Thank you

Technology is not for developing my love or anger, but it is a remedy to show my feelings. I am not using the technology to show my anger but to vent out my pains and frustrations. Technology is not a friend of mine but technology has become as a friend of mine because of the pains given by the friends. I do not want to miss this occasion to say that I miss you all and it is really painful to be go with the pains. Without all your support it is not possible for me to come out of this pain, even though I have not come 100% out of it, you all are the reasons for me to live and smile. Thank you all on the special day for showing all your love in a way in which I can forget and forgive the one who has done the worst in my life.

On the day of Valentine’s day I wish one and all a Happy Valentine’s Day ! ! !

Be Careful in sharing your love… It is better to be alone than being killed by someone in the name of love.

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Love is sweet poison when it is with your silence. Talk, fight and finish it off but don’t keep silence and kill it.


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  1. For anything if we talk and close the chapter then there will not be any problem. Thank you too and good luck.

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