Motherhood is a divine emotion, an incomparable feeling. A mother shares the most beautiful and strongest bond with her child. It makes any female the happiest person on the earth, though there are many forms in which happiness comes to us but this one is with prodigious duty. This is a responsibility and not a burden but a sweet concern and very beautiful feeling of taking care, giving care, guiding the kid, making the kid to feel that they are in the safe hands.

BEING a mother is the most beautiful emotion in the world. I thanked you so many times for giving such a wonderful feeling. It is something that has to be felt. You have not come from my womb but so strong in providing that feeling, even now when I type this tears flow from my eyes.

These are not tears my love, these are the blood which I should have shed it. No matter how hard I try, I can never describe it in words. The bond between a mother and her child is the most lovely and strongest bond.

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I can’t make you understand what I felt for you or with you with words because it is a beautiful relationship. It is so hard for me to make someone understand it with words. Only those who have felt such kind of relationship can understand it and feel it.

My Life got changed completely when I considered you as a Kid. You know me that I have been the most fearless and confident person, someone who is always ready to take a risk but suddenly I started feeling scared and nervous about almost everything. Of course every child will make their mothers a weak personality, it is not emotionally weak, and it is a sense of responsibility and to provide the child all the happiness of the world.

I was never sure if everything I was doing is enough and I never felt was it over or is it all right. I was nervous all the time, what if I did something wrong to you or whether I am showing the right care for you or is it hurting you or are you feeling it as I feel or taking it wrongly or there were 1000 things going on in my mind.

It was not because that I considered you as my kid, because I shared what I felt with you and sharing that feeling with you has given me more responsibility to handle it carefully. By all means I don’t want to hurt you because of my feeling towards you. I became my biggest critic.

Of course I never felt happy with material things. But it is with the love from my surroundings, but the way I was feeling happiness because of you, words can’t just explain it, how it was because it is something divine. I realized that joy doesn’t come from material things only because of you my dear.

I might spend thousands of rupees to buy something for myself or for others but one smile from you made me the happiest person on the earth. There’s something divine about it. The way I got the ring from you, no one in the earth can make me so happy like that. Only I know how happy I was and I was praying to god please take my life this moment because I am so happy and I don’t want any more happiness in my life. Have you given that ring as gift to your boy-friend or with some stupid intention?

Only problem with me was I don’t want you to feel low either because of me or because of any reason. No matter how low I was feeling, one smile and your spirits will make it high again. Your smile became the best thing in my life.

With your smile I used to feel that all my worries vanished  and started to feel worrying for one thing that I should not give any hurt to you. I was so careful in showing my love and care to you especially because you are not a kid and a matured lady. May be the more I was careful, I gave the hurt to you but it was not knowingly and certainly it was unknowingly only. I don’t tell lies and I don’t care about anyone to tell the truth. To tell the lies only I have to think and remember everything, to tell the truth I don’t need to think about anyone and anything.

I never know that you will make me so stupid and not to feel that the only reason for me to hold you is to hear that you are happy and with your words I used to feel that you are happy or not and your smile will bring more happiness in my life.

The way you avoided me, if I would have considered you as a friend, I would not have given a room for you to enter into my circle of friendship because neither you deserve my friendship nor do you know what is friendship? You have never been cordial with anyone that is what I hear about you from your colleagues.

Your smile has given me inner strength inside me that I never thought I had. I know for sure that no one could give me that feeling in future because you destroyed my love and care. I felt that I have the energy and strength to look after you like a mother all your needs throughout the day.

During March-12, I went to India to find out the formalities to do the adoption, as soon as I came back Anantha asked me why not you fill the form now itself so as you will get the kid as soon as possible. Do you know what my response was, I told him that if I do it now, I will not be able to enjoy this great feeling and I will not be able to be true to both of them. Let me enjoy this feeling and let her give birth to her kid, and then I will go for it.

Even if I adopt a kid, I will not have that feeling now and I will have a fear only. Going for adoption is my 20 years dream and I have to fulfill it but now everything has become like a dream. How many sleepless nights I had with such high feeling for you and you destroyed it so cheaply with one word. Huh what kind of person you are my dear? I really feel ashamed to say that you are 26 years old woman who is feeling so much to become a mother. Do you know the difference between a mother and a boyfriend?

When I was there and asked you whether you had food or not, you never felt it differently or you wanted my friendship for something else. To support your boss officially to get information from me what we feel and think or something strange reasons?

I never had any feeling or felt like crib about not being able to give time to myself or about not being able to sleep well or to spend time with my friends, but still I loved every minute of my time spent with you and I can’t get that feeling for anything in the world.

Do you think I am lonely and I spend my time with you for time pass? I enjoy each and every minute of my life living lonely and I don’t pretend that I am happy. I have told you many times, I shared my wonderful time with you not to to hurt you or to get hurt. I have shared my time which I was supposed to spend with my family, friends, philosophers, my playing time, reading time, writing time, relaxing time… I don’t want my love and care what I have given you. Can you give back all the time what I have spent with you and because of you in pain now?

