wrong member in my heart. Anyways no fun with you and you are really a wrong member only. Whatever you have said, has a great impact in me and the reason for the family values to come out from my heart is because I was not able to question you, what it is?

I don’t know where to start or how to start about the values of family. Even with tears, I was smiling on that day when I read your message but that was not a smile as I used to smile with you normally, a sarcastic smile and you don’t know how I was on that day and was in full tension when we were having the SMS chat on 25th January 2013. I was unable to control my emotions and the way you were responding, if you were in front of my eyes, that would have been the last day for both of us irrespective of you being a stranger or my kid.

I was lying in my bed and I was not able to keep my body in rest and literally I was above two inch from bed and my body was jumping out of high pressure… Whole body was shivering and the way my heart was beating and thought am counting my last breaths, even then I was trying to be soft and polite with you. But you showed your arrogance even after doing such kind of activities.

If this activity was done by my own blood, I would not have felt this much. only my hands and legs would have spoken to her/him. I would have slapped left and right like anything, because I have those rights to do it with my blood. I can say for sure that my blood will not do it. Do you know what could be the worst thing in a mother’s life? “Someone saying that your kid has done spoiled my life or someone’s life”. To be honest whatever I heard should have been heard only by your parents and they have to feel like how I was feeling, but god gave me that punishment for feeling you as my kid.

The way I have shown my love, care, trust and the way I have given the respect to you, nobody in the world can give it for what you are. I don’t know whether to regret for this or to feel happy that god made it to realize your color so soon.

What is the use of saying how I was or how am I? It is not going to impact the wall or an animal. It wants its own happiness.

Let me come to the topic. What you said on that day? Your family has values and you will not go beyond certain limits? What a joke my dear? What kind of value does your family has?

I am not saying or giving anything bad about your family because I know to give respect even to my enemy, but I really want to know what your family values are?

Do you know who will talk about others values, those who doesn’t have any self-values will carry others values on their shoulders?

Do you know what family values are?  How do you decide your family values? Have your elders or anyone at home taught what family values are? Ideally nobody teaches it and it has to grow in each and every person. Even if they would have taught you, are you following any of it? Do you know how you have to keep up your family values? Do you really know what you mean in a family?  

Family Values are a traditional set of social ethics or standards defined by the family and a list of customs that give the emotional and physical basis for raising a family.   As an Indian, our social values are often strengthened by our spiritual or religious beliefs and traditions.  It is defined as the quality which adds worth of living a life.  Do you think you add value to your family? If you say that your family still has some values, then I will feel that your family doesn’t have any values at all.

In spite of my so much tension, I wanted to ask you what your family values are.  But I didn’t because I know that you can’t answer it. If I don’t ask this question to you in my life, God will not forgive me. I can’t forgive myself. What else you want to do and say that your family has values?

Hey am not asking it as fun, I am serious and very curious to know what your family values are? Please answer at least to this question.

In most of the family, values are rules or ideals that as a family, we agree to live by and stay true to it. We follow it as a tradition. We share our love, we share our care and concern, we tend to help others, and we move politely with others, we live in harmony, we give respect to each other and we fight with each other.

When I started this topic , I am smiling because neither you have values nor you have values for your family. If so, you will not call me when they are not around you and will not disconnect that call abruptly without telling me the reason. Only your messages will inform me that your father came home or your brothers came back from work or from prayers. Don’t you think that you are cheating not only your family but also hurting the other person?

If they are not happy you can directly say it to me rather than maintaining a false relationship. To satisfy whom you were doing this? Do you know how much it will hurt all the parties? Initially I thought really your family has some values. I mean they are strict and you are following your religion sincerely. That time itself, I should have come to conclusion that there is no ethics or values especially from you for your family. I have not done it because I know to share not only love but also to give respect to the other person.

I am not condemning about your family as I don’t know anything about others. May be they all know what it is and tried to teach you as well, but as like me they also failed in all their attempts.

Having strong well-defined family values helps the base for a robust, tight-knit family. Family values are very important in building trust and confidence in each family member.

I don’t want to talk about your family values or ethics as I can say negatively more about you in volumes. Let us not worry about who you are what is your family values and everything. Let’s see the basic things of a family values…

Slide-182Family values are the foundation for how children need to grow, taught and supported. I am not going to stop with one word as family values, I am going to say a lot about family values.

You really got hurt when I said that you change your character before praying or asking or demanding or feeling for a baby, even now I am telling the same, try to find out what is family values so as you can teach your children grow with family values. Your kids also will follow you and poor people like me with real morals will get hurt because of this kind of uncultured civilizations.

I have taken all my failures as stepping stones for my success and I never carry the stones on my shoulder whether it is my mistake or others mistakes I used to make it as channel to learn and move ahead.

I have told you this is what I am and I have not shown my Violet, Indigo, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, and Black to you… I have only one color real white color and I show the same white when it is love and when I hate also it is the white color.

The way I used to fire people around me, only god knows how I used to show my anger, but I have changed with time and it happens with everyone. I never tried to control my emotions, but with you the more I tried to suppress the more I got hurt.

In your case, I really got hurt because of the feeling what I had for you otherwise I will not consider any of your words as words also because I give importance only to those who are real and true. I considered each and every words of you like the first words of my kid. That was my mistake only. I should not blame you for that because you were not knowing how I was thinking about you :(.

When some stone hurt me, I will not try to take the stone on my shoulder, I will throw the stone to the one who was trying to hit with that. It is my ethics, if I get love, I give it back 100 folds, if I get hatred also I will return it with 100%.  Only difference is I was not able to show that hatred and I tried to correct instead of correcting myself. We are not supposed to go nearer to a wild animal, which knows only to hurt those who come close to it.

With you, I don’t understand whether it is my mistake, or sin or punishment from god or best feeling or worst feeling and I am really stunned and don’t know what to do also with those good hearts around me.  I was not able to trust any good hearts around me  because of you. This is one of the biggest sin by you and you will never be able to clear it from your life.

Instead of giving this much pain to me, you could have killed me. Relationship never dies on its own, it used to be murdered by ego, attitude and arrogance, without respect, without love, without care… You are the one who can do all of it together, still am surviving because of my own good deeds.

I know what my family values are and I knew it through my friends and outside circle how they see me. Every day I feel proud when one or the other friend used to say that we are blessed to have you as my friend. My family also will feel proud because of the name what I have from my external circle.

There are so many friends who used to say me that they are proud of my parents for giving such a good friend to them. They have seen the humanity in me and they used to say that it has to come from your blood and you are blessed to have great parents. Yes I am and I thank god at this point of time for making me to realize that both of them are so good.

I am not the one who takes my family value and go behind it; I am of the one who add value to my family as well as to my friends. If you want you can go and check with my friends and each one will tell their experiences with me in highly respectable manner. I used to ask you tell me your friends, I will check with them how you are? But now, if someone wants to know about your value, ask them to check it with me or read my blog.

Oh God, I have to curse you(god) for creating such a creature and showing her in front of my eyes. What for you have shown her and made me to feel the best feeling through her. Is it only to suffer like this? Every second I am dying in pain.

Nobody in the world will pray for their death, even 70 years old or 90 years old wanted to live their life but at 37 I want my life to end and when I step out of my flat, I say to myself, please god, do some miracle and hit me or make me to die without hurting others.

Still I will say that let death hug me when I am happy..  I used to tell him don’t spoil my parts and let it live before I die, I want to make people live and I want to live even after my death. I have to give my organs, give me a death where my brain can get injured or I can go to coma stage and I can’t survive but I can make some others to survive.. Even after death I want to live in others.

Hope god will take my life as soon as possible for showing you in front of my eyes. If god has some mercy on me, he will help me to overcome this.

I have just touched what comes from family values are Love, Respect, Trust, Thanks, Communication and many more things are there, If I don’t stop now, it will go on. Let us see one by one slowly.

Family Values Continues……


2 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. Akka,

    Not only movie,every contents you have taken as an example from your life and correlating it to the topic and life is awesome… Keep Rocking…..

    I like the below words…

    When some stone hurt me, I will not try to take the stone on my shoulder, I will throw the stone to the one who was trying to hit with that. It is my ethics, if I get love, I give it back 100 folds, if I get hatred also I will return it with 100%. Only difference is I was not able to show that hatred and I tried to correct instead of correcting myself. We are not supposed to go nearer to a wild animal, which knows only to hurt those who come close to it.

    Show the hatred, I have seen your instant anger akka, show it to her,throw her out, why you want to carry the anger??

    • Hello Brother,

      Most of my friends and family knows that how I used to show my wildness and with her I was so soft it was not because of her character but because of what kind of happiness I got it because of her. I enjoyed all my love and pain also.

      Hatred – Avalukku love kea meaning theriyallai, hatred ku theriyavaa pogudhu? Both love and hatred doesnt mean anything to her. A wild animal and if i see it, i will kill it….. no more anger

      In my case, I know about her from day1 and what to do that is the problem for me… I am trying to forgive myself….

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