Normally mothers want to make the world a better place for their Kids. I don’t know what you know about motherhood or what you have learnt from your surroundings.

I have seen only the best mother and what all a mother can do for their kids. I have been brought up by a great mother and I have seen more motherliness from the people around me (My mom’s sister, granny, Gee)

They all used to protect me like a Kid even at this age from all the evil things. They are ready to fight against all the odds to make me happy and even now trying their best to make me happy. The way I have shown it to my cousin sister’s daughter, When I go to see the kid, even her mother-in-law will say, she is here, let her be with her daughter, we all will go. That is my love for each and every one and the respect what I have got from my second level of relatives is also so great for me.

The moment you become a mother, hope you will start respecting the motherliness and I pray for it to happen soon. I started loving my mother when I felt her sacrifices and the way she has done everything for me and I started respecting her even more after having the feeling of you as my kid.

All the things whatever she has done to me and my sisters are so huge. I used to think about this every day and I wonder how my mother has done so much sacrifice and was feeling how can I ever repay her for the sacrifices she made for me.

I used to feel that I will be doing it with my adopted kid and ideally I should have done all of it with the one who is going to be in my life and as my life. I have to show the entire love what I have experienced, learned and got from my mother and surroundings. I tried to do the same with you which was my biggest mistake.

I always say that my mom is the best mom in the world (Everyone will say that) but have I done enough for her? Will I be as good a mother as she is? I used to always tell her that mom, we don’t want to do anything more than what you have done to us. We want to give what you have given to us as a mother to our kids.

Unfortunately I didn’t give a chance for myself to have my own, but for sure the one who will come in my life will have all of it as the blessings. The one deserving will enter my life for sure.

Will I be as good a mother as she is? I think this is something every woman will ask herself when she becomes a mother. It makes you realize how much your mom loves you and what she really means to you and how much care she has taken in your growth.

It’s only then that you realize that the bond between a mother and child is the most unbreakable bond in the world. You are the only one who can break the beautiful relationship also. Of course it was my mistake that I felt such a great feeling through you.

Nobody can come between a mother and her child. I have shown it to the entire world when everyone around me and you wanted to say something against you or in favor of me to identify your real color, I have not allowed anyone to do for which I am paying the huge price.

A child becomes her mother’s universe and a mother becomes the child’s universe. May be I was wrong to think you as my world but yes it was wrong if you were not aware of it. I am lucky to have the feeling for you.

Whatever colors you have shown, may be god has given me this as a punishment for sharing my love and care with you. I would have been very happy not to hear even a single word bad about you and I would have been the happiest to die without  hearing anything bad about you. But god made me to hear everything, witness everything and made me as a reason from your mouth is more painful than the death of a kid. I am killing my self each second and feeling this as punishment from god.

Even after all your ill feelings, bad thoughts, arrogant attitude, immature character, playful behavior  I was feeling so nice about you and When I see a sweet kid in front of my eyes in the lift or on the road or in any mall, I used to feel if she has a kid like this, how it will be and a drop of tear comes out of my eyes and makes me to feel so bad with all your actions. At that point I have to curse you, but I will bring in a smile to myself and say you are a stupid, don’t think for her, think about yourself. I never got such a feeling with a small beautiful kids to think as my kids.

At last not the least, every mother would have slapped their kids, scolded their kids, cursed their kids but it is not to hurt them or to spoil them. It is all to make them in the right way. It happened with me as well. My mother has given beatings with broom sticks, whatever she gets in her hand, because I was so naughty, careless, rude and very arrogant.

I have the moral responsibility as a friend to correct him/her. I used to do it with everyone, if I feel that they are wrong. Your religion also says that don’t avoid people for their mistakes, and don’t afraid to correct them. It is your moral responsibility to inform them that what they are doing is wrong. It is their choice to take it or leave it.

I have done it on the road for one of my friend’s sister who was talking to a guy and scolded her on the road and said I will not scold next time, I will slap you on the road for doing such kind of activity. I know for sure that she has not taken it as like you and she is happily living and shown me her two kids recently when she met me in a park and said I married the same guy only see him he is there.

I considered you as my daughter and when I said those little harsh words to you to change your character is just to make you aware that you need to become lovelier so as you can make your child to feel that your heart is the place of heaven for her or him to dwell in. I was not wrong at all. Even then I asked sorry to you because it caused pain to you. You were not ready to analyze your mistake but you were keen to find out others mistakes.

How could you damage it with a silly word of saying it as a boyfriend? If I would not have shared it to you or if you are unaware of my feelings for you, then I can say that you can feel it as a crap or anything. What did I do as like a boyfriend to you? I am really annoyed with this word. Those guys around me are also friend only to me and how can you use these kind of cheap words?

Whatever it is all these are the answers for your husband’s question and if you have the guts share it and answer to my questions. I really hate someone to interfere in between my friends and you know what you are, tell them I gave them respect it is only because they are part of your life (Boss and your husband).

Let God show the great feeling of motherhood to you so as you will realize what you have done with me. This is not a curse, and it is a heartfelt wishes only… you will not know the difference between a wish and a curse also because you are a silly person with no feelings.


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  1. Dear friend,

    It’s heart touching feelings about motherhood , while reading itself it created very very different feeling inside me. when we say mother … automatically great respect , love and care will come. hope you experienced from the grown up kid. I hope you were happy those days and after a period of time all collapsed. It’s very sad to hear my dear friend.

    Getting the gift from your beloved kid is a ultimate feeling, hope you’d not have been on the floor during that time.

    Feelings need to feel it and it’s very very difficult to put it in words. but here in your article you have done it wonderfully. Experiencing the feeling is awesome. Relationship between mother and kid is also like that. Once she becomes mother she will feel the same motherliness.

    I like the following words very much.

    ” I have the moral responsibility as a friend to correct him/her. I used to do it with everyone, if I feel that they are wrong. Your religion also says that don’t avoid people for their mistakes, and don’t afraid to correct them. It is your moral responsibility to inform them that what they are doing is wrong. It is their choice to take it or leave it.”

    God bless you

    • Dear Friend,

      If you do something wrong also, as a friend I have the moral responsibility to tell you that it is wrong.
      I have done it with her in many cases neither she tried to correct it nor felt for it. But as a human I have to tell her and it is her choice and I have not changed my attitude or not changed my love to hatred because she didnt listen to me.

      She knows only to hear what others say about her or about others.
      She was curious only to know not to correct. That is her attitude.

      It need not be I am right always, and you are wrong. If I tell you something to you that it is wrong don’t do this, you might not agree to me totally, but you will try to analyze and correct it. If I am wrong in understanding you, you will try to make me correct my vision or approach to your attitude.

      It is part of life and we have to learn from our mistakes and others mistakes and live Happily…

      God Bless everyone….

      • Yes, In general learning curve is by the mistakes done so far that will become experience in your life.

        Really its a great feeling my friend, this blog is very very touching , i wish you have to write the blogs like this more and more . In general it is very difficult put it in words what we are feeling inside but you have done it here. great …pat yourself …

  2. Yes, In general learning curve is by the mistakes done so far that will become experience in your life.

    Really its a great feeling my friend, this blog is very very touching , i wish you have to write the blogs like this more and more . In general it is very difficult put it in words what we are feeling inside but you have done it here.It’s your talent , great …pat yourself …

    • Dear friend,

      ideally we will say that it is tough to share the feelings with our words. If you are feeling that I have shared it with great feeling , I am blessed but if you really ask me, I will say that these words are nothing compared to my feelings. I have shown only little as a pond or lake whereas my feelings are like ocean… In most of the places I would have used the repeated words whereas the feelings are different and I was not able to search for words to show my feelings as it is.

      Anyway I too like this writing very much because it not only talks about my feeling for her but how do I feel for my mother as well….. Extremely happy with this content as I have dedicated this to her husband….

  3. true i agree with you.its a ocean of feeling inside but only few drops are coming out. since you are talking about motherliness its really touching one. i have read this article for 5 times so far … 🙂

  4. “These are not tears my love, these are the blood which I should have shed it. No matter how hard I try, I can never describe it in words. The bond between a mother and her child is the most lovely and strongest bond.”

    Really awesome …its the very very strongest bond in the world.

    • It is more in my case because i never dreamed about it and I never wanted to have a kid in my life, I wanted to adopt but I have not developed any dreams how to bring the child up and what I will do, how i will do? I have not dreamt anything my friend…

      Whatever feeling I have got it is only because of her and that was the reason I postponed my adoption plan as well… May be I was wrong, I should have applied for it so as by this time I would have got my own girl. I wanted my girl to have her name in spite of being a strict religious female, I was ready to name my adopted daughter with a Muslim name. Now I will not adopt a kid, even if i adopt, I might go for a boy not for a girl just to satisfy or to fulfill my ambition, not whole heartedly.

  5. Sister,
    This is one of your best article and you have shown your great feelings with words. You have the skill of showing not only showing your love and care to others but also to express it in words.

    “Normally mothers want to make the world a better place for their Kids.”- How True it is and I can feel your love for her from this and if she can’t then it is not ur mistake. As you said,may be u r right that you have shown only little through words but she would have felt it more and if someone can give this much pain, I am sure they can’t be human.

    If she has played with ur feelings,god will take care of her. It is not a punishment for u for showing ur love. think that she gave pleasant feeling to u. pleasant and pain are part of love only – this is also from ur words only sister. U be happy.

    Only onething I wish to say to ur friend is, my sister will make a person who wanted to become her boyfriend also to think her as a mother.

    She is so great in sharing her love and care for everyone. For the pain what you have given, you will suffer all ur life without love and care. Money will not come with you till end.

    Sister we are there for you.

    • Thank you for your valuable content.
      If you go through the tamil contents posted by me in the month of december were written by a guy who is my matrimonial profile.
      he used to say that I can’t hold your hands and come with you, but can I join my hands and pray for you?

      He knows my color and I failed to understand others colors…. not really i tried to straighten the tail of a dog, whatever you do, it will not change

